The end of 2018 is expected to be quite significant for us: currently, we are focusing all our efforts on completing the job on our mega project – the Shopify developer cabinet, which will Track Shopify apps’ positions in the App Store - before the holidays begin. Our new dashboard will be an extensively powerful tool that will help you enhance the promotion of your solutions and monitor competitor positions, as well as user ratings.

Right now, we would like to describe the main functionality of the cabinet and define the advantages its features offer to a developer.

Shopify Developer Cabinet: Who Can Use It?

Our solution will be very useful for both developers that have only just released their first ever product, and the ones with a solid list of ready-made commercial-use applications. To start things off – a few words about the way our solution functions.

The major source of traffic for the vast majority of Shopify apps is the Shopify App Store. A huge part in the size of this traffic is played by the position of an app in the general App Store listing, category listing, as well as popular search requests.

The algorithm of app-ranging in the Shopify App Store is a secret, so it can be quite difficult to say even for experienced marketers which parameters can influence the position of an app in the listing: reviews, number of ‘helpful’ marks, installations and uninstallations, keywords in the description or in bullet points, or something else.

Keeping up with the app positions manually is a very cumbersome task, especially if there are several products to keep track of. Nevertheless, one does need to keep track somehow. The key metrics of your business depend directly on the Shopify listing positions of your app.

Would you like to have a tool that does all of this unreasonably time-consuming work for you? That notifies you about every shift in your positions and your competitors’ positions? That is exactly what we are offering here.

Cabinet Functionality: What It Features and for What?

Without further ado, let’s start figuring out the main functionality of our developer cabinet and its dashboard.


This is a menu item that stores a developer’s personal information.

a novel way to keep track for shopify developers

It is, basically, a form with input fields. Once they are all filled, a developer’s brief profile description will be formed based on the provided info for future customers to check (demonstrated in the picture below). In particular, you can upload a profile image and define your company name, email, and social media links.

a novel way to keep track for shopify developers


Here, developers can keep track of their applications’ positions in the Shopify App Store.

a novel way to keep track for shopify developers

This includes three subcategories:

  • All apps – where all of the solutions made available by Shopify are listed
  • My apps – where user apps and the apps of their competitors they are subscribed to are listed
  • Analytics – displays a general number of users, sessions, installations (the number of the ‘Get app’ button clicks, to be precise), and appearances in the Apps-n-Themes website search results. Note that the analytics is defined based on the Apps-n-Themes platform data, not Shopify.


This category is used to group and sort applications. It is an extremely useful option for big developer companies that provide a large number of Shopify-based software products along with the full-blown marketing department.

a novel way to keep track for shopify developers

Particularly, Groups helps to sort all the company’s apps by several groups in order to optimize the process of analytical data collection and make the choice of the further promotion strategy simpler.

For instance, if you have three fully functioning applications, each of which has 15 competitor solutions, you will have to keep track of 45 apps in total. Obviously, this isn’t the most convenient way to go about things. In turn, the Group functionality allows to group apps (by the same scheme one usually sorts folders on the desktop) and with each product separately.

Position on Shopify

In the Position on Shopify category, the positions of the apps included in the Shopify App Store listing are rated. Everything is vividly displayed with the help of colored graphs.

The mentioned graphs also provide one very useful ability – tracking shifts in the positions at a certain moment. Thus, you can click some point on the graph and see the corresponding data right below the graph (in particular, the dynamics of price changes, new comments, as well as changes in the description of bullet points).

a novel way to keep track for shopify developers

Position on Shopify includes three subcategories (trending apps, subscribers, and my groups), which are all additionally managed by the three following tabs:

  • General – where Shopify app positions graphs are displayed based on the rating of a particular product. Moreover, the general tab allows filtering apps by categories and applying such additional rating parameters as the pricing range and time period.
  • Category – this allows selecting a category and getting the data on the statistics of the apps it includes.
  • Search query – where the positions of search requests are visualized (only the potentially relevant for particular users requests are used, of course). It also helps to pick the right words to use in the product description.

And now for the subcategories in more detail:

  • Trending apps – this list includes the 10 applications with the most significant absolute shift in positions over a selected period of time. For instance, this subcategory can hold an app that shifted x positions and this x is in the top 10 most significant shifts for a week. All 10 apps are displayed in the general tab. From a practical point of view, such a functionality can be used by a developer to find out which exact competitors shift positions the most over a certain period of time and why that is happening. This way, you can make fully knowledgeable decisions to create new products based on the received data on the Shopify Store trends.

a novel way to keep track for shopify developers

  • Subscribers – here you can see the solutions you personally subscribed to. You can track their ratings and compare them with your own ratings (which, in turn, is very helpful in making an objective evaluation of one’s own positions). Note that your apps are also included in this tab by default.
  • My groups – this allows forming groups of apps for analysis (monitoring). This feature helps a lot in cases where marketing experts (or developers that have taken up the responsibility for promoting their software product) are obliged to promote several software products at once – each with a different competitor.

So, What Are the Cabinet’s Main Advantages?

As we are drawing closer to the logical conclusion of our feature, let’s take a look at what benefits exactly developers get from working with our cabinet.

Unique set of useful tools – not a single other solution can allow you to monitor your own product’s positions as effectively. The thing is that the niche for which we were initially developing the dashboard is unique and there are no analogs of what we have created.

Various statistics representation formats – do you want to check the statistics right on the graph? You’re the boss. Prefer lists? This is also possible in the Apps-n-Themes developer cabinet. Everything you need for the efficient viewing and rating of applications is readily available at all times.

Lowered app promotion expenses – a developer cabinet can help significantly cut the expenses required for the services of marketers. All the data you need for the analysis of current app positions and their promotion dynamics is now available right in the account dashboard.

Intuitive management – our team has taken care of enabling developers to effortlessly figure out the cabinet functionality without any other help. You can already check out the accessibility and intuitiveness of managing our solution in the absolutely free trial version.

Free trial availability – you can try out our product completely free in order to understand how reasonable it would be to purchase it in your particular case.

a novel way to keep track for shopify developers

How Much Does It Cost?

Try our free trial cabinet version to check out all the mentioned features and advantages yourself. It will be in your command for a full seven days. You can register three apps and track their positions by three keyword requests.

  • Basic. Will fit developers with a single application – priced at $29.90/month. Quite a convenient and functional option that will help you promote your product in a fast and efficient manner. The functionality includes a personal developer page, view of a current position for all apps in the Shopify listing, view of the reasons why certain apps shift positions, analytics of your apps on the AnT, Trending Apps section, tracking of your and competitive apps, email newsletter concerning the shifts, and the editing capabilities for your apps on the AnT platform. As opposed to other options, this tariff does not feature app tracking by keywords, analytics of competitor solutions, and ability to select a custom date in the graph.
  • Average. Perfect for developers with two to ten Shopify products released. This option is priced at $79.90/month. In addition to all the features that the ‘basic’ has, you can also specify dates on the graph manually with this one.
  • Advanced. The reasonable choice for developers with 10+ apps (or for those who simply want to get everything they can out of the cabinet functionality). The price is calculated individually. With this one, apart from everything that the previous two versions support, you are also able to add applications in groups, analyze competitors, as well as monitor the level of your app’s popularity by search requests.


We eagerly wanted to create a useful and accessible tool for developers, which would help bring their software products to leading positions in the Shopify ratings. And we have made it at last! Boost your sales with the help of our developer cabinet – it will be an efficient no-brainer! You can register right now to try the trial version and employ all the benefits in your own professional experience.

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