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| 196 Reviews
  • Allows customers to download PDF receipts (and other documents) from the emails that are sent to them.
  • One time setup, just add a link to your existing Shopify email templates.
  • Saves time, paper, ink, hassles... and it's FREE!

Allows customers to download PDF receipts and draft order invoices from the emails that are sent to them... and it's FREE!

Fabulous | 196 Reviews
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| 237 Reviews
  • Get more organic search traffic from Google, without having to fight for better rankings
  • Show your product details directly in the search results to increase the conversion rate from search customers
  • Never worry about microdata or Rich Snippet SEO markup again - we automatically keep your store up to date with changing best practices using JSON-LD and

Never worry about SEO markup or rich snippets again! One click allows search engines and others to understand your store and products.

Fabulous | 237 Reviews
by Little Stream Software
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Also Bought • Recommendations
$ 9.99 / month
Free trial: 28 d.
| 427 Reviews
  • Amazon “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” feature is now available for Shopify
  • Smart product recommendations based on analysis of previous purchases
  • Lots of customization and configuration options

Increase your sales with an Amazon-like smart products recommendations. Get the Also Bought Shopify app now!

Fabulous | 427 Reviews
by Code Black Belt
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Google Shopping, Bing Shopping &amp...
From $ 7 / month
Free trial: 14 d.
| 70 Reviews
  • You receive the URL to the feed in minutes
  • More traffic because of extended product titles for all product variants (including color, size and material)
  • Works with Google Merchant feed rules to modify the feed items

This App create a complete Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Facebook Feed. The feed contains all products and variants including all options.

Fabulous | 70 Reviews
by AdWords Robot
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Better Reports
$ 19.9 - $ 299.9 / month
Free trial: 14 d.
| 78 Reviews
  • Track the performance of your products, channels and partners
  • Streamline your operations with custom reports
  • Share your reports by email or Google Drive

Reports of your sales, customers, products, traffic and more. Discover business insights and streamline your operations. Free 14-day trial.

Fabulous | 78 Reviews
by Better Reports
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| 59 Reviews
  • Global reach: Ship your orders to any destination worldwide.
  • Save with our discounted shipping rates & shipping supplies.
  • Same day 2pm EST shipping on all your orders. All professionally packed!

Ship your orders to any destination worldwide and Save with our discounted shipping rates & shipping supplies.

Fabulous | 59 Reviews
by Fulfillrite
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| 0 Reviews
  • Stop competitors from taking advantage of your marketing materials
  • Protection from Drag-and-Drop on photos
  • Protection from saving text and photos on even on mobile device
0 Reviews
by HikeOrders
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Popular Apps By Category
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| 868 Reviews
  • Load faster! Rank higher! ? More traffic! More sales!
  • Better alt text and file name ? Free traffic from Google search!
  • Same width/height ratio images ? Professional looking site!

Bulk alt-text-updating, minimizing, resizing, cropping product or asset images. Generate sales from faster page loading and better image SEO

Fabulous | 868 Reviews
by Hextom
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| 512 Reviews
  • Print invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips individually or in bulk
  • Customize and create templates to suit any need
  • Use with Shopify Shipping and print USPS/Canada Post shipping labels

Print custom invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips, and more.

Very Good | 512 Reviews
by Shopify
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| 581 Reviews
  • Fixed pricing for well-built templates
  • Print Invoices, Receipts, etc. automatically by using templates
  • Simple installation and setup

Custom documentation for any Ecommerce website. Use the Shopify app that helps you automate your store’s workflow.

Fabulous | 581 Reviews
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| 1494 Reviews
  • Show the number of orders your store has processed
  • Establish trust & boost profits
  • 1-click installation - No coding skills required

Adjustable bar establishing trust and credibility by showing the number of orders your store has already processed. 4000+ active installs

Fabulous | 1494 Reviews
by Credibly d.o.o.
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| 958 Reviews
  • Automatically resizes and replaces all your product photos to square, giving your store a professional look.
  • 1-click install. Completely automatic.
  • First 150 images FREE

Automatically resize all your product photos so they appear uniform in your Shopify store, giving it a professional look.

Fabulous | 958 Reviews
by Pixc
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| 1407 Reviews
  • Add personalization, engraving or monograming to any product
  • Create unlimited product options for any product configurations
  • Point and click interface to add text and number inputs, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus and more

Allow customers to personalize and customize your products! Dropdown menus, text and number inputs, checkboxes, radios and more - 100% FREE

Fabulous | 1407 Reviews
by ShopPad Inc.
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Checkout Boost | Social Sharing, Co...
From $ 20 / month
Free trial: 15 d.
| 284 Reviews
  • Turn visitors into customers by means of social sharing
  • Create leads out of thin air
  • Excellent intuitive design

Helps to guide your customers on the way to a purchase. Increase traffic and sales with a powerful Shopify app for your store.

Fabulous | 284 Reviews
by Beeketing
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One Click Social Login
$ 0.99 / month
Free trial: 15 d.
| 219 Reviews
  • Customizable integration with social media profiles;
  • Easy-to-launch signup process;
  • The best social features for your store.

Social Login makes it easy for your customers to log in to your online shop. Implement this Shopify app to attract an audience and increase revenue.

Fabulous | 219 Reviews
by Dev Cloud
app image
| 579 Reviews
  • Minimize your efforts by posting online updates in your store;
  • Bring your followers up-to-date with the latest changes;
  • Automate your promotions in just a few clicks.

Social Autopilot Shopify app automates product postings on social media sites. Don’t waste any more time; focus on what really matters.

Fabulous | 579 Reviews
app image
Shoppable Instagram by Foursixty
$ 50 - $ 300 / month
Free trial: 21 d.
| 111 Reviews
  • Reach potential clients in multiple ways to make them search for your products
  • Simplify the checkout process by allowing your clients to buy directly from the Instagram feed
  • Join successful brands that already use Shoppable Instagram

Great shopping experience on Instagram. Create a feed that will grab attention with a powerful Shopify app for ecommerce.

Fabulous | 111 Reviews
by Foursixty
app image
| 338 Reviews
  • Stream your Facebook posts, Tweets and Pins directly on your store
  • Keep your followers engaged
  • No need for manual updates in your feed

Gain the advantages of social media integration. Stream the latest events from the popular social platforms using the Social Media Stream Shopify app.

Fabulous | 338 Reviews
by SmartFox
app image
| 92 Reviews
  • Sync online inventory with Facebook Dynamic ads
  • Sync online inventory with Facebook Dynamic ads
  • Add as many product categories as you need

Seamless integration with Facebook dynamic ads. Update online catalogues with the help of the Shopify app that sells.

Very Good | 92 Reviews
by Flexify
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| 965 Reviews
  • Connect your Shopify store with your MailChimp account (for free).
  • Automatically add customers and their purchase data to MailChimp.
  • Create powerful automations, targeted emails, and ad campaigns to personalize your marketing, sell more stuff, and grow your business.

The official app for connecting your store with Mailchimp. Automate your email marketing, track your ROI, and generate more repeat business!

Very Good | 965 Reviews
by MailChimp
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| 5514 Reviews
  • Quick installation that doesn’t require any development skills;
  • A substantial increase in traffic from Google Image Search, which leads to a successful sales growth for FREE!
  • Easy way to fix Alt tags settings.

The SEO Image Optimizer is meant to increase sales from Google Image Search. This Shopify App allows the user to make SEO settings quickly and easily. Try it now!

Fabulous | 5514 Reviews
by Booster Apps
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| 690 Reviews
  • The app creates and manages your Google Adwords campaigns easily and fast
  • Attract the right customers and maximize your marketing budget from the very beginning
  • Automatically generated and optimized by Clever Ecommerce, a premier Google Partner

Create your Google Adwords campaigns easily using this app. Attract the right customers from the very beginning of the campaign.

Fabulous | 690 Reviews
by Clever Ecommerce
app image
| 921 Reviews
  • Great opportunity to boost sales with the aid of Kit as a marketing employee;
  • Managing Facebook and Instagram ads, which includes retargeting ads;
  • Recommended by Shopify users; marketing partnership with Facebook.

The Kit Shopify App is a free marketing adviser, which helps users to administer a budget for advertising. This app works toward increasing the efficiency of an online store. You can see it in action for yourself!

Very Good | 921 Reviews
by Kit CRM
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| 3948 Reviews
  • The Better Coupon Box App kills two birds with one stone: you increase sales in the online store and develop a fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Easy setup and usage due to the high-quality optimization of the UX-UI website.
  • The app is compatible with all types of devices.

Shopify app Better Coupon Box provides users with an attractive tool for creating discount offers in return for subscription on social networks. A free and easy way to optimize marketing costs.

Fabulous | 3948 Reviews
by Beeketing
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| 313 Reviews
  • Optimize your notification emails to sell more and match your brand perfectly
  • It is easy to include product recommendations, promotions and discount codes
  • 18 email templates included

Emails are one of the most important ways of communicating with clients. Optimize your notification emails to sell more and match your brand. No subscription fees or ongoing costs!

Fabulous | 313 Reviews
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| 809 Reviews
  • Increase sales by applying the “fear of missing out” concept
  • Decrease the number of abandoned shopping carts
  • The app is free and easy to install

Decrease the number of cart abandoners with Conversion Plus Shopify app. Get the app now for free!

Fabulous | 809 Reviews
by Varinode, Inc.
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Personalizer - AI Recommendations b...
From $ 0 / month
Free trial: 15 d.
| 989 Reviews
  • Personalizer is rated as the first product recommendation app on Shopify
  • Smart targeted recommendations to expand your customer’s shopping cart and earn more revenues
  • The app can be used for free until your revenue grows more than 5 times the cost of the monthly subscription fee

Increase your revenue and conversion rates with Personalizer Shopify app. Start with a free trial!

Fabulous | 989 Reviews
by LimeSpot
app image
| 10770 Reviews
  • Real-time pop-ups displaying buying activity of customers
  • Increased trust to your business based on real evidence of your customers’ purchases
  • Higher customer conversion by portraying a feeling of a busy store

Sales Pop is an advanced Shopify app for increasing sales on your Shopify store and attracting more customers based on social confidence. Get our pop-ups for free!

Fabulous | 10770 Reviews
by Beeketing
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Smart Upsells - Upsell by Surge App...
Free - $ 39.99 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 1031 Reviews
  • Less effort and more revenue with Smart Upsells plugin
  • Easy and quick installation with the help from our professional support team when needed
  • Easy-to-use statistics for deeper analysis of your store activity

Upsell your products and increase revenue with the Smart Upsells Shopify app. Start your free trial now!

Fabulous | 1031 Reviews
by Surge Apps
app image
| 1418 Reviews
  • Increase customer conversion on your mobile store with a call-to-action button
  • Ability to view products in a full-screen mode
  • Attract more potential clients to increase your mobile sales

Stay current with eCommerce trends and boost your mobile sales with Mobile Converter Shopify app. Get the app for free!

Fabulous | 1418 Reviews
by Beeketing
app image
From $ 0 / month
| 478 Reviews
  • Give more confidence to your website visitors
  • Simple and effective solution to convert more customers and increase sales
  • McAfee SECURE trustmark proves the safety of your store

Embed security trustmark in your website and build more trust with the McAfee SECURE Shopify app. Start your experience with a free plan!

Fabulous | 478 Reviews
by McAfee SECURE
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| 3202 Reviews
  • The app provides an opportunity to make your conversation more personal with every single customer, which is the easiest way to get closer and establish a friendly and natural relationship with shoppers; earning their trust and loyalty and getting them to come back to you
  • Offer a convenient and effective communication channel to your online store using Facebook messenger live chat
  • Increase customer satisfaction and turn conversations into conversions

Through the plugin, you can provide local customer support and chat with the shoppers as Facebook friends anytime they want. The customers may use their Facebook accounts in order to contact you directly from your store, instead of creating a support ticket.

Fabulous | 3202 Reviews
by Beeketing
app image
Easy Contact Form
From $ 0 / month
| 710 Reviews
  • Create the best contact forms to acquire a solid customer base.
  • Monitor customer reviews easily
  • Generate followers in no time

Custom templates for the best contact forms on Shopify. Grow a community of devoted customers with the most affordable Shopify app in the market.

Fabulous | 710 Reviews
by Zotabox
app image
| 204 Reviews
  • The opportunity for customizing the necessary fields on your contact form (like your name, number, and email)
  • Receiving messages from your customers instantly without having to edit the theme or signing up with a chargeable service
  • Smart contact form, which contains the basic information about your submitters, such as the location, IP address, and the websites they checked before emailing you

This Shopify App provides the opportunity to reach your customers with tremendous ease. Upon installing the app you’ll immediately see a “contact us” page and popup form for your shop.

Fabulous | 204 Reviews
by Awio
app image
| 576 Reviews
  • Reduce Your Support Team Time by 30%
  • Provide instant help to your customers without supporting expensive live chat
  • Build a solid, attractive, and branded FAQs page.

Enhance your customer support with an integrated knowledge base

Fabulous | 576 Reviews
by Vertex LV
app image
Wishlist Plus
From $ 0 / month
Free trial: 14 d.
| 470 Reviews
  • The Wishlist Plus app is not only incredibly easy to install in your Shopify store but also can be easily customized, which allows you to choose the look of the Wishlist Plus app and fully match it with your brand;
  • This convenient extension does not require users to log in, saving them considerable time;
  • This Shopify App provides a great opportunity for the customers to share their Wishlist with other people like their friends or family members;

This Shopify app lets shoppers better and more conveniently organize purchasing activity. With this plugin, the shoppers can add items to the Wishlist without having to log in; they may carry on their shopping sessions for many days.

Fabulous | 470 Reviews
by Swym Corporation
app image
Chatra Live Chat + Cart Saver
Free - $ 15 / month
Free trial: 14 d.
| 311 Reviews
  • By reducing your visitors` concerns and helping them out, Chatra Live Chat gives you the possibility to sell more items. Answer the questions, solve emerging problems, tell the customers about the discounts, and help them make a purchase;
  • Through the plugin you can view the real-time visitor list to know who is on your website. The extension provides the detailed visitor information - their cart contents, the delivery address, and what page they are currently viewing;
  • This application gives you the amazing chance to significantly improve your store by identifying the main issues, gathering contact information, and understanding your customers and their needs much better.

This Shopify App is developed to improve your communication with visitors to your store and let you answer their questions immediately.

Fabulous | 311 Reviews
by Roger Wilco LLC
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$ 20 - $ 90 / month
Free trial: 30 d.
| 254 Reviews
  • 1. SAVE TIME: 1-click shipping for your Shopify, eBay and Amazon orders, all directly from OrderCup or via your Shopify Admin!
  • 2. SAVE MONEY: Built-in, discounted shipping for multiple global carriers. For USPS, the lowest Commercial Plus pricing without having to create am Endicia or account! Or use your own account to get your negotiated rates.
  • 3. STREAMLINE SHIPPING: Automatically update your cart with shipping and tracking info. Automatically trigger your cart to send detailed shipping notification emails to your customers.

1-click Shipping from INSIDE your Shopify Orders! Maximum postage discounts. Ship international with DHL, but cheaper than USPS! Much more..

Fabulous | 254 Reviews
by Kuberas Inc.
app image
| 145 Reviews
  • Have you always wanted to be in complete control of your deliveries, no matter if they are local or international? Now you can be?
  • Shipping rates are created according to your wishes and the requirements of the business,
  • Convenient filters of the app optimize the work and make it easier.

The Parcelify Shopify app is the extension that your eCommerce business has always needed! Install the app to manage the delivery rates, define the conditions, and optimize the routine work of your webshop.

Very Good | 145 Reviews
by Clever Few Corp
app image
| 2606 Reviews
  • All of the shipments can be tracked at one location,
  • Customers can track their order and find out where it is at any given moment,
  • Customer support is available with email or SMS notifications, which simplifies the use of the app.

All of the shipments can be easily tracked with the help of the Tracking & Delivery Updates Shopify app. Install it now for free or purchase the premium account to reap the rewards of convenience and increased profits.

Fabulous | 2606 Reviews
by AfterShip
app image
From $ 29.99 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 71 Reviews
  • Import products from a huge number of dropship suppliers
  • Ship directly to certain customers
  • Automatic daily updates and synchronization

Daily updates do not matter anymore. Import product from drop shippers and be sure about daily updates with the Wholesale2b Shopify app.

Very Good | 71 Reviews
by Wholesale2b
app image
Preorderly | Pre-orders made easy
Free - $ 9.95 / month
Free trial: 5 d.
| 74 Reviews
  • Prevent loss of revenue due to sold out products. Instead, now you can collect pre-orders.
  • Schedule pre-orders with start and/or end date. Perfect for product launches.
  • Choose for which products to accept pre-orders and configure down to each variant.

Preorderly helps you to keep selling your products even when they're out of stock. Fully customizable.

Fabulous | 74 Reviews
by Codeinero
app image
From $ 0 / month
| 40 Reviews
  • Calculation of shipping rates immediately after sync with the Shopify web store.
  • Print shipping labels and all required documents in few clicks.
  • Automatic order fulfillment and shipment notification to the seller and client after the delivery has been shipped.

The Postmen app by Shopify is one of the best shipping market tools. Install it to eliminate dull work creating shipping labels, and make sure the labels are awesome!

Very Good | 40 Reviews
by AfterShip
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Pillow Profits Fulfillment
$ 29.99 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 566 Reviews
  • Sell Pillow Profits Shoes
  • Free Shipping All Over The World;
  • Automated Order Fulfillment.

Sell custom printed footwear and other products by Pillow Profits. It only takes a couple of minutes to start generating profits with this Shopify App. Try it now!

Fabulous | 566 Reviews
by Pillow Profits Fulfillment
app image
From $ 0 / month
| 2129 Reviews
  • Direct importing from AliExpress;
  • Automated order fulfillment;
  • Inventory and price updates.

Find and sell products to your customers with the greatest Shopify app. Just imagine - no more hassling with packing and shipping. Drop-shipping has never been so easy. Try it now for free!

Fabulous | 2129 Reviews
by Oberlo
app image
Collective Fab
From $ 29 / month
Free trial: 14 d.
| 240 Reviews
  • 4,500+ fashion and beauty items
  • Automated quantity update
  • Hassle-free product import

The Collective Fab Shopify App is ideal for fashion dropshipping. The app offers 4,500+ items to dropship from Southern California. Try it for free.

Very Good | 240 Reviews
by Collective Fab
app image
Spreadr App
$ 5 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 664 Reviews
  • Item Import from Amazon;
  • Drop-shipping Management;
  • Adding Product from the Amazon Catalog.

Quick and easy import of item lists from the Amazon store with Spreadr Shopify App in one click. Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program for free. Triple your revenue with the Spreader App!

Fabulous | 664 Reviews
by Thalia
app image
SMAR7 Express - Fulfillment Automat...
$ 7.99 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 196 Reviews
  • Automated Drop-shipping;
  • Direct import from AliExpress or Etsy;
  • Add existing products.

Enjoy the 1-Click order fulfillment from AliExpress. The app will perform everything from product import to shipping. Download SMAR7 Express Shopify App and drop-ship orders seamlessly.

Fabulous | 196 Reviews
by SMAR7 Apps
app image
| 121 Reviews
  • Sell any product with a custom print
  • Production and shipping requires little time
  • Customer support at any time

The WC Fulfillment Shopify App lets you create and sell products with a custom print: wallets, phone cases, watches, and more. Download now to increase your sales!

Fabulous | 121 Reviews
by WC Fulfillment
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app image
From $ 0 / month
| 588 Reviews
  • Save time, money and nerves: Track 30+ ecommerce metrics in ONE Dashboard
  • Make sense of your metrics with peer benchmarks and join the largest ecommerce information network
  • Boost revenue and profitability with tailored recommendations and best practices based on research of thousands of online merchants

Get easy and actionable analytics for Shopify. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses and identify actions to drive revenue.

Fabulous | 588 Reviews
by Compass
app image
Lucky Orange
$ 10 - $ 50 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 210 Reviews
  • Eliminate the guesswork of optimizing your website for more sales.
  • Watch recordings of real visitors to your website and see why they did not convert.
  • Gain insight into all areas of your site's usability with Sales Chat, Recordings, Form Analytics, Heatmaps, Polls, and more.

Identify the real cause of why you are losing customers every day. Tools include: Chat, Recordings, Heat Maps, Form Analytics, Polls.

Fabulous | 210 Reviews
by Lucky Orange LLC
app image
Xporter Data Export Tool
$ 7 - $ 45 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 178 Reviews
  • Export customers, orders, transactions, refunds, checkouts, countries, articles, blogs, draft orders, products and more from your shop
  • Automatic emailing, or file transfer
  • Customize the export format

Xporter makes it easy for you to get your data out of Shopify in any format. You specify what you want, where you want it, we get it to you

Fabulous | 178 Reviews
by eShopAdmin Inc.
app image
| 310 Reviews
  • Track all your store data with just one-click!
  • Get Lost Revenue numbers both for products and customers.
  • Instant reporting with over 16 custom reports built-in!

Semantics3 Analytics tracks all your store data and customer behavioral data with just one click.

Fabulous | 310 Reviews
by Semantics3
app image
Better Reports
$ 19.9 - $ 299.9 / month
Free trial: 14 d.
| 78 Reviews
  • Track the performance of your products, channels and partners
  • Streamline your operations with custom reports
  • Share your reports by email or Google Drive

Reports of your sales, customers, products, traffic and more. Discover business insights and streamline your operations. Free 14-day trial.

Fabulous | 78 Reviews
by Better Reports
app image
| 79 Reviews
  • Attract your customers attention with social media automated posts
  • See your Shopify, social media and ad analytics all in one place
  • Schedule your automations easily and save you time using the SumAll calendar

SumAll helps store owners understand and analyze sales data like never before, allowing you to earn more money and save time.

Fabulous | 79 Reviews
by SumAll
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app image
Bulk Product Edit by Hextom
$ 19.99 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 659 Reviews
  • Bulk edit product’s attributes for hundreds of products with just a few clicks;
  • Schedule bulk product editing tasks and plan sales in advance;
  • Save time when managing your ecommerce store.

Shopify app Bulk Product Edit will help you automate the process of editing product’s attributes and avoid repetitive editing work. Start a free trial and save time.

Fabulous | 659 Reviews
by Hextom
app image
| 108 Reviews
  • Import products from your Amazon Seller Central account to your Shopify store.
  • Include high-resolution product images and support products with multiple variants
  • Have option to sync price and quantity periodically (Amazon to Shopify)

The easiest way to import products from your Amazon Seller Account to Shopify. NO TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED.

Fabulous | 108 Reviews
by InfoShore Technology Solutions LLP
app image
$ 25 - $ 40 / month
Free trial: 15 d.
| 78 Reviews
  • Manage the Orders of your Products and Inventory in just one simple click
  • Manage your products' price on with Custom Price
  • Realtime Syncing Scenario

List products, manage orders and inventory and get more sales from easily.

Very Good | 78 Reviews
by CedCommerce
app image
Lion Restock - Back In Stock Alerts
$ 19 - $ 79 / month
Free trial: 14 d.
| 244 Reviews
  • Email your customers automatically when certain products are in stock again and increase sales;
  • Use this application to save your customer support time and concentrate on other important aspects of the sale process;
  • The App works right away, no coding nesecarry!

The Lion Restock – Back In Stock Alerts Shopify App is a great tool to motivate your customers to make purchases when a product they subscribed to is in stock again. Install it for free.

Fabulous | 244 Reviews
by Lion Apps
app image
| 302 Reviews
  • Automatically sync and manage your inventory and orders in real-time
  • Increase sales by easily expanding into new channels, creating product bundles, and gaining deeper insights into your products
  • Quickly connect all your offline and online sales channels and accounting systems, including Amazon, eBay, Square, Lightspeed, and QuickBooks

Stitch is the most popular inventory management suite for small businesses. Don't just manage inventory, get the insights you need to grow.

Very Good | 302 Reviews
by Stitch Labs
app image
Notify Me
From $ 0 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 101 Reviews
  • Automatically get email notifications for Out of Stock products in your Shopify ecommerce store;
  • Increase productivity of your inventory manager when identifying Out of Stock products in your online shop;
  • Reduce the time of filling inventory of the most popular out of stock products and boost sales.

The Notify Me Shopify App is a useful tool for effective stock management that will automatically send email notifications for out of stock products. Start using it for free.

Fabulous | 101 Reviews
by MakeProSimp
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app image
| 273 Reviews
  • Create a Facebook shop and receive additional sales channel for your products
  • Improve the shopping experience of your online customers
  • Find new customers by allowing social sharing of your products

Create your Facebook shop and sell your products directly on your Facebook page with the Facebook Shopify app. The app is free to use, install it now and increase your sales!

Good | 273 Reviews
by Shopify
app image
| 79 Reviews
  • Make purchases available right on your Instagram page
  • Reach out to a huge Instagram audience
  • Make it possible for customers to buy items right on Instagram using tags on products

Instagram Shopify app is designed to turn your posts into purchases. Use the tool to reach new customers and make shopping easy for them!

79 Reviews
by Shopify
app image
| 6 Reviews
  • Offer your items directly to fashionistas and style-influencers
  • Exact match - customers will be offered products of their size, color and style preferences
  • After the payment you’ll get the money within 2 days

Couture Lane is a smart Shopify app that is dedicated to the fashion industry. Use the app to offer your goods to the right buyers!

Very Good | 6 Reviews
by Couture Lane Inc
app image
| 87 Reviews
  • Reach more than 171 million active buyers
  • Manage your store’s inventory and sales channels all in one place
  • Expand your brand footprint on eBay’s global marketplace

Grow your business by seamlessly listing and syncing your Shopify products on eBay.

Good | 87 Reviews
by eBay, Inc.
app image
| 61 Reviews
  • Sell your products anywhere with the Shopify POS (Point of Sale) app and free card reader
  • Tap to add products to cart, accept payments, and email receipts
  • Track customers, inventory, and orders with Shopify

Sell products and accept credit cards at markets, pop up shops, and in-store, with Shopify's point of sale system for iPhone, Android phone, or iPad. No matter where a sale takes place, your orders, inventory, and customers are automatically managed using one unified dashboard.

Good | 61 Reviews
by Shopify
app image
| 92 Reviews
  • Sell products directly on using Shopify
  • Create product listings, manage inventory and orders from Shopify
  • Find new customers on, the largest online marketplace

Sell on using Shopify. Create or sync Amazon listings to manage inventory, product details and fulfill orders all from Shopify.

92 Reviews
by Shopify
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app image
Intuit QuickBooks® Online
Free - $ 29.99 / month
| 85 Reviews
  • Export orders from Shopify into QuickBooks Online
  • Sync products and inventory levels between Shopify and QuickBooks Online
  • Support from Bold and Intuit

Export your online store orders into QuickBooks Online account at no cost (up to 30 orders)! Seamless reporting of sales, products, and taxes.

Good | 85 Reviews
app image
| 38 Reviews
  • Save time by automatically exporting orders
  • Make accounting easier by linking products from Shopify to Xero
  • Track online store customers through Xero for simpler reporting

Export your online store orders into Xero account. Seamless reporting of sales, products, and taxes.

Very Good | 38 Reviews
app image
$ 14.95 / month
Free trial: 30 d.
| 0 Reviews
  • Save time and cost
  • Avoid errors
  • No double data entry

Connect your Shopify webshop to your Snelstart administration. It transfers orders, vat and debtors. Save time & cost, avoid errors!

0 Reviews
by Webwinkelfacturen
app image
$ 14.95 / month
Free trial: 30 d.
| 2 Reviews
  • Save time and cost
  • Avoid errors
  • No double data entry

Connect your Shopify webshop to your Moneybird administration. It transfers orders, vat and debtors. Save time & cost, avoid errors!

Fabulous | 2 Reviews
by Webwinkelfacturen
app image
$ 14.95 / month
Free trial: 30 d.
| 1 Reviews
  • Save time and cost
  • Avoid errors
  • No double data entry

Connect your Shopify webshop to your e-Boekhouden administration. It transfers orders, vat and debtors. Save time & cost, avoid errors!

Fabulous | 1 Reviews
by Webwinkelfacturen
app image
Billdu - Automatic invoices
$ 12.99 / month
Free trial: 14 d.
| 0 Reviews
  • Let Billdu automatically create invoices compliant with legislation
  • Export invoices and credit notes to your accountant
  • Manage invoices, orders, clients and inventory directly from mobile app

Automatically create or send professional invoices with every order in your store. ? ? ? ? ?? Manage invoices from mobile app

0 Reviews
by Billdu LTD
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The Apps & Themes marketplace brings together the best solutions for those eCommerce merchants wanting to optimize their workflow and squeeze the most out of their online business. We offer affordable apps and themes for websites, Facebook shops, and offline stores - all of these are provided as part of the Shopify eCommerce platform.

The simple and user-friendly marketplace is open for eCommerce businesses of any size. No matter what are you’re selling online, where your business is located, or what aims you are pursuing, we’ve got apps for you! Browsing the Apps & Themes marketplace will lead to great results.

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More than 1,700 apps from over 1,000 Shopify developers can be found here. Just find the necessary category, read the reviews, and make your choice - it’s as simple as that! There are a variety of Shopify themes to allow you to create a unique design for each eCommerce shop with professional, pre-designed templates.

Using eCommerce applications and themes is simple, even for Shopify newcomers. The installation for the majority of these doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Free trials reduce the risks substantially, making it possible to cancel the subscription at any time without any obligations.

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