Entrepreneurship is the ultimate display of self-employment, which means no one is there to motivate and force you to work on your business except you yourself. Sometimes it's super hard to bring yourself to spend enough time building a productive eCommerce business. You can find thousands of reason to postpone it, especially when working on another full-time job. This is where the procrastination comes into play. Unable to focus, you spend too much time on minor issues or even waste it entirely. Our goal is to build a time management strategy for your business. We'll consider some ways to find the needed time and optimize its use.

Tips on Making Time for Your eCommerce Project

Before we go any further, it's crucial to establish the rule that an unmotivated business owner is not a business owner. All the time management practices will fall before your lack of passion and interest. We believe that the only entrepreneurship scope to bring you success is the one you find engaging and exciting.

1. Fight the Insignificant Time Consumers

Usually, we don't pay enough attention to our habits of wasting time. We can waste several hours just lying in front of the TV or playing video games. Relaxing and enjoyable? Yes. Productive? Absolutely not. Unfortunately, we only have 24 hours in our day and, no, a time warp still isn't a valid solution to it.

9 tips on efficient time management for businesses

Find the strength to put aside unproductive activities and spend this time growing the business you are passionate about.

2. Find the Gaps in Your Tight Schedule to Work on Your eCommerce Project

Sometimes your lifestyle is not about entertainment, it's all about work. Don't worry, there's a solution for hard workers as well. The idea is to utilize every piece of free time between your activities. Do you use public transport to get to your job? It's a perfect opportunity to plan and sort out your forthcoming work on the business during the trip. Do you have a lunch break and still have some time left before getting back to work? You definitely know how to use it now! You'll be surprised how much time you can earn this way to spend on your eCommerce business.

3. Find It in Yourself to Sacrifice Your Rest

Everyone needs their "me time" when you basically don't give two hoots about anything and just enjoy yourself. This is where most of the people’s personal time is in a regular timetable:

  • Weekdays evenings
  • Weekends
  • Holidays

It’s quite a controversial decision to trade your rest and relaxation for some additional work, but you can still find the strength to do it. If you position your business as something you value and are fond of, it'll fit your resting time perfectly. There is no need to spend all your free time on it, as the incremental improvements will add up to a tremendous amount of work on your business over time.

4. Come Up with an Alternative Schedule

Sometimes our timetables can be too exhausting. Physically unable to produce anything useful at the end of the day, we postpone our eCommerce business development. The right decision is waking up and going to bed earlier.

9 tips on efficient time management for businesses

It doesn't affect the amount of time you sleep, but creates some time before work, which every busy business person can use to work on their project.

5. "No Zero Days" Rule

Simple to understand, yet hard to follow – this rule implies that you won't miss a single day as an opportunity to invest in the future of your eCommerce business. It trains your self-discipline and teaches you to make a change in your life in regards to time management. No matter how small this improvement is, every tiny piece of work accelerates project development in the long run. Stay consistent, and success will be imminent.

Tips on How to Optimize Your eCommerce Business Development

Now, when you've found some time to dedicate to your eCommerce idea, it's time to learn how to make this work efficient and highly productive.

6. Plan Literally Everything

It may sound obvious, but planning is an integral time management method. Schedule your work, and plan your rest! When you know exactly what you need to do right at this instant, it saves tons of time and helps you to focus. No more sitting and wondering what to do next! Planning is everything.

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7. Organize Your Business Strategy to Deliver Regular Progress Signs

We all know how discouraging stagnation can be. The feeling of no future substantially drags entrepreneurs down. Try focusing on a single product and start marketing it as soon as possible. Gradual and visible progress is what you need to solve the motivation issues and boost your productivity.

8. Automate and Schedule Your Routine Processes

Find out which regular actions in your eCommerce business take the most time and try to automate them. Do you spend too much time responding to consumer questions by email? Consider writing an exhaustive Frequently Asked Questions section on your website or prepare some "canned answers". Basically, these are response templates, which just need a few changes to become the fully customized answers. As an alternative, you can implement a website chatbot. It'll do its best to answer the questions by itself and will direct the consumer's message to you if it can’t.

At the same time, some business activities can't be completely automated, but you can still schedule them. Here are some of the routine activities we are talking about:

  • Social media marketing
  • Blog posting
  • Email marketing

It takes significantly less time to create a set of content pieces for the week or month upfront than doing them on a daily basis. Focusing solely on a single project aspect is an efficient time management decision for the eCommerce business.

9. Consider outsourcing

We all know that time is money. The point is – what kind of money are we talking about? If you know your revenue value and the time spent to achieve it, you can calculate how much your work costs per hour. Divide your income by the total time spent, and you’ll get your "time value". You can compare this figure to outsourcing prices and find out whether it's a viable option or not. Most medium-sized eCommerce businesses find outsourcing cheaper and more convenient than manual accounting and bookkeeping. They profit from affordable services and can focus on more crucial issues.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the time management tips are the holistic ecosystem of producing and optimizing your eCommerce business working time. All actions are synergized and highly efficient in combination. Develop an everyday habit of working for one hour on your project before your daily responsibilities. Keep using your lunch or coffee breaks, free time on public transport, and keep planning and scheduling your business development. You won't believe how much free time you can gain out of seemingly busy weekdays.

Don't stop there! Create even more time by optimizing your work. Schedule your content ahead of time, and automate consumer relations. Don't skimp on outsourcing opportunities if your revenue affords this option and there are much more important issues to solve.

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Most importantly, don't forcibly compel yourself to build the eCommerce business. If you don't feel like implementing this exact idea in life, maybe it's just the wrong way to go and it’s time for something else. Coercion to work is the most destructive power for motivation in the eCommerce industry. The only emotion you'll earn is the intense feeling of futility and hatred of what you're doing.

Stay active and motivated. Be passionate about your business. Remember: effort and dedication always pay off.