The eCommerce market is full of different platforms for running a business successfully. Shopify is one of the greatest tools for the best stores all over the web.

There is the opinion that Shopify is suitable only for startups and small businesses. But this is not quite true. This platform helps small stores to develop and improve. Meanwhile, it is able to increase the abilities of a business of any kind. Shopify provides the eCommerce specialist with everything one needs to sell online.  The Shopify Plus version fits huge online business needs perfectly.

If you still have some doubts about using the Shopify service, these examples of the best Shopify stores will inspire you to start a web store on this platform. Reaching new eCommerce heights is easier with Shopify.

Successful Shopify Stores you need to take a look at

The variety of products sold daily on Shopify is enormous. It is hard to comprehend that the sum of monthly transactions on Shopify reaches millions of dollars or more. From handmade jewelry to franchises, from blended coffee to designer swimwear – you can profit with any of these. So take a look at the most successful Shopify stores.

Carbon Beauty

Carbon Beauty is one of the most successful stores on Shopify today. Scrolling through the page of this web store, the customer is amazed by moving images and text. The transition from page to page is so seamless that you almost forget you’re using an online tool. This kind of interesting design engages clients and differentiates this store from other make-up brands.




If you would like to add some video or animations to the pages of your web store, take a look at Allbirds Shopify store. The implementation of interesting features created perfect conditions for an incredible customer experience. This brand is one of the leaders in selling wool shoes.



Negative Underwear

The list of successful Shopify stores continues with the Negative Underwear shop. Plenty of images allow ahigh-level interaction with customers. The top banner changes its size depending on whether the customer needs it or not.




This perfectly built web store is dedicated to modern design furniture. After visiting it on Shopify, you would actually love to buy everything! The product pages not only include cool images and detailed descriptions, but also some information from the designer’s bio.




Customers love this store. Unique designer goods together with a seamless user experience help the web store owner succeed. When clicking on this Shopify store, a model welcomes you with general information and images. Scrolling down, the customer gets the information about each of the products and is able to buy it with a single click.




A Shopify store can be successful even selling a single kind of products. Mahabis Shopify store proves this. The product page includes information about the design of the slippers. Interested potential customers can play with the colors using the convenient sliding feature. Shopify themes make the choice easier!



C by Ge

This Shopify store provides the customer with the real opportunity to see how the product would actually work. How can you experience it? Just scroll over the light bulb and watch it illuminate. Lots of animations all over the online store create great conditions for customer entertainment.




It is a surprise for most potential Shopify users that even Lollapalooza uses the platform for its eCommerce needs. In this case, Shopify plays the role of a tool for selling music festival merchandise.




Shopify can meet your needs even if you are going to sell something like temporary tattoos. The Tattly Shopify store succeeds because of its high-level demonstration features. Showing visitors how your product works leads to a sales increase.



Third Eye Blind

Do you still doubt using Shopify for your music band’s needs? If this is thecase, visit the Third Eye Blind Shopify store and make sure that this eCommerce platform works great. Shopify helps to promote and sell your products and merchandise.




Shopify and its tools extend a web store’s possibilities in a unique way. For example, Chalkd Shopify store not only suggests chalkboards in an interesting way, but also attracts new customers by offering the chance to win a chalkboard. Marketing tips are easy to fulfill with Shopify.



Each of the most successful Shopify stores has its story

Almost 2 years ago 2 guys from New Zealand were done with buying poor quality travel gear. Instead of spending money on shoddy goods, they decided to promote their own idea. The Kickstarter campaign helped them to gather money to implement their plan. The Shopify platform made it possible to start selling awesome travel gear and earn money. Minaal Shopify store is one of the most successful Shopify stores at the moment. This is great proof that impossible is nothing. The web store is inspiring for travel lovers. You can check their online shop to make sure Shopify works well for this kind of business, too.

Everyone has a chance to succeed. All you need to do is create an idea and start to develop it. Shopify caters to online businesses of any size and kind. Flexibility and the capacity of the platform along with awesome tools for extending the store’s features make your dreams achievable. Start using Shopify and get your store on the list of the most successful Shopify stores.  



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