The holidays are definitely among the most beloved parts of the year for most people. For online sellers, this period is also the busiest one. Merchants who care about their revenues cannot afford to procrastinate during the holidays, because the profits that can be earned at this time are extremely high. Customers have more free time during the holiday season, and everyone has a particular group of people to give presents to, which are frequently bought online.

market holiday sales - best ways to earn the most profit

Market holidays, as you can see, are a gold mine for eCommerce. Nevertheless, merchants should prepare for them well and start thorough preparations far beforehand. The earlier, the better. Let’s review what aspects should be worked out and planned before the holiday season.

  • Inventory

Preparing for holiday sales take a lot of effort, and missing certain important details could be a crucial mistake for your online store. Make sure your inventory fits customers’ demands, and you have enough to survive the season.

  • SEO

Add the so-called “seasonal” keywords to your website. During the holidays a lot of shoppers prefer to look for items via a search engine and navigate to the first links offered.

  • Plan your marketing strategies and delivery

Plan your campaigns long before the holidays begin. Make sure your shipping company will be able to handle the amount of orders and deliver them on time. Create your messages and offers to customers and be well-prepared for all holiday challenges. The easiest way to complete everything that needs to be done is to automate some tasks using the Shopify app store. Here you’ll find various site decorations, as well as inventory and shipping plugins that will enable you to save some time and avoid mistakes that can stem from the huge client stream.

market holiday sales - best ways to earn the most profit

When is it time to care about the upcoming holiday sales? There is no particular date or rule, but most successful merchants say the sooner the better. It’s strongly recommended to start preparing special offers and planning your inventory in summer. October seems to be the deadline for planning for the winter holidays. Study the market and your benchmark activities, plan your budget and start creating holiday blog posts, streamline your email marketing campaigns and test your promotion events beforehand to earn as much as possible during the holidays.

market holiday sales - best ways to earn the most profit

What are holiday puns and how to make them brilliant

Puns are the part of holiday culture, especially in the United States. Based on words and phrases that sound the same, but have different meanings, these little word combinations can be both terrific or terrible, and there’s a thin line between the two.

market holiday sales - best ways to earn the most profit

The internet is full of pun generators and examples of adorable holiday puns, along with horrible ones. Using them is not obligatory for a merchant, but you can include some nice puns in your email notifications to customers or as part of your website decorations. But don’t overdo it with puns or it will look a bit weird.

Best happy holiday messages to win the hearts of customers

The Shopify app store offers merchants numerous email marketing tools that allow you to send lots of happy holiday messages at once. This strategy is absolutely effective for making sales boom. To make your holiday campaigns perfect, you should perform detailed market research, consider the market demand, and note what customer groups are most prevalent in your store, based on their nationality, gender and age.

Holiday marketing can be connected with major winter holidays, Halloween, and others, but one should not underestimate the potential of less popular events like the first day of spring or Hanukkah for Jewish people.

As soon as you have segmented your customers and figured out the holidays you’ll dedicate your sales to, you can switch your store theme so it matches the holiday mood.

Prices are an integral part of holiday marketing campaigns. As the quantity of orders and the value of these orders rises dramatically, you can lower your prices to attract more customers. This should also be planned in advance. Using Shopify apps you’ll be able to create a sense of urgency to motivate buyers to make a purchase immediately. Words like “free”, “holiday”, “up to 40%”, “gifts”, etc. tend to draw customers’ attentions, so it’s good to use them in your promotions. Gift cards and promo codes are welcome as well.

market holiday sales - best ways to earn the most profit

You should also pay attention to your web store’s technical capacities. If your website still has no mobile version, it’s time to fix that problem. More than 90% of customers are likely to search for goods using their smartphones, and your online store must meet their demands.

Personal gift guide during holiday campaigns

Along with other campaign ideas, a personal gift guide is undoubtedly one of the hottest promotion trends. Practically any self-respecting seller offers customers a gift guide to match their interests. The principle is simple - you offers your visitors various gift combinations according to their age, gender or occupation. This is a powerful marketing tool that helps customers make up their mind quickly and make a purchase at your store immediately.

market holiday sales - best ways to earn the most profit

Apart from creating your own gift guide, you can cooperate with other bloggers whose articles are already at top search result positions and ask them to add your products to their list. To do this, you simply need to search for popular gift guides in your niche and contact their authors.

Your gift guides should contain a holiday greeting and a brief description of who the gift is best for. To make offers more attractive, bundle the items to boost sales and give customers discounts. Be generous – 40 or 50% discounts during the holidays will pay off.

Gift guides are not only advertising pieces. They must be created with all of the SEO rules in mind for search engines to show your website in their results. In this way, you’ll be able to find new clients who might become loyal even after the holidays.


The holidays are a happy and relaxing time for most people, and a really busy period for merchants who care about their profit and reputation. Preparing for holiday marketing campaigns is essential for any web store owner, and it must be done in advance with no great attention to the details.

Your success during the holidays will depend on everything: your pricing, shipping, SEO and marketing and your special offers. The holidays provide sellers with an incredible growth opportunity to boost sales and reach new customers. Launch a holiday campaign, create personal gift guides, be active and generous and the amount of revenue you earn will exceed your greatest expectations.

To make your website work smoothly, pay attention to Shopify app store tools for email marketing, holiday site decorations, inventory planning, etc. All the tools presented in the app store are compatible with any web store and they do save you a lot of time. Start planning your winter holiday campaign now to beat your sales record.