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The Apps & Themes marketplace is the platform where online store owners can find all the necessary eCommerce apps and unique themes to run a successful store. Browse through tons of available apps, themes, extensions, and useful plugins to find exactly what you’re looking for and boost your business efficiency.

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One-Click Checkout

The One-Click Checkout Shopify App is a convenient tool which will send your customers straight to checkout after they click Add to Cart. Download it now and boost your sales!

$15.95 $9.95
103 reviews
Developed By SpurIT
Social Media
  • Social engagement focus
  • Get more social shares
  • Social retargeting
  • Reviews
  • Signup integrations with social networks
  • Autoposting
  • Privacy & Security
  • Online Terms, Conditions, Policies and Laws
  • Problems of data security
  • Payment problems
  • Verify the customer age
  • Automate the process of sending invoices
  • Adwords advertising
  • Marketplace advertising (Amazon, eBay, and other)
  • Social networks advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Ineffective email marketing or its absence
  • Low website conversion rates
  • Maintaining customers' loyalty
  • Low retention of customers
  • Low quantity of reviews
  • Analytics
  • Lack of repeat purchases
  • Low average order value
  • Display prices in local currency for global buyers
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Out-of-stock products sale
  • Create the sense of urgency and improve sales
  • Marketplace integration
  • Simplify the process of making decision
  • Pricing
  • SEO optimization
  • Poor content and product descriptions
  • SEO-friendly product reviews
  • Photo optimization
  • Convert the store into mobile app
  • Users notification
  • Customer support
  • Easily find my offline store
  • Import products/data between platforms
  • Store design
  • Buyers redirects
  • Introduction to foreign markets
  • Supplier issues
  • Logistics issues
  • Expansion of product line
  • Finding the right products to sell
  • Product return and refund
  • Efficient order fulfilment
  • Simplify the process of shipping/delivery
Apps & Themes — the next-generation plugins and useful software platforms

The Apps & Themes marketplace brings together the best solutions for those eCommerce merchants who want to optimize their workflow and squeeze the most out of their online business. We offer affordable apps and themes for websites, Facebook shops, and offline stores - all provided as part of the Shopify eCommerce platform.

Apps & Themes core audience

The simple and user-friendly marketplace is open for eCommerce businesses of any size. No matter what you’re selling online, where your business is located, or what goals you are pursuing, we’ve got apps for you! Browsing the Apps & Themes marketplace will lead to great results. The applications available on our website can be used on online stores of any size.

How to get the app or plugin you need

More than 1,700 apps from over 1,000 Shopify developers can be found here. Just find thenecessary category, read the reviews, and make your choice - it’s as simple as that! There are a variety of Shopify themes to allow you to create a unique design for each eCommerce shop with professional, pre-designed templates.

Join us now!

Using eCommerce applications and themes is simple, even for Shopify newcomers. Installation for a majority of these apps doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Free trials reduce the risk substantially, making it possible to cancel your subscription at any time without any obligations.

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