It takes a lot of research to meet customer expectations. They change over time, making you a business entrepreneur who has to adapt to new trends and patterns. The recent popularity of live chat solutions encouraged online platforms, like Best Buy, to transform the way they interact with customers.

It turned out that users expect your website to have instant customer support in 44% of cases. Online consumers know for sure what live chat is and how useful and effective it can be.

connect with clients: what is live chat and how to use it?

Therefore, if you don’t add this feature to your website, you might miss a chance to satisfy your customers and respond to a growing demand for instant support.

If you compare online live chat to other channels of customer support, like email or phone, you will see clear benefits for your business. What are they? Let’s have a look at how a live chat app can maximize your potential.

1. Reduce costs

  • The software for live chat aims at optimizing the work of call-center agents. There is no need to hire more workers as one agent can handle multiple chats simultaneously. Service such as My live chat offer unlimited chats that are easy to distribute

  • Instant chat support is much cheaper than phone support. Moreover, the reduction of a waiting queue with the help of a live chat stimulates cost-effectiveness

  • With proper qualifications, live chat representatives can help choose the right products – in this way, customer support can act as a separate sales channel

  • The best live chat software is easy to install and doesn’t require knowledge of programming. Besides, installation is free in the majority of cases

2. Boost loyalty

  • Live chat is convenient for clients – you can resolve their issues within seconds

  • Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels compared to other channels of customer support

  • You can provide quick qualified help and enhance problem-solving. Dell live chat, for example, offers instant support for its customers worldwide, resolving all possible issues

connect with clients: what is live chat and how to use it?

3. Beat the competition

  • Not all businesses offer instant, friendly support on their websites. You can use this as an advantage to engage with larger audiences

  • You can influence retention rates and draw more sales. The customer support live chat can act as a sales channel

  • Differentiate your business from the major rivals, offering qualified help at the right time

4. Convert more visitors

  • Build a strong personal connection with your clientele. Invest in proper education of your representatives

  • A friendly tone of a conversation in a live chat makes people confident and ready to pay more

  • The increased average order value is a result of a real live talk with a customer support representative

5. Follow the metrics of success

  • Generate analytics reports that provide detailed information about your visitors

  • Track chat history and reveal the pain points that your clients face in daily interaction with your agents

  • Improve your service by analyzing the performance of your staff. Implement training for your agents if needed

Not all clients have equal needs

The best live chat apps will bring clear benefits in the short-term for your company tackling the two major categories of clients:

  • Potential
  • Existing

Potential customers use live chat to find out more about your products or compare the items on your website. They also want to discover product specifications and need the help of your agents to assist their search.

connect with clients: what is live chat and how to use it?

Existing customers usually turn to a live chat to see the details of the current order and report any issues that occur along the way. They can also deliver instant feedback - complain or suggest some improvement to your service.

How to get more out of a live chat for your business

It is getting more common to implement an app for live support in a chat. However, not many retailers are aware of its potential to drive more sales. Many online retailers use the wrong methods of communication in a live chat and generate tons of mistakes.

How do you avoid these mistakes? Use the following approaches to succeed:

1. Select the best environment for a live chat

You can increase the efficiency of your service if you provide instant support at the points of the most confusion, like returns and shipping. Clients need to have an opportunity to get detailed instructions on where and how to receive a refund. Therefore, it is a great idea to enable a customer service live chat on the “returns” page. BestBuy live chat, for instance, has set up a dedicated web page that shows an automatic chat box where users can resolve the issues connected to their return policy.

2. Specify and personalize

Train your personnel about the products so that they offer the right products to the right consumers. Personalized advice can improve sales significantly if you know for sure what your client wants based on his past shopping experience.

connect with clients: what is live chat and how to use it?

Asos marketplace offers a live chat that focuses on a specialization of its agents, delivering a highly specific service to each customer.

3. Engage at the right time

It is important to start a conversation with a new visitor at the right time. You can customize your greetings in a number of ways, delivering the most appropriate messages based on the situation.

connect with clients: what is live chat and how to use it?

Dish, a company specializing in TV networks, uses instant live chat that welcomes a new user in a friendly manner. It stresses the availability of Dish representatives that cater to a vast network of live chat users across the USA.

4. Work out the design of the chat window

It is essential to promote the same level of consistency in the design of your website, and a chat box is no exception: adjust the parameters of your software to make the live chat look in tune with the other content.

connect with clients: what is live chat and how to use it?

The best free live chat software leaves much room for customizations, allowing you to adjust the look and feel of the chat box for each section of customer support. Five Four club live chat uses a two-step way to connect its clients with the right specialist, for example:

5. Teach your agents proper support skills

Keep in mind that a live conversation is very different from an email. You can use this knowledge, boost the skill set of your staff, and create the best live chat support in your niche:

  • Segment the live chat lines into smaller pieces
  • Ask for feedback
  • Don’t allow long pauses
  • Act natural like in real-world conversation
  • Prepare cheat sheets for your staff


If you concentrate on effective live chat implementation and invest a lot of time and effort, you might receive a decisive advantage over your competitors. Apart from building trust and a tighter relationship with your customers, you will increase conversions and revenue.

connect with clients: what is live chat and how to use it?

If you add a live chat to your website and try your best to deliver an excellent customer experience, you can look deeper into the needs and wishes of your ideal clients and improve your service to cater to them.

What is the best live chat software for an eCommerce website? You can test several live chat solutions on your store, picking the one that offers the best interface and the easiest integration with your website. We wish you luck!