The success of an online store is a combination of several factors, each of which is important. Your marketing strategies, website interface, pricing and customer management are all integral part of your sales rates – but they are not enough. For a merchant who lacks profit and has poor conversions, the question “How do I sell my products on Shopify” should be considered first. What also matters are the goods displayed on your web store, and this can be the key to understanding what’s wrong.

The dilemma about which products to sell on Shopify is what bothers both new and experienced merchants – some goods remain popular for years and others are just a one-season trend. There are lots of item categories that sell well, but you can never be sure that they will become best selling products in a certain region or at a particular time of the year.

shopify best selling products - how to find a gold mine for your online store

The number of good products to sell online is extremely large and diverse. To save time and energy when picking your potential best selling products, bear in mind a few factors:

  • What interests you
    First and foremost, pick the niche you’re interested and/or fluent in. Don’t try selling designer clothes if you are a computer pro – you’d be better off concentrating on some kind of hardware (and vise versa). Knowing your product category well will make your life as a merchant much easier as you’ll be able to find proper suppliers and save your budget.

  • What your target audience is
    Whom does your store cater for? Knowing their age, gender, occupation and location will help you choose the products to sell in your online store and plan your campaigns.

  • The location
    Would you rather sell rubber rings or ice-fishing equipment in Alaska? Knowing which region will be the primary source of customers for your web store will form the basis for your products choice.

Apart from the broad categories given above to consider when searching for the best products to sell online, there are plenty of other factors that should be paid attention to. Let’s figure them out in details.

Best products to sell on Shopify - this year’s hot trends and favorites for 2019

The variety of the best products to sell on Shopify in 2018 was stunning – with the rapid growth of online shopping, it has become obvious that you can sell anything online. For customers, online shopping has become a secure, easy and fast way to get any item they like delivered to their door, and frequently at a more attractive price than at ordinary stores. This will stay the same in the following year, so let’s see which items became bestsellers in 2018 and are going to be the leaders next year.

Gadgets and accessories

shopify best selling products - how to find a gold mine for your online store

Digital technologies have conquered the world. There is hardly anybody who doesn’t own a smartphone or have a plasma TV at home. They are convenient, entertaining, and open up lots of opportunities for communication, self-development and much, much more. That is why gadget and hardware manufacturers are producing more and more new models of their goods, making us want to get another, more advanced one.

This opens up amazing growth perspectives for merchants: not only can you sell the technical novelties or top selling models, but you can also earn a lot selling various accessories. Headphones, chargers, screen protectors, covers and other lovely accessories do not cost that much, but they are selling really well. Smartwatches and fitness bands are the top selling items as well. Shopify digital products are going to remain popular in the future, so why not start trying to sell them?

Fitness goods

shopify best selling products - how to find a gold mine for your online store

Being in good shape and having a healthy lifestyle are major trends of modern society. That is why items that make hard training more comfortable and help people achieve better results are highly valued nowadays. Apart from clothes and underwear, healthy food, protein bars and cocktails sell well today.

Pet care products

shopify best selling products - how to find a gold mine for your online store

Most of us have pets. Our beloved cats, dogs, hamsters and other animals are not just a source of joy – they are members of the family. That is why items aimed at making your pets happy and giving them a long, healthy life are popular now. Pet toys, food, shampoos, cushions – the number of items that sell well is pretty big.

Beauty goods

shopify best selling products - how to find a gold mine for your online store

The cosmetics industry is flourishing today: every part of the human body from head to toe has a number of care or make-up products. And they don’t just appeal to women! Men tend to care about their looks as well. Beard oils and conditioners are selling very well too.

Next year’s trends seem like they’re going to be very similar to the current ones. The goods given above are likely to remain in high customer demand. You can pay special attention to maternity or kids goods, natural cosmetics, detox food and drinks, or car accessories. When talking about gadgets, it is believed that drones and 360-degree cameras will be bought much more frequently.

What products to sell online from scratch

Not all Shopify best selling products are easy to start selling right away – some of them cost too much money and take too long to pay off. If you are planning to launch a new web store or switch to another niche, here is some advice to help you pick the right one:

Your potential Shopify top selling products must meet the following criteria:

  • Moderate price
    The price should be high enough to give you profit, but not too high to cause expenses that won’t pay off in an acceptably short time.
  • Easy shipping
    Make sure the items you are going to sell are easy to deliver – they shouldn’t be oversized or fragile, as those items will cause additional losses.
  • Suppliers
    Your goods must be easy to get on time and there should be more than just one source to get them from.
  • Sales seasons
    The most “convenient” goods are those that can be sold all year round. Seasonal products can cause financial losses.

Your potential Shopify top selling products can include some other features. For instance, there should be a variety of them even in a single niche so that you could expand your inventory and conquer a larger audience. It would be nice if you could sell them in multiple quantities instead of selling one by one with the possibility of recurring orders. Each product should have some related or cross-selling items such as accessories to increase the average order value.

Apart from pure selling, you, as a merchant, must dedicate yourself to your webstore’s content to raise traffic. Be sure you’ll be able to create blogs and articles, as well as social network pages concerning your store performance and your items’ features. These are practically all the basic conditions to follow when choosing which Shopify products to sell.

How to find products to sell on Shopify

shopify best selling products - how to find a gold mine for your online store

Looking for Shopify’s most popular products is not limited to the platform itself: there are other large sources where you can search for bestsellers. At Amazon, for instance, you can observe the number of an item’s sales per day. This parameter is called BSR. Some services provide their users with this information, or you can observe part of it for free.

The eBay platform has a particular way of displaying popular items. Their search engine has an option for showing the sold out products, which may make it seem that they are popular with customers. Actually, this method is not really reliable, but it can be used as an additional way of confirming that you are picking the right goods.

By examining the Google search results, you can also see which keywords and relevant products are popular today, but this will take a lot of time and doesn’t guarantee the precision of the results.

Some merchants prefer shopping comparison resources that enable them to find trending products and analyze their prices. Other places for inspiration are Alibaba, Reddit, Flippa, Jungle Scout, and others.

Picking the right supplier

Of course, you can produce the goods you want by yourself, but this is a hardcore level unsuitable for beginners. Speaking about suppliers, there can be three types of them: manufacturers who create goods based on your ideas, suppliers of different products, and dropshippers. The third type – dropshippers – deal with all their goods’ shipping, but the goods themselves are presented at your web store and you hand all the orders over to them.

You can pick a local or foreign supplier. Both options have their pros and cons. Overseas suppliers such as Alibaba offer lower costs than domestic ones, but the quality may suffer. Before picking a vendor, try looking for information about them and study the clients’ reviews. It’s a good idea to create a list of questions you’d like to ask your supplier before entering into a contract.

The most typical issues discussed with a potential vendor are the minimum order value, prices ranges, terms of payment, etc. If the supplier hesitates to answer, or his replies are vague or too short – you’d be better off finding another one.


Building up your product range for an online store may seem a tough task, but it’s actually very doable. To search for the best selling products on Shopify, study the market, forums and popular eCommerce platforms ratings. After you have learned about the bestsellers, define your niche and plan your store development with it. Then all you need to do is pick a supplier or a dropshipper, and there you go!