Wondering what steps you should take to influence your eСommerce store visitors during the decision-making process and prevent them from abandoning a cart? When it comes to influencing consumer behavior, every stage of the buying process plays an important role. But according to recent research, the key driver of likelihood to buy is the decision simplicity.

In fact, simplifying purchase decisions for consumers is more powerful than customer engagement, and a 20% increase in decision simplicity leads to an 86% increase in conversions and sales.

5 creative marketing incentives that will help you increase sales

Wondering how you can simplify the purchasing process? Keep reading to learn what steps you should take to simplify purchasing decisions and get your customers closer to buying.

Five Steps of the Buyer Decision Process

Before we start discussing what external stimuli you can use to influence buyers’ behavior, let’s uncover the consumer decision process. No matter what products they are purchasing, all buyers go through certain steps to determine what products make the best choice for their specific needs.

Every eСommerce store owner needs to have a good understanding of what these steps are to be able to put themselves in their customers’ shoes to make a bigger impact. You should also be aware of the fact that there are different psychological, individual, social, and cultural factors that affect all the steps.

5 creative marketing incentives that will help you increase sales

  • Need recognition – identifying the need is the trigger that leads all the buying decisions
  • Searching and gathering information – at this stage, consumers gather information about product and brands that are available on the market to find a source that can satisfy that need
  • Evaluation of alternatives – consumers evaluate different options, taking into account the price of the product, its quality, quantity, features that add value, and other important aspects
  • Purchase of the product (conversion) – the consumer buys the product they have chosen
  • Post-purchase behavior – after making a purchase, the consumer considers whether it was worth it and whether they would recommend the product or the brand to other people

1. Increase Sales with 1-Click Ordering

Nothing is as important for the success of your online business as a memorable customer experience, so 1-click ordering is just what you need to ensure that your customers will be able to enjoy making purchases. Amazon was the first online business to introduce one-click buying and allow people to make purchases with one click without using shopping cart software.

When they click the Buy now with 1-click button, they don’t have to manually input information about billing and shipping because the predefined information about payment option and address will be used. It makes shopping easier.

5 creative marketing incentives that will help you increase sales

You should also build the 1-click ordering functionality to your eСommerce store. If you allow your customers to purchase products in your store directly from the product pages and bypass the checkout flow, you are sure to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

According to Statista, 77.3% of all shopping carts were abandoned in August 2017. That means that most eСommerce websites lose about three-quarters of shopping carts that are typically abandoned before shoppers convert. If the check-out process is too complicated, many users lose their motivation to complete it. With one-click buying, customers are more motivated to make purchases because the whole process is easy and doesn’t take much time. If you use this technology on your website to streamline the checkout process, you’ll increase conversion rate and sell more products.

2. Simplify Order Entry and Sales Process

If you have an eCommerce business that sells products to B2B customers, you should take measures to simplify order entry and sales process to ensure that every step of purchase and checkout process is as easy as possible. B2B buyers prefer a streamlined experience and are often pressed for time. That’s why you should simplify B2B purchasing. The easiest way to do it is to use a quick order form and allow your B2B customers to skip some of the steps of the shopping process.

5 creative marketing incentives that will help you increase sales

B2B customers typically don’t need much time to make a purchasing decision because they know very well what they want to buy. Usually they buy the same products, so you can help them make purchases faster by using customized order entry forms with predefined lists of products. Then your B2B customers will spend less time on making orders because they will need only to specify quantities of products.

They will save a lot of their precious time because they will not need to browse your store to find the necessary products. Your customers are sure to appreciate that and are more likely to remain loyal. By simplifying the buying process, you can give your B2B customers a better experience on your eСommerce website and boost your revenue.

3. Improve Customer Service Delivery

Would you like to learn about an easy way to improve your delivery services and order fulfillment process to keep your customers smiling? To deliver quality services, you must implement your supplier order management system, ensure order-tracking and visibility of the service delivery processes. Allow your shoppers to view inventory availability when they search for items online. A recent study revealed that 58% of shoppers believe that this factor is important for making a purchase decision.

Another area you should focus on to improve your services delivery system is shipping policy. You should take the necessary measures to ensure a fast delivery speed of the purchased products. If you can, you should offer free shipping. If it’s not possible, you’d better include shipping costs on the product page to inform your customers. If you do that at checkout, the consumers may be surprised and that can prevent them from completing the purchase.

5 creative marketing incentives that will help you increase sales

To ensure high quality of customer service, you should always meet the original delivery promise, so if something goes wrong you have to upgrade delayed shipments to a faster shipping method. That will ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customer and will also increase the likelihood of a repeat purchase.

You should also keep your customer informed how the order is being fulfilled by sending regular email notifications.

4. How to Get People to Sign Up

Your job as an online store owner is to ensure that your customers continue to have a positive experience with your products. You should think about post-purchase engagement, which could include follow-up emails, newsletters to entice the customer to make an additional purchase, and discount coupons. These days, anyone can leave an online review, so it’s crucial to keep your customers happy. You would like to have life-long customers who can recommend your store to other people, wouldn’t you?

5 creative marketing incentives that will help you increase sales

Need advice on how to get people to sign up to receive your emails? Here are some quick tips:

  • You should create a registration form and make the registration as simple as possible
  • You should only ask for information that you really need and not make every field mandatory
  • When it comes to signing up, simplicity is the key because no one likes to spend a lot of time filling out a form and providing lots of unnecessary details, so a good idea is to let your customers create an account with just a login and a password

5. Use Social Media Share Buttons to Get Free Promotion

Today, we can hardly imagine our lives without Facebook or Twitter. That’s why you should make it easy for your online customers to share your products with their family, friends, and followers on social media. You can easily do that by installing plugins.

5 creative marketing incentives that will help you increase sales

Small social media share icons installed on your eСommerce website will give your customers the opportunity to display the purchases they have made in your store on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or other platforms. Social media sharing has a lot of advantages for any eСommerce business. Here are some of them:

  • Your customers will share their purchases on social media and recommend your products to their family and friends. You will get a free word-of-mouth advertising
  • When people learn about cool products in your store, they may want to visit your website to learn more so you can expect that your website’s traffic will increase
  • In this way, you will increase brand awareness and boost sales from customer referrals

Wondering which networks to show on your website? It all depends on what products you sell and what is your target audience. We recommend taking advantage of Facebook because this network has the largest number of active users, Pinterest because it is based on visualization, and Instagram because you’ll be able to create eye-catching visual content that will look appealing to your audience and help convince them to buy your products.

Use our tips to make your customers’ decision-making process easier. With a creative approach to using marketing incentives that influence consumers during the decision-making process, you’ll be able to ensure a pleasant customer experience, sell more products, and increase your revenue.