Starting as a small social network created by two students, Instagram has evolved into one of the most popular media resources. Today Instagram is a part of the everyday routine of more than a billion users. This simple service is based on photos and videos shared by people. Originally the startup had some weak points that called its success into question, but the hashtag system, built-in filters and free IOS and Android apps let Instagram spread its influence all over the world.

how to find instagram influencers that fit your brand

Although the service doesn’t have many monetization options even after being sold to Facebook, it’s absolutely clear that Instagram offers a lot of opportunities for businessmen. With its incredibly large audience it is a perfect advertising platform.

With the help of so-called Instagram influencers a merchant can easily promote his eCommerce business and broaden his target audience.

The definition of an influencer is quite simple - they create posts that advertise a certain product or service. The more followers an influencer has, the more potential customers could see the post and thus begin to buy your products. Professional brand influencers’ posts are usually stylish: they contain a beautiful photo with good aesthetics and lighting along with an informative and catchy description.

The ways for how to find Instagram influencers for your brand can be varied. Let’s focus on the most effective methods for drawing bloggers to a business promotion.

A brand influencer - main search criteria

When it comes to hiring a brand influencer it’s crucial to pick the right person. Online influencers are a large community with people of all ages and occupations. The main necessary features of professional social media influencers are the following:

  • An interest in your brand niche

A sponsored post will look much more convincing if its author is passionate about what he’s advertising. It’s best to find social influencers whose profile is close to your business sphere.

how to find instagram influencers that fit your brand

  • A catchy name and bio

Well-written name and bio fields will draw attention and enable users find the influencer’s profile with the search bar.

  • An active profile

For the posts to be appealing the influencer should constantly fill his profile with new content. The posts must be bright, interesting and contain good descriptions. The use of the right hashtags is a must too as they are the key to a sponsored post’s success.

how to find instagram influencers that fit your brand

Another criteria that will definitely affect a businessman’s decision is the price. If you need to know how much Instagram influencers make, there is no certain answer. The cost depends on an influencer’s experience, the number of followers, etc. On average merchants are likely to pay up to $250 per post, but large companies can afford more to engage top instagram influencers.

Where to get a brand influencer

The ways to find influencers for your brand are varied: from manual search to automated tools. Let’s look at all the ways to spot good brand influencers.

Search use

The least technically complicated way to find an online influencer is to use Instagram search. Your potential influencer can be found among your followers, for instance, or with the help of relevant hashtags. As soon as you’ve created an Instagram influencers list that contains the most suitable candidates you can contact them via direct messages or using another communication source.

how to find instagram influencers that fit your brand

Influencer platforms

To make your search more precise and efficient you can use a special influencer platform, which have an impressive variety of influencers to choose from. These platforms usually include a convenient search mechanism that enables you to find exactly the right influencer with a certain follower number, follower demographic profile and so on.

The top platforms include Revfluenz, Heepsy, Instabrand and many more resources with large databases of brand influencers. These platforms usually charge their users according to various payment plans, and some of them can be too expensive for a small business.


To establish contacts with the right brand influencers you can use tools that are much cheaper than agencies or platforms. Today there are lots of free or almost free apps that contain nice networking options and reporting abilities that are perfect for an online business.

Top instagram influencers and the benefits of cooperation with them

One of the leading agencies that deals with brand influencers is Everyday Influencers. The company is growing dynamically and can boast of having top brand influencers who are really pros at their job. Apart from Instagram promotion, the firm handles other marketing strategies and management.

Now let’s talk about the top influencers of the year. It’s not surprising that the best results can be seen from celebrities who, apart from their main activities, often eagerly advertise certain brands or events.

how to find instagram influencers that fit your brand

Of course, such impressive results won’t be achieved by ordinary influencers, but the graph clearly demonstrates the amount of traffic that sponsored posts and thus their employer might get. For those who doubt whether influencers are a reasonable investment here is the list of advantages that Instagram influencers might bring:

  1. ROI increase

Research shows that even small businesses undergo positive ROI changes caused by Instagram marketing. More than 50% of businessmen who run such campaigns claim to have better results afterwards.

  1. A wider audience

Not only do Instagram influencers affect customer behavior, but they let you broaden your audience due to the popularity of the social network among young people. Apart from this, it’s much more convenient to inform your customers about giveaways or new items using influencers’ posts.

how to find instagram influencers that fit your brand

  1. Influencer posts are not ignored

Unlike regular ads that get blocked by a large number of internet users, influencer posts are viewed constantly, which increases the chance of their success. That’s why in using social media marketing of this kind you are more likely to achieve a positive ROI.

  1. Price flexibility

There is no need to pay loads of money if you don’t want to. With the growing number of Instagram influencers there is a possibility to find the ones whose posts won’t cost you a fortune but still bring good results. The price can depend on the influencer himself and on the post - its length and type (photo or video, for example).

  1. Precise targeting

If you choose to advertise your brand with the help of an influencer your leads are likely to be more precise. This is caused by the fact that the posts will be looked through by people interested in your niche, so your data will be relevant.


how to find instagram influencers that fit your brand

In the modern world where Instagram is experiencing a global boost, it would be irrational to ignore this source of marketing. Brand influencers will help you achieve higher sales in a simple yet effective way. Find them using tools, specific platforms or Instagram itself and you definitely won’t regret the decision to run this type of campaign!