An eCommerce ecosystem is a welcome place for anyone willing to start selling goods of different kinds. Whether it is apparel or jewelry, all roads lead to decentralized platforms that serve as a perfect environment where you can set up a unique store within half an hour.

hidden in the details: how to use product descriptions like a pro

However, the nuances of such a selling model can create some doubts among new entrepreneurs. Will be my products be in demand? Are the product details clear and straightforward? Will I have success like my closest rivals?

These questions arise in the minds of many eCommerce merchants.

Let’s make it clear: you will not know for sure if you land the perfect pitch in describing the product details until you try some model or template. Any description that you create should be tested.

First, let’s examine why a good product description is a crucial step towards success. It can not only improve conversions but also create a positive image of your brand.

Apart from its attention-grabbing potential, a powerful product detail can create emotional ties with your prospective customers and the right emotional feedback.

If your goal is to educate your clientele, you can create descriptions that answer the most common questions about this or that piece and provide clear and consistent details.

How do you write product descriptions that can significantly improve your conversions? At first, you may be overwhelmed by the responsibility that tends to become higher when you are aiming at a concrete result.

However, there are clear choices of correct words and formats that can help you succeed. What are they?

Words that sell: how to choose the best options

1. Imagine you are speaking to a limited group of clients

The problem with online stores lies in the lack of personal eye contact with your customers. This influences the way you communicate with your visitors with the help of product descriptions. If you fail to establish a close contact with your audiences, you can experience a significant drop in product sales and lose track of what your clients really want.

hidden in the details: how to use product descriptions like a pro

How can you improve that state of things? The answer mostly lies in understanding what drives your ideal customers on the way to making a purchase on your store. You should know for sure the proper wording that your clients use in daily life to target them specifically. You can easily realize what to write about when you imagine a conversation at an ordinary counter in a bricks-and-mortar store.

2. Make every product description beneficial for customers

The best way to appeal to audiences is to explain why your particular product will bring the most benefit to them. You need to provide clear evidence of the features you have listed, that the product brings joy, and is able to satisfy their desires.

hidden in the details: how to use product descriptions like a pro

Know the problems that your customers want to solve with the help of your products. The best Amazon samples of product descriptions entice clients, inviting them on an exciting journey on a store. Why does it happen? The most prolific Amazon store owners do not concentrate on dull specifications. Instead, they focus on the value that every single feature of the product can bring to their customers.

hidden in the details: how to use product descriptions like a pro

3. Choose your own format

No matter how hard you try to outperform your competitors, you will never be able to succeed if you don’t follow them. Examine which product descriptions they use and which writing sample examples dominate the plain text. In the end, you will see some common features that will stimulate the emergence of your own style and format.

hidden in the details: how to use product descriptions like a pro

One of the most widespread persuasive writing examples includes bullet points and short 2-line descriptions. However, this will not necessarily convince users that your products are unique and attractive. Try creating a specific format in which your brand will speak for itself. Maintain the same messages across different channels of customer engagement – this will greatly power up the words that sell in your product descriptions.

4. Assess your work using clear parameters

Try organizing the workflow with product descriptions in the best way possible, assessing the performance of each new feature in your written copy. Did it influence conversion rates? Did it help improve retention rates? Did you minimize the flow of incoming calls to your store with the right clear wording? If you manage to track the results of a specific description format, you will find out what is relevant to your customers and what is not.

A successful description example can bring numerous benefits in the long term, for example:

  • Minimize returns
  • Improve conversions
  • Refine cart abandonment
  • Improve performance on search engines

Bear in mind that even a short description can provide the best results with minimum effort.

5. Use appropriate elements in product descriptions

A written copy can deliver a close-to-real shopping experience in many ways. Starting with quality imagery, add videos that show your products in action. Add images and videos that display the products in real-life situations.

Supply your product samples with user-generated content, like reviews or testimonials. You can ask ordinary users to share their images and offer a reward in return. Then add these images to a separate section on your website to prove your credibility as a brand.

Add more social element into your copywriting examples when you have an opportunity. Without it, modern sales are hard to imagine! Another word for an ideal product description is a unique social proof that tells more than a thousand words.

6. Make search engines love your descriptions of products

hidden in the details: how to use product descriptions like a pro

Almost 31% of traffic that comes to your store comes from search engines. That means that people use Google, Bing and other popular solutions to find your products. In spite of that, it is still better to write for real people and not search engine bots. Choose the words that ordinary users type in the majority of cases and include them into your product descriptions. Bear in mind that it is crucial to add specific keywords in SEO elements of your website. However, they should sound natural whenever you use them.

7. Persuade using the right words

Influential words can do wonders to the way that ordinary users consume your product descriptions. They will not only know for sure “what is your product?”, but also “why is it beneficial?”. You can combine influential adjectives with verbs that will reinforce the uniqueness of your inventory.

hidden in the details: how to use product descriptions like a pro

Words like “amazing”, “miracle”, “magic” and “hurry” will give you the power to influence consumers when they hesitate. Your items will be significant if you add “jaw-dropping”, “wondrous” or “exciting” attributes to them.

Appeal to the senses and arouse the excitement of owning an item from your amazing brand. The importance of “power words” is hard to underestimate: some experts claim they can help anyone sell anything!

Product description generator or your own imagination?

Informative content is vital for any online visitor. It is up to you to make the choice of what to write to tell your story on bots or ordinary copywriters. You should know your product and contemplate it in the best way for your ideal customers. Write up a template for product descriptions and tell a story with a personal touch.