Because of the marketplace scale, Amazon business needs an integrated sales strategy to bring success. And by scale, we mean hundreds of billion dollars of annual net sales revenue. See for yourself:

11 tips for effective amazon listing promotion

Now you can imagine how competitive your listing needs to be. Nevertheless, it's possible to succeed. Use the following tips to promote your Amazon products inside the platform and to get traffic from external sources.

Internal Listing Optimization

1. Run Competitor Analysis

Know your competitors. It's essential for winning the market. Search your rivals with the keywords you are planning to use. Monitor top-ranked ones, discover the strengths of their listings and implement this knowledge in yours. You should use the successful experience of best sellers in the listings to promote your product on Amazon.

2. Apply Rational SEO

We can hardly deny the importance of SEO. It plays an integral part in ranking and positioning your listings in search results. However, excessive keyword filling has a negative impact on your sales.

We all remember the times when listings with titles flooded with keywords could receive top priority. Fortunately, Amazon fights search engine abusers. The more organically keywords fit in a listing, the better place in search results you get. After all, you sell products to people, not robots.

3. Write a Self-Explanatory Title

Internet surfing attention span is gradually decreasing. People want to spend less time doing their routine online. The same desire applies to online shopping.

An Amazon customer opens a website, enters a search query and starts choosing. You've got one shot to make him open your listing. Let's see what results we can get by searching for "hiking backpack".
These are the top listings for this query:

11 tips for effective amazon listing promotion

Notice the third one. By only reading the title the customer extracts the following information about the product:

  • A capacity of 3400 cubic inches - a helpful alternative for people used to inch-measurement of capacity instead of liters
  • Internal frame construction
  • Presence of a rain cover sewn in the backpack

It makes sense. But there are always two sides of a coin. While a wide search window performs well with long titles, default browsing mode cuts their endings:

11 tips for effective amazon listing promotion

An incomplete title is worse than a short one. Keep it informative yet concise when promoting products on Amazon.

4. Build a Readable Listing Structure

Customers skim across the listings. Writing a poem about your product in bullet points is redundant. Describe specific features of your products, mention whether you provide customer service and warranty. Place additional information in the "Product description" section.

Don't forget about the set of product images. Photos from different angles provide a full depiction of your goods. Lack of high-quality pictures makes an Amazon listing incomplete.

5. Win the Buy Box

The Buy Box is a frame with "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons on the product page.

11 tips for effective amazon listing promotion

Most customers purchases from the seller in the Buy Box. Most people don't go through all the salesmen with similar offers, so taking place in this frame is crucial for professional sellers.

Here are the main factors affecting your Buy Box Eligibility:

  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) status
  • Seller performance. Amazon prioritizes experienced and reliable sellers
  • Shipping and product cost. Fast and cheap (or even free) delivery and the lowest price for goods are required
  • Stock status. If you are sold out, you can't get in the Buy Box

Keep in mind, that selling your own branded goods dodges this bullet, as you are the only product distributor. There are no competitors for the Buy Box of your branded product positions.

6. Request Purchase Review and Answer the Questions

Sold a product? Kindly ask the customer via e-mail to rate your services and leave feedback. Amazon users trust sellers with lots of positive reviews. However, sometimes they need to clarify some details. It's up to you to respond in a timely manner to all questions asked. Customers always appreciate your responsiveness.

7. Advertise on Amazon

Amazon offers several solutions for advertising on the platform for various purposes. Brand recognition improvement, specific product promotion - Amazon advertising tools solve all these issues.

Amazon advertisement services aren't free. Make sure to learn how to keep your ACoS as low as possible.

Driving External Traffic to Amazon Listings

8. Promote Your Product on Social Media

A broad range of social networking services are suitable for brand promotion nowadays. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other popular service - it depends entirely on your style and preferences.

11 tips for effective amazon listing promotion

A good practice is to concentrate on a single social network. The majority of users possess accounts in a better part of social media projects. You won't miss the precious audience by using one profile. What is more crucial, it makes you deliver excellent content, as you focus solely on its management, not on distribution to other platforms.

As well as on Amazon, research your competitors or similar brands. Find out what kind of materials they offer to their users. Use this experience to create engaging, interesting posts. Don't forget it's an entertainment resource in the first place.

Another approach to promoting Amazon products on social media is to involve influencers. These are users with large follower communities. Their posts get unbelievable attention value. You can use influencers to channel this attention to your brand. Sponsoring their publications, you make influencers tell people about your products and even recommend them.

11 tips for effective amazon listing promotion

Organic advertising brings immense traffic from influencers to your brand's profile or directly to Amazon listings.

After all, no one keeps you from using social network paid advertisement. However, its effectiveness is questionable.

9. Write a Blog

It's similar to social media promotion. Compared to social networks packed with users, the blog itself is in desperate need of traffic. It's an obvious drawback of blogging as a promotion tool.

Nevertheless, writing a blog removes any content limitations, as you're free to post anything on your own platform. Social media projects often impose restrictions on volume or type of published materials. Blogging solves this problem.

As in the case of social networks, involving influencer might be a decent idea for driving more traffic to your blog and, eventually, to your Amazon listings.

10. Promote Your Amazon Listings with Search Engines

The familiar PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, for instance with AdWords, expands the potential audience for your brand.

Many people look for products in search engines and find direct links to top-ranked listings nowadays. If you can't compete with them on Amazon, you do it right in the search engine. Preemptive strategy gives you the chance to beat the best sellers.

Use the keywords from your listings to create an advertising campaign in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine you find suitable for the promotion of your Amazon store.

11. Squeeze the Traffic from Deal Websites

These are web resources for bargain hunters. Deal website users are ready to write reviews, blog posts or even film videos about the products they receive. In exchange, they get considerably discounted or even free products.

Since Amazon changed its policy on discounted product reviews, it's prohibited to "buy" reviews with special offers. But as long as leaving feedback for a bargain is not an ultimatum, you can channel enormous amounts of traffic to your listings. As a result, the brand awareness rises, and some of the deal hunters give genuine reviews, which is permitted by Amazon.

The bottom line

Online marketing on Amazon is a serious business. Build a personal promotion strategy based on your budget and current sales figure. Implement our tips for taking a comprehensive approach to driving more sales on Amazon.