Growing an eCommerce business is much easier thanks to readily available Shopify eCommerce tools. The variety of applications was developed to improve web business processes. Now the merchant is allowed to pay more attention to business development instead of dealing with manual work.  

The best Shopify apps are designed for different purposes:

  • Automation of manual work
  • Adding new functionality to the web store
  • Attracting customers attention
  • Engaging customers to interaction etc

But all of these have one common goal: increase revenue and increase traffic to the webstore.


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Top Shopify apps: how to make the right choice?

Integration of  apps within your web store is easy. All the retailer needs to do is go to the Shopify app store, choose the needed category and collection, choose the most reasonable price and click the install button. Most of the best Shopify software apps do not require any coding skills for installation.

There are some tips that one has to remember when choosing an application:

Reviews and Feedback

The number, as well as a content of the reviews, says much about the tool. For example, if the application was launched in 2014, but still has no reviews, it should be treated with suspicion. On the other hand, it is a positive indication if there are many reviews. However look carefully for  positive reviews. Feedback from a real user can tell you everything about each of the top apps on Shopify:

  • Is the installation easy?
  • Is the integration seamless?
  • Does the functionality match the description?
  • What level of support does the development team provide?

Get the answers to these questions and go to the next point.

The Price

An expensive app does not always equate to a credible app. There are a large number of free apps that have wonderful functionality and add unique features to your web store.

The Demo Version

A live demo is a perfect chance to install the top Shopify apps for free and find out how they work in action.

The Support

High-quality support is important when choosing an app, too. There are different levels of support. Choose the one you need before installing the app.

Essential Shopify apps you can install for free

Thousands of software developers work with eCommerce tools for Shopify. Thousands of retailers use these tools for their business needs. We created a list of the free apps that gained the best testimonials in 2017. Let’s take a short walk down the Essential Shopify Apps boulevard.

Yotpo social reviews

Yotpo Shopify app helps to leverage the power of user-generated content for shops of any size. The software makes it easy for customers to add product and site reviews building trust and loyalty with maximum effectiveness. One can share reviews on social media with the click of a button.



  • Immediate review generation
  • Simple import of existing reviews
  • Traffic boost from social media channels

Social Media Stream

This Shopify plugin allows merchants to embed a chosen social account on a Shopify page. Social Media Stream claims to be one of the best ways to display a dynamic social feed free-of-charge. One can add live streams from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest in one click.



  • Save time by adding authentic content in moments
  • Automatic generation of posts and pictures
  • Attract social traffic with ease

Free Shipping Bar

The app responds to the huge demand for free shipping offers. Once installed, the software will show a nice-looking bar with a message that updates based on customer actions on tablets, desktop or mobile phones. Customers get free shipping offers as a reward for filling their shopping cart.



  • Increase the value of each order
  • Reach customers on any device
  • Analyze the performance of each free shipping order

Improved Contact Form

Do you want to find out more about your online visitors before they perform an action? Use the smart contact form that will provide insights about prospective customers, including their location, IP address, and their browsing history. Let visitors get in touch with your team without needing to sign in.



  • Contact form submissions integrated into your mailbox
  • Spam-free requests – you receive real-life queries
  • No coding needed to customize the app

Plug in SEO

SEO performance is the field of expertise for team Plug in SEO, which has developed a tool for effective optimization of your Shopify pages. The app checks if you have any SEO issues and fixes them immediately.



  • 86,000+ downloads
  • Immediate information
  • Save time and money – the app is free

Rewards and Referrals by Swell

Reports and statistics show that it is much easier to sell products to existing clients than to engage with new ones. By creating better conditions for your former customers, you can make a large step to increase profit. Swell helps the retailer create a loyalty program. The customer gets point for defined tasks: “Subscribe to a newsletter”, “Create an account”, “Buy more”, etc.



  • Attract customer attention
  • Promote the web store among internet users

Printful - Printing & Warehousing

This Shopify app suits  print-on-demand business needs. If the customer orders a print design on a poster/mug/T-shirt, the application fulfills the order and sends it to the customer. Furthermore , your involvement is completely unnecessary. Automation of the process allows spending more time on other tasks.



  • Full automation of the processes
  • Possibility to extend your business capabilities

Email notifications for upselling

This application allows for an effective dialogue exchange process  with the customer. The customer gets an email with relevant products after the purchase is made. The emails can be sent within some period of time (once a week, once a month) as defined by the store owner.



  • Customizable emails to customers
  • Fully automated process
  • Possibility to sell more to your former client

Free Persistent Cart App

The abandoned cart will not prove problematic if you use the Persistent Shopify app. The previous items are automatically added to a cart, so the customer always has a reminder about their previously unfinished order.



  • Over 1000+ reviews
  • Perfect possibility to recover lost sales

One-Click Checkout

Using this Shopify app, you can skip the Cart and send the customer to checkout immediately after clicking the Add to Cart button. This application saves customers time and increases your profit.



  • Additional popups on the pages of your web store
  • The customer is able to choose an option: Continue Shopping, Checkout or Go to Cart


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Shopify essential apps are available for free and cater to your business needs. The installation of these useful apps is guaranteed to benefit your business and increase your brand’s success.


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