According to recent research, almost every online shopper bases brand trust on a previously good experience with the brand. Let's make sure the first impression of your company is unforgettable.

how to gain customer trust

Develop Your Brand's Corporate Identity

The marketing industry brings countless brands to life on the market. How can you attract customers specifically to your company?

Set Your Style

A high quality logo and a decent catchphrase is the first step in creating a serious brand. They reflect the essence of a company.

how to gain customer trust

This part of corporate style triggers the visual perception of a customer. A worthy logotype tells clients about the brand, while a tagline emphasizes your intentions. The synergy of these two has an immense impact on customers’ view of a brand.

Build a Brand Platform

Think through the ways people can reach your company. A website, desktop or mobile app - any platform you've decided on should adhere to the style guidelines of your brand. Holistic customer experience is a key to avoiding confusion and misunderstanding. It's essential for building brand trust.

how to gain customer trust

Choose a Message Strategy

The platform is up and ready for visitors, but how can you attract them? Advertising. The modern machine of lies. Some entrepreneurs fib about their product, as they don't know how to put the truth in persuasive and tempting words. And lying isn't a proper way to get someone to trust you. Undoubtedly, you won't want to make the same mistake.

In a paper by Kenneth E. Clow and Donald Baack, they define 3 categories of strategies to deliver the message about the product to a customer:

  • Cognitive strategy
  • Affective strategy
  • Conative strategy

The cognitive strategy uses the product's benefits as the main object of attention. Show some exact features a person obtains from buying your product. Whether you suggest a healthy food or a convenient and durable tool, let the customer know which specific advantages your product has to offer. A straightforward and truthful message is a viable approach to raise trust.

The affective message strategy relies on invoking a person's feelings and matching them with the company's products or services. It's an effective method of developing a strong brand name. Coca-Cola's campaign “Share a Coca-Cola” is a brilliant example of this approach.

how to gain customer trust

The affective strategy elicits emotions, creating ties between the customer and the product. As a result, an appealing brand earns trust and loyalty.

The conative strategy is an action trigger. It's a more direct form of calling for specific behavior. “Buy today and get another one for free!”

Here’s a similar example of Starbucks eGift Card Promotion:

how to gain customer trust

This approach provokes impulse buys. Its aim is an instant sale. The conative strategy is excellent support for other promotional materials.

Build a Trustful Relationship with the Customer

Customers are humans. They've got used to person-to-person communication and relationships. Sometimes a robotic corporate voice only bewilders the client and makes him feel confused. Your aim is building transparent relationships with customers, where they can trust you.

A High Quality Product is a Must

All the marketing strategies work to call the first interaction with the brand. However, the first experience depends completely on product quality and determines the impression of a company's services. Don't let the advertisement expenses negatively affect your product quality. It won’t work.

Keep the Promises You Make

Society doesn't like irresponsible people. The same is true for inconsistent brands. Provide value to the customer in a timely manner. Don't make promises you can't keep. Being honest and consistent helps to gain customer trust and confidence.

Don't be Afraid to Give Things Away

The modern world programs us to enjoy free things and feel grateful for gifts. For instance, research has shown that free software trials convert up to 60% of free subscribers to premium members.

how to gain customer trust

Giving away free samples of your product lets customers test it out. If it's great, chances are you've got yourself some new clients.

Show You Care about Customer Safety

The Internet is a much safer place now than it was years ago. However, cybercrime still exists. It's up to you to protect users’ vulnerable information. Modern standards of cybersecurity include data encryption. Your brand must comply with safety demands to attract new customers today.

Be Accessible for Support and Feedback

Clients always have questions to ask and opinions to share. Give them this opportunity. Feedback is vital for the development of your brand. Answer questions and resolve issues of the customer, and he'll associate your brand with a pleasant experience for a long time.

The Bottom Line

Building trustful customer relationship is way more complicated in real life, as client expectations and demands are growing every single day. Aim at becoming trustworthy, not at increasing income. Be ready to transform your business strategy to stay competitive on the marketplace. React to customer actions and requests. Delivering a high quality product and proper client interaction is the key to gaining customer trust and loyalty.