The way work is done today is changing rapidly, adapting to the latest trends. One of the current trends that has conquered a large amount of businesses and workers is remote work. The number of employees who prefer remote work or telecommuting is steadily rising.

The main reasons they give for this are:

  • The ability to work in a less stressful environment
  • Less money spent on commuting and no need to adhere to a dress code
  • Working from home lets many employees handle more tasks within the same amount of time as working in an office

remote business management - the best way to stay on top of your business anytime and anywhere

The benefits for employees are clear. But what about employers? Can this method really be effective for businessmen? Actually, it can. According to studies, remote business can help companies save on office expenses and decrease employee turnover. If you choose to employ a distributed workforce, you’ll be able to hire people regardless of their location and thus pick those that are most talented.

Despite lots of positive features, remote business management can have some disadvantages. Some people claim it’s hard to run your business from afar. Employees can lose their motivation and ignore data security issues, which can be harmful for your business.

Apart from that, remote business management is not just work distribution - it requires a number of tools allowing the facilitation of the whole process. We believe that a well-organized working routine will help you handle your business from anywhere without losing money. So if you ask yourself: “Can I run a business from home?”, read the tips below for insight into this type of management.

The best applications to run your business remotely

If you like the idea of doing business anywhere, you should be well-equipped with modern tools that let you do so with ease. All you’ll need is a stable internet connection and self-discipline. Let’s go through an overview of the most commonly used applications to run your business remotely.

remote business management - the best way to stay on top of your business anytime and anywhere

There are lots of apps that help businessmen and their staff organize their workflow and collaborate with each other. They all can be divided into several categories according to the functions they perform.

1. Home management apps for project management

Tools like Basecamp, Backpack and others are frequently used for remote business administration, allowing team members collaborate with each other.

2. File sharing tools

These will let you exchange files without worrying about their security. Examples of such apps include Dropbox, Slack and many others.

3. Communication

This field is really well-developed today: practically every social network has a voice or video chat option. Apart from these options, you can use good old Skype, GoToMeeting, or FreedomVoice to communicate via the internet from anywhere.

4. Payment tools

The most famous payment app is PayPal, with service available in many parts of the world.

Apart from the useful applications above, you can use various invoicing, marketing, and remote management tools. Sometimes you don’t need expensive software, as usual email, Google Docs and messengers are enough.

Small business solutions

Customer support is one of the main aspects of today’s small businesses. To handle customer service in real time without missing out on life, you can use remote support tools for small businesses. They will let you enjoy your life and keep up with your work at the same time. The variety of software in this category is pretty large; to pick the best one for you, read the reviews or use the tools with a free trial period or free options.

Among the most highly rated are:

  • LogMeIn
  • Team Viewer
  • ZenDesk
  • Screen Connect
  • FreshDesk and others

remote business management - the best way to stay on top of your business anytime and anywhere

Some of the tools are used mainly for remote access to your desktop, and others provide you with the ability to group and access notifications from clients, which is rather convenient. It’s hard to say which is the best remote app, as each of them has its own benefits and disadvantages. The choice must be made based upon your business industry and the size of your team.

Which businesses can be run remotely?

Of course, being a businessman who isn’t tied to his office and can travel all around the world seems really awesome. Still, not every kind of business can give you such an opportunity - you might need to stick to your place of business, arrange and attend meetings or stay in the office if you create something on your own. So what are the easiest businesses to run remotely?

remote business management - the best way to stay on top of your business anytime and anywhere

Web design

If you’re good at web design, these days you’ll never go broke. All you need to work is a PC or a laptop and internet access (apart from your amazing skills and dedication, of course).


An accounting firm that works with entrepreneurs has the makings of a successful startup. In this case you as a businessman don’t have to be tied to a particular location - your professional skills and the ability to meet deadlines are what counts.


This field is an absolute paradise for people who are tired of suits and ties. You can start a business in development, tech support, or another IT field, and you can work from anywhere. The number of applications you use will rise, but here a businessman can save money and go without expensive software.

Content services

Apart from correcting content manually, a businessman can create a specific software that handles this task automatically.

Marketing and PR

These activities don’t require a concrete location either, so if you feel like you are into marketing and social media advertising, you can launch a startup in this field.

The number of spheres where you can use your administratives and creative capacities doesn’t end with those mentioned above. The main qualities a businessman will need are enthusiasm, resilience, wisdom and patience.

These qualities will allow you to control your business and expand it to new levels. What does it take to run a business? Sometimes you might feel you’re about to give up, but remember that failures are often an inevitable part of any successful strategy. So if you choose to run your own business remotely, plan the whole thing, be flexible and stay persistent.