Shopify does a lot to help you launch a store in less than an hour. It is abundant in features that can solve the basic issues every eCommerce newcomer has. However, Shopify can’t cover all the individual needs of each particular business. Perhaps you are already in need of new options that are not available from the admin.

As your store grows and accumulates new clients, and the number of orders increases, you may face new challenges that will surely pile up along the way. Whether it’s low retention rates or problems in customer support, only an adequate response to your current needs will help you prosper in the field of eCommerce.

That is where Shopify apps come into play: the right Shopify affiliate app can do wonders for selling and marketing products on third-party marketplaces. Do you want to focus on retargeting your existing customers, or sell your items on eBay or Amazon? There is surely an app for these purposes!

The scope of Shopify app development

The Apps-n-Themes marketplace offers a wide variety of plugins and extensions, listing 2800+ unique apps. They can help you focus on every aspect of business development and market your products with the most efficiency. However, choosing the right app for your particular business can be a real issue.

In fact, the majority of Shopify merchants run a time-poor lifestyle, working alone on a full-time basis. That is why they mostly need a quick ready-made solution to their current problem and have no time to search through the scope of software extensions to back up their business. The bad news are that approximately 40% of users have troubles with finding a necessary option due to non-intuitive navigation. Few failed attempts and they are off to work, never coming back.

Do you also feel stuck every time you want to improve your store? A search for the right app shouldn’t give you the pain that you (we definitely know how hard it is!) are used to.

We’ve worked hard to present a handy marketplace that will help you organize your business and secure your prospects of acquiring new customers. The traditional interface of the Shopify app store, in our view, can mislead novice merchants and turn the search into a desperate trawl. With so many add-ons available, it’s not so easy to pick the right one for your own specific business needs.

We want to help Shopify users and make their search for the right Shopify app as simple as possible. That is why we’ve introduced a brand new way to find the perfect app for your online store. You can significantly simplify your search of you try it right now!

We’ve upgraded the Shopify app store for you

We are excited to launch a new search mode for the best app that meets your needs. When you visit the new Apps-n-Themes store, the first thing you will see is that we reorganized the key terms of the user search. Apps now fall into 8 broad groups:

forget the shopify app store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way

  1. Social Media – this section unites the problems in acquiring and engaging audiences on social media.
  1. Legal – this section refers to security concerns that occur in the digital era.
  1. Advertising – this section covers the problems that you may face when you want to advertise your products.
  1. Marketing – this section lets you find the right solution for the effective promotion of your products.
  1. Sales – this section will help you stimulate each sales channel.
  1. SEO – this section will help you find the right app to improve your performance on search engines.
  1. Technical – this section covers the problems that occur at the back-end of your store
  1. Other – this section includes miscellaneous problems not included in the other groups:

Each category refers to a separate group of problems that you as a merchant want to solve with the help of an app. Instead of guessing the name of an app, you can just type in the problem that you need to solve. Additionally, you will not have to figure out which keywords refer to each app, or filter results by popularity or the number of reviews. It’s never been easier to solve that very problem that’s been eating you for so long!

How to use search by problems on

Stop seeking a needle in the sandbox! We offer simple ways of improving your search. Just choose from two options to find the right app:

First, you may enter your problem in the following search bar or choose the right one from a ready-made list:

forget the shopify app store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way

Second, you can navigate to the “Apps” section where search by problems is also available.

forget the shopify app store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way

On the top left of the page, you will see a list of the categories mentioned above where you can select the necessary problem from the drop-down menu. See for yourself:

forget the shopify app store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way

Why search by problems, not categories?

We categorized the apps using our knowledge of the problems that merchants want to solve in their daily use. Based on the issues that Shopify store owners experience in their ordinary tasks, we have presented a smart and sleek way to navigate through the collections and categories of Shopify apps. An accurate search for the right app will save you time and effort, and help you to concentrate on your business! Try it right now - you will be surprised how easy it is to find the right extension!

How to search for the right Shopify app

You can find the right solutions from the 50+ problems that we have tailored for you. We made the search on Apps-n-Themes accurate and fast to help you get up and running with the right app in seconds.

Let’s see how search by problems can help you find the right app for your business needs. While search by problems means you don’t have to browse the entire website, you can still search inside a specific category using several methods:

  1. Search through the landing

Discover the simplicity of search on our main page! If your target is focusing on social engagement, you can choose the first problem from the first category titled “Social media”.

forget the shopify app store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way

Once you’ve typed your problem into the search bar or clicked on the problem from the list, the search results will appear directly below. We deliver fast accurate results within seconds - see for yourself!

forget the shopify app store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way

  1. Search in the “Apps” section

Try our new search in the “Apps” page! Click on the “Social media” category and activate the drop-down menu. Now, from the list of options, choose “Focus on social engagement”. Our search engine module will download a selection of apps related to the problem.

forget the shopify app store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way

What’s more, you can specify several problems in your search. For example, if you want to target several issues, choose more than one search parameter to make your search more accurate:

  • First, choose “Set up social retargeting” in the “Social media” group. Then, tick “Set up retargeting” in the “Advertising” section. You will receive a selection of apps that can help you integrate your advertising into social media, thus promoting certain posts more effectively.

forget the shopify app store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way

  • Once your search is complete, you are free to repeat the set of actions mentioned above. By using just two ways of sourcing the right extension on our website, you can significantly save time instead of spending hours on your search.

How to choose the right Shopify mobile app

After you have completed your search, it is time to revise the features of the plugins. The apps in the search results can give you a glimpse of what they have to offer. On that page, you can study a few of apps that appear in the first places. We supplied each app with the most important parts of its description:

  • App’s icon
  • App’s name
  • Price
  • Short description
  • Rating
  • Name of the developer

You can choose any app from the list that, in your view, has the most visually appealing icon, catchiest name, or clearest description. It depends on what goal you are pursuing when choosing an extension for your store. Now, you can focus on one Shopify mobile app or consider several ones and try them for a free trial period.

Similarly, you can browse for a Shopify reviews app, Shopify dropshipping app, Shopify wholesale app, Shopify upsell app, Shopify POS app, and many more.

Though the list of apps in the App Store may seem to be too lengthy at first glance, you will only need the essential ones for your business. It depends on your type of business and the problems that you are facing as an eCommerce entrepreneur. Are you a newcomer or an established business? What problems do you need to solve first of all and which ones can wait for the right time?

Remember that a number of developers are ready to solve your issues while you are scratching your head for the right solution. Visit the new Apps-n-Themes marketplace and see which apps can help you achieve your goals. It’s never been faster and easier to find the right solution!
Explore how we can improve your busy lifestyle with our brand new search mode!

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