Creating a sense of urgency or scarcity is a powerful technique to push online shoppers into making faster decisions on purchases they are thinking about. There are different ways to use urgency as a sales tactic, but in this article we will discuss the use of countdown timers as a popular way to drive e-commerce sales. Wondering how they can help you in your Shopify store? Keep reading.

3 Creative Ways of Using Countdown Timers in Shopify Stores

Online shoppers typically prefer to delay their buying decisions, and countdown timers can push them to make purchases. Shopify shop owners can use countdown product timers on their e-commerce websites in a number of creative ways. Let’s discuss some of them.

Sell Limited Stock Products

If you sell products that are available only for a specific time, for example, limited edition items, seasonal products, holiday specials or limited stock products, you need to inform your customers that they can make purchases only for a limited period of time. A countdown timer will indicate the time when a certain product will no longer be available to purchase. This will create a sense of urgency to buy this product before it vanishes and help convert your e-store visitors into buyers. is a good example of a website that relies on urgency to sell its products and services.

Keep Shoppers Interested

A countdown clock can be an ideal solution for Shopify store owners who run home-based businesses and find it challenging to meet their customers’ needs because of limited stock. If a product is out of stock, you can schedule when it will be available next and add a countdown timer to inform your Shopify visitors about the future arrival of the product.

Install a Shopify Countdown Product Timer to Create a Sense of Scarcity

Scarcity is an effective persuasion technique. People typically want more of those products that there are less of because they consider them more valuable. If you introduce a countdown clock on a product page, it will show that there is a limited time in which your shoppers can take action. Your customers will see this opportunity as scarce and may experience fear of missing out, which has a powerful effect on people who are making purchasing decisions. uses scarcity as a persuasion technique, and the bestsellers always have a special mark which tells customers the number of times that an apartment or hotel was booked in the last 24 hours.

Consider Adding a Popular Countdown Timer to Your Shopify Store

Many Shopify store owners are using scarcity and urgency on their home, category, and product pages as an effective way to make the information on them more persuasive and to boost sales. There are a lot of Shopify countdown timer apps that are proven to bring more visitors to your e-store and help you sell more products. Here we will review some of the popular Shopify countdown timers that have many useful features you can benefit from.

Countdown Cart by Beeketing

This free app can be easily installed with just one click and is suitable for online business of any size. It actually combines 3 powerful widgets that will create a sense of urgency and scarcity on your product pages and at the same time show how popular your products are. You will get:

  • a countdown clock that shows how much time is left before a deal ends
  • a stock countdown to display how many items are available to purchase
  • social proof to inform your visitors in real time about the number of people who are viewing this item, added this product to their cart, and have already bought it.



Your customers will get clear visual cues that if they want a certain product, they must take action quickly, before it is too late.

Countdown Timer Bar by Hextom

This application is available for $6.99 per month and there is a free trial for 7 days. By installing this plugin, you will be able to display a bar with a timer that shows exactly how much time is left for your customers to take advantage of special offers that include different types of promotions, for example, product launch events, holiday promotions, flash sale promotions, etc.



The app supports an unlimited number of active bars and you can choose from multiple types of countdown timers that can be easily customized. It also features responsive design, built-in geo-targeting, and auto-scheduling.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar by SpurIT

This Shopify product countdown timer can be used for an unlimited number of items and can be adjusted for any theme. There is a 14-day free trial and after that, the monthly fee is $8.95. You don’t need any coding skills to take advantage of the easy-to-use editor and configure the design by changing color and size for buttons, font, and backgrounds. The application is mobile friendly and is optimized for iOS and Android.



Users can inform customers in their stores about limited time offers by creating fixed-length or scheduled timers for specific products or collections. The timer clock can be placed at the bottom or top of a product page. You can also place it as an embedded widget. In addition, you will be able to display buttons and links next to your timers and direct your website’s visitors to specific pages and convince them to buy more products.

Countdown Timer by

With this application, Shopify store owners can announce the beginning and end of promotions and sales and inform shoppers about how many people have bought a certain product.



The timer is available for free for 7 days and after that, users have to pay a monthly fee starting from $4.99. The app features a responsive design, supports text in different languages and you can customize animations, backgrounds, colors, and fonts. If users need more advanced features, they can upgrade and reset the timer for every visitor and display custom content.

Hurrify – Countdown Timer

Hurrify allows online store owners to tell their customers how much time is left for them to purchase certain items at special sale prices and is mobile responsive. After a 2-day trial, the app is available for $6.99 per month.



Users can choose from 2 different styles and customize a text message above the countdown timer. You can determine font size, color, and style. In addition, users can display a progress bar that provides information about sold items.

Easy Tips on How to Use Countdown Timers Wisely

Time-bound offers on product pages are proven to guarantee a high conversion rate. You too can take advantage of this strategy, but there are some important points you should take into account when using countdown timer in your Shopify store:

  • Don’t use fake deadlines to boost sales, because this approach may result in the risk of reducing the chances that your visitors will return to your e-commerce site. Be honest with your customers.
  • Don’t overuse this sales tactic because it is effective only if your customers believe the information you provide them with. If you try to use this technique too often, your clients may lose trust in the information and feel overwhelmed.
  • Give useful information to your customers. Consider this approach to be not just a sales technique, but do your best to help your website’s visitors, who may be concerned about delivery deadlines for special occasions, for example, Christmas. A countdown timer in your Shopify store can help you present this information as clearly as possible.