Instagram brings the most engaged traffic to your eCommerce website. This fact is important, but what if you used Instagram as a major source of income where ideal customers are just around the corner?

happy hashtagging: the essential guide to instagram proficiency

It is actually easier than you might think because the answer lies in implementing an effective hashtag strategy, where trending patterns of customer acquisition come into play.

Let’s discover how hashtags for shopping work, how many hashtags does Instagram allow, how to find trending hashtags on Instagram, and how to use proper hashtags to connect with your audience and drive sales.

How Instagram hashtags work

Each social media website uses hashtags to promote certain ideas and find the right audience. Users, on the other hand, search with hashtags to sort the content for their needs. Instagram is no exception: its visual character leaves much room for boosting user engagement. One of the easiest ways to have customers discover your business is to allow customers to choose from a number of hashtags that you accompany your posts with.

Hashtags on Instagram are clickable words and phrases preceded by the # sign. In theory, you can attach any message or topic to any post on Instagram, thus turning it into a link to your eCommerce business. Users will click on a hashtag, which will redirect them to a special page where all public information bundled with this hashtag will be stored.

The hashtags help consumers discover certain categories of images, stories, and videos on Instagram, thus optimizing their search for the right content. That is how proper hashtags can help connect with the right clientele. If you manage to attach the right words or phrases, you will raise the chances of exposing your brand to the masses.

How to use hashtags for your business

1. Organize hashtags

It is a daunting task to memorize the scope of hashtags appropriate for your brand. You need to create a system of hashtags using an easy-to-use tool that will allow you to track and measure the most effective words and phrases. One of them is Excel, where you can manually input the information in one of the sheets and analyze which posts brought more engagement.

happy hashtagging: the essential guide to instagram proficiency

Another way to organize hashtags is to use special software to automate the process of their creation, and later, a special app that offers instant hashtag suggestions and Saved Captions. With the tool, it is easy to find the proper hashtags within seconds. This is most crucial for large businesses when it is hard to track every necessary hashtag for each post.

For eCommerce retailers selling food or clothes, the number of hashtags may seem overwhelming at first. That is why some automation in attaching the right hashtags to every photograph seems appropriate.

2. Keep up to date with the trends in your niche

One can source the ideas for hashtags from the latest trends that define the model of modern Instagram marketing. Check out which hashtags are dominating in the posts of your competitors and Instagram influencers. Shortlist the sources for hashtag ideas and mark the popular photograph hashtags that apply to your niche.

There are several approaches to cover this need. Let’s have a look at them.

How to find trending hashtags on Instagram

Ways to find trending hashtags:

  • Manual
  • Special software

happy hashtagging: the essential guide to instagram proficiency

Manual ways of discovering trending topics for Instagram posts presuppose monitoring the most popular social media sites and the most active users within them. Try monitoring:

  • Instagram influencers
  • Twitter trends
  • Competitors in your niche

Special automated tools help generate hashtag ideas and monitor the top-performing messages that dominate your niche. Such tools can generate singular hashtags for the images of the jewelry you sell or find broader phrases for your content.

3. Test the optimal number of hashtags

Many merchants want to know the answer to the “how many hashtags can I use on Instagram?” question before they start optimizing the proper marketing campaign on the platform. One can use the maximum number of hashtags on Instagram, which is up to 30 clickable hashtags per post.

However, an abundance of hashtags can turn you to a spammer and mean your post is banned. Numerous findings suggest keeping your hashtags as few as possible: most businesses reject the idea of implementing the max number of hashtags on Instagram for that reason.

The bottom line lies in testing the optimal number of hashtags per post. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for every eCommerce business willing to drive sales from Instagram. It may take up to several months to identify exactly how many hashtags will lead to success.

4. Use specific hashtags for your brand

There are certain topics that can be used for different promotions and a combination of them may lead to attracting the right audiences in the short term. What are they?

happy hashtagging: the essential guide to instagram proficiency

  • Seasonal topics
    Monday hashtags on Instagram or hashtags devoted for a certain weekday may seem appropriate, taking into consideration the love users have for temporary content. Consumers tend to stick to seasonal or daily promotions, searching for special offers to save money.

  • Entertaining topics
    There are numerous funny hashtags on the list of successful topics to boost user engagement. They might not be helpful in finding new followers for your brand, but they can serve the need for entertainment.

  • Topics in fashion
    You can use trending hashtags in comments for your Instagram posts to appeal to mass audiences. The general rule suggests that it is not useful to attach the hashtags that are in fashion on Instagram all the time - it is better to act according to your company’s policy. Hot topics may harm your reputation too.

  • Industry-related topics
    Find the hashtags that can be of interest to your Instagram followers. You will be able to find the ideal customers and target them more effectively.

5. Stay away from banned hashtags on Instagram

Instagram’s attitude towards illicit content is straightforward: the social platform can ban posts with inappropriate hashtags. Such a censure makes Instagram stand out among other communities, as it will not allow a single post from a banned account.

Keep that in mind before you compile the list of hashtags when running the next marketing campaign on Instagram.

Do I use the best hashtags for my business?

happy hashtagging: the essential guide to instagram proficiency

As Instagram is an established and recognized environment with the most connected community of users, a mistake in hashtagging can damage your reputation and decrease the number of sales. If you wonder, “why aren’t my hashtags working?” try to choose the content more carefully and spend some time researching it from your competitors and Instagram influencers. Don’t use the maximum number of hashtags – remember that the best hashtags are as simple and straightforward as possible.