The eCommerce business industry shows significant annual growth. According to studies by Digital Commerce, U.S. consumers spent $453.46 billion on retail purchases online in 2017, greater than in 2016 ($390.99 billion). According to their predictions, by 2021, eCommerce revenue worldwide is going to grow even further.

a definitive guide for how to find a reliable specialist for ecommerce success

So, how can you get into eСommerce and join the leaders? ECommerce success depends on how your online store looks and works. Nobody wants to spend their time waiting for your site to load. And visitors definitely will not stay for long if the design is terrible and it takes time to find certain buttons, fields, information, etc.

In order to optimize your website, you should build a cooperation with eCommerce specialists. Of course, no one is going to do the job for $10 but, in the long run, it will help you save a lot of time and money, especially if you are a newcomer to eCommerce.

Imagine a technical problem has occurred and you don’t know why exactly it happened. A frugal entrepreneur would open the code, search on the Internet for what could possibly go wrong, etc. You could spend the whole day looking for the answers and find nothing. Or you would think that you found out what had gone wrong, change the code, and make things even worse. Hence, the day would be wasted, though it would have made more sense to spend it solving business issues instead.

If everything works the way it should and you just want to add some changes, think again. If you are not sure it will lead to the desired effect, try to find a better way to invest your money.

This is another case when you know exactly what you want but have no idea how to get it. For instance, design is a rather tricky question. If you want to change only certain colors and/or fonts, you may just search for the right lines of code and change them on your own. This is rather simple and, in most cases, does not take much time. But if you need to change something more complicated like layouts and page elements, it would be better to find a competent specialist.

a definitive guide for how to find a reliable specialist for ecommerce success

You may have some strategies for boosting your store, but there is no guarantee they will work for your business. This is where you simply need a look from the professional perspective.

You also may use the help of an expert when you do not have the required equipment or software. It may seem more beneficial to buy a professional camera than to pay a photographer, but this is not always the case. These things may cost thousands of dollars. For a good photo you need more gear than just a good camera. A professional photographer not only owns good equipment, but also has years of experience you do not have. And a picture taken by a specialist may be much better than a picture taken by an enthusiast who has never worked with photos.

Where to Find Prominent eCommerce Experts to Work with

You should think carefully while looking for an eCommerce professional to join your business. This employee can contribute to your company and take it to the top or cause its collapse.

References and Social Media

Before hiring an eCommerce expert, ask for referrals. Contact your successful colleagues and gather information about who has helped them with the website. You can use social networks as well. Post on Facebook or tweet that you need an expert, and ask your network to share it. Networking is a great way to meet a great person. Also, you can find out what kind of person they are from their personal profile.

Shopify and Other eCommerce Platforms

If the above-mentioned options have not worked out, you still can search for experts on your own. There are lots of available companies and freelancers. If you use the Shopify platform for your eCommerce store, you may consider hiring Shopify experts, as they specialize in this field. But remember that these experts are not official Shopify employees. The platform is not responsible for their work and this is why the prices may vary from expert to expert. Besides that, those people are not always experts. Basically, there is a rule that anyone who has contributed to the success of at least five eCommerce businesses can have the title of being a Shopify Expert.

a definitive guide for how to find a reliable specialist for ecommerce success

Decide on what exactly it is that you want from an expert, since they are divided into five categories on Shopify:

  1. Setup Experts. These people can help you migrate your online store from another platform as well as set up and launch a new one
  2. Design Experts. Sure, Shopify has standard templates, but design experts can customize them to fit your desires or create an original look for your website
  3. Development Experts. These specialists can expand your online store functionality with features like search filters and build a Shopify app for you
  4. Marketing Experts. This group of experts is responsible for attracting customers with the help of social media and SEO
  5. Photographers. Photos quite often influence the customer’s choice, so it is really important for them to be high-quality and original. Shopify Experts know how to visualize your product in the best way possible

With the help of Shopify categories, you can search for an expert by specifying the budget range, keyword and country or city. The last option is very convenient as it allows not only face-to-face meetings but also provides better opportunities to be in touch more frequently with experts in the same time zone. On the expert’s account page, you can read testimonials from their partners and find a link to the expert’s website where you can see their past jobs.

Actually, you can find a specialist to cooperate with on any eCommerce platform your store runs on or you would like it to run on. Just browse the website that you are interested in and find the option to hire an eCommerce professional.

Job Websites

If you are considering hiring a group of specialists who can work at your office, pay attention to the job websites popular in your region. Websites dedicated to job searches have a nice interface, convenient filters and the possibility to contact a specialist directly.


If you seek a long-term cooperation, there is no better option than finding an outsourcing partner. It is a cheap, popular and reliable way of cooperation. Thousands of companies in the US and Western Europe work with IT outsourcing companies located in Eastern Europe or India. This option is also beneficial because it is possible to hire a full competent team. So, if your eCommerce solution requires dedicated work from software designers and developers, consider working with remote partners.

Additional Tips for Hiring an eCommerce Expert

Before hiring an expert you like, ask about their previous experience. Visit the websites this specialist worked on. Pay attention to the complexity level of their past projects, and compare them to your own website.

a definitive guide for how to find a reliable specialist for ecommerce success

In addition, you should organize a meeting, or at least a Skype call, with the candidates. This conversation is crucial. No matter how good the experts are, misunderstandings may lead to mistakes and your dissatisfaction with the results. Make sure the specialist understands you and your needs. He or she should also be able to explain coherently what he or she is going to do to solve your task.

And the last but not least, ask about the expert’s opinion on your website. A skilled specialist will quickly notice your issues, or at least have some ideas about what they could be, depending on the nature of the problem.

The Bottom Line

A professional look from a different perspective can save your business from failing, and considerably enhance it. Finding the right person may be tough, but it is worth it. Consider this option as a long-term investment.

Though it may be tempting to save a few hundred dollars and deal with the issue on your own, remember that in order to do this, you need to do more than just read a few articles on the Internet and watch a few tutorials on Youtube. So, find a reliable eCommerce partner and enjoy the results of a fruitful cooperation!