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Design Thinking in UX/UI Design


Lately, most processes and products have taken a customer-oriented turn in development. The question of what customers want and need has overtaken previous ideas of what’s important. That’s how de... read more

9 Tips on Efficient Time Management for Businesses


Entrepreneurship is the ultimate display of self-employment, which means no one is there to motivate and force you to work on your business except you yourself. Sometimes it's super hard to bring your... read more

Market Holiday Sales - Best Ways to Earn the Most Profit


The holidays are definitely among the most beloved parts of the year for most people. For online sellers, this period is also the busiest one. Merchants who care about their revenues cannot afford to ... read more

Forget the Shopify App store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way


Shopify does a lot to help you launch a store in less than an hour. It is abundant in features that can solve the basic issues every eCommerce newcomer has. However, Shopify can’t cover all the indi... read more

How to Make a Shopify app that will earn you strong profits


With the immense growth of Shopify, developing apps for the platform has become a highly profitable business. The Shopify app store contains 2,500+ various plugins for merchants, many of which are top... read more

How to build a transparent return policy for your online shop


The world of eCommerce has opened a path for every individual to sell products online. However, to become a successful brand that attracts numerous buyers is no easy task: one has to foster trust and ... read more

Cross Border eCommerce - Best Ways to Expand Your Business Abroad


One of any merchant’s goals is to expand his business and grow his customer base. This is why international, or cross border, eCommerce has reached huge numbers worldwide. The bordering commerce def... read more

What is an FAQ page, and why should you create one?


Every customer is individual and unique, but there will always be one thing that unites us all–questions. No matter how well-structured your website might be, there will always be frequently asked q... read more

Top Shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business


Shopify has already proven itself as one of the most stable and trustworthy eCommerce platforms for both small and large businesses. The number of merchants who prefer Shopify has already reached an e... read more

What is a Google Trusted Store and why should yours become one?


Times change and technologies keep up with the pace. Ordinary bricks-and-mortar stores are replaced with online ones and the purchase process has narrowed to a couple of clicks. The only thing that re... read more

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