Magento and Shopify are two of the biggest players in the eCommerce market nowadays. Both platforms provide great functionality for eCommerce business and have a lot in common. But in fact, these tools are completely different, and you need to know about the differences to make the correct choice of eCommerce platform.

Before you start analyzing the Magento vs Shopify topic, answers need to be given for following questions:

  • Do you recognize your weakness? What is it?
  • What are you good at?
  • Who do you have on your team?
  • What is your goal?

These short answers will help you understand and define your business needs. And they are the first step to success.



If you are weak in technologies, and your team is not skilled enough in software development, then you need a tool that handles all of these issues. Have you met Shopify? This tool is exactly right for you.

If your coding skills are good, and you can get support from your coworkers anytime, and with all that you have a strong desire to build a powerful tool from scratch, Magento would serve you well.

Let us get closer to the analysis of Magento vs Shopify.

Shopify vs Magento: 6 main tips for comparison

As is typical when discussing eCommerce leaders, a clear answer about which platform is better cannot be given. Rather, it’s best to define which platform is a better fit for you.

Both of the platforms fit businesses of any size. As for Shopify, it has a super simple Lite version that allows selling from Facebook, 3 version of Shopify Standard and Shopify Plus version for enterprise business. Magento has plans for small business as well as for enterprises.

Speaking of costs, the Shopify price includes a flat fee for hosting and payment for particular themes and apps. Downloading Magento is free. You need to pay for hosting, apps and integration.

Browsing through Magento and Shopify’s features will help us build our understanding.

1. Set up of the platforms

Shopify is a fully hosted solution. Its set up includes a few steps and less than an hour of time.

Starting to use Magento is a complex process: you need to get hosting, download the tool, set up and install it.

2. Security

Shopify takes all of the responsibility for your data safety. Using Magento, you need to take care of security by yourself.

3. Design

Creating a unique design on Shopify is easy with nice Shopify themes. There are over 100 themes that are easy to use and simple to modify.

Magento themes are hard to install. Their modification requires time and development skills.

4. Marketing opportunities

There is nothing to say about Shopify vs Magento here. Both platforms enable the application of marketing strategies and SEO improvement.

5. Management and Control

The Shopify store dashboard is extremely easy to use. The product section allows adding and editing bulky products in one click. Magento offers even more management opportunities, but they are harder to implement than with Shopify.

6. Apps and Add-ons

The Shopify App Store is a wonderland of opportunities for web store owners. More than 1000 apps are divided into categories to cater to a variety of business needs.  Some of the apps are free. Installation of most of the tools takes literally one minute.

Magento offers many cool apps too. But here an obstacle appears: again, if you are not a software specialist, you will have trouble using Magento tools. Almost all of them require coding.

The conclusion can be made that in the Shopify vs Magento battle, ease of use defines the winner for this category.

Magento and Shopify comparison: what else left to say

This comparison of Magento and Shopify just shows again that both of these eCommerce platforms are great. This article briefly highlights their features to show that whichever platform you choose can work for you. These ecommerce leaders provide you with amazing possibilities for business growth, if you are ready to work hard for it.



Final thoughts:

  • Magento is a solid platform where any idea can be turned into reality. It requires coding skills and strong support. In return, it can bring you to the top of eCommerce
  • Shopify is easier to use. It serves non-technical people perfectly and allows the creation a good-looking web store to fulfill your dreams

Find your way and follow your dreams with high-quality eCommerce software. Let this Magento-Shopify comparison help ease your decision making process.