eCommerce business management with Shopify has always been convenient. The platform keeps working on making online merchants' lives comfortable, and this summer Shopify users have gained access to some outstanding promotion tools. These features will make your digital marketing campaigns both easy to manage and cost-effective. Let's see how the new Shopify marketing optimization solutions will enhance your sales experience.

Centralized Section for Creating Digital Marketing Campaigns

Selling products isn't just about producing goods, it is also about promoting them. And we all know how diversified online marketing is nowadays. Every experienced web marketer understands that there are at least three advertising areas to cover:

  • Social media
  • Email distribution
  • Search engines

And we're not even listing all platforms suitable for effective advertising. Dividing your budget between several “traffic marketplaces” certainly is a decent idea to help you cover a wider audience. At the same time, it takes forever to manage and organize the process. Well, it’s not a problem anymore for Shopify marketplace merchants! This eCommerce platform has deployed a centralized section for managing your promotion campaigns. And it's more convenient than it sounds!

shopify summer updates review: how to sell online like a pro

We've all been there. Dozens of browser tabs opened at the same time, numerous calculations, accounting, memorizing and writing down all the figures in one place just to understand the overall picture - all these struggles are gone for good now. No more nerves, no more wasting time! What this new Shopify digital marketing campaigns section does is integrate all your advertising experience into a single interface. You can create and manage your advertisements in a time-effective manner.

Don’t forget that ad creation is one thing, but promotion analysis and campaign comparison is an entirely different level of features to simplify commerce. Luckily for Shopify users, they get all of these features together, which smoothly moves us to the next piece of functionality.

Digital Marketing Campaign Comparison

A versatile advertising approach is a powerful technique to test promotion platforms, find your audience and target it directly. Simple on paper, but is it even possible to combine tracking the results of all your campaigns and optimizing them, and at least some occasional sleep? With Shopify campaign comparison features it is not an issue anymore!

shopify summer updates review: how to sell online like a pro

Why Is This Crucial for eCommerce Business Growth?

Let's be honest: you can't know for sure which campaign will work better in advance. Online marketing is about experimenting, analyzing and improving promotion investments. Google, Facebook, email, other ad tools - all these solutions deserve a trial run to bring the traffic you are looking for. Long and sometimes confusing, this process brings you the knowledge and skills of how to spend your budget most effectively.

shopify summer updates review: how to sell online like a pro

With new Shopify Marketing Analytics, it's a matter of a few clicks to get all the information about your recently created ads. You will be surprised to hear how much user interaction data you can receive with it. Here's what this functionality informs you about:

  • Campaign performance. You can track every single advertisement figure: the number of visits, purchases, the category of products users target the most.
  • Visitor behavior. What is the average order value for a specific ad? How long is the website visit duration? What percentage of people actually made a purchase and what distinguishes them from the others? Now you have the detailed statistics on these aspects.
  • Previous customer interaction. Shopify software can tell the difference between new and returning clients and shows which ones are more beneficial for you to attract.

It is as if you can speak to each and every customer in person to find out about their preferences, expectations and reactions! Impossible, it would seem, due to B2C business client volumes, but getting to know every customer is feasible now.

But the best part is ahead of us. This Shopify extended campaign functionality allows you to study customer habits and behavior patterns.

Here's the thing: Sales Attribution Reports give you the full consumer path of his or her purchase. From the very first interaction, when the buyer discovers your store, to the very last checkpoint, when they decide to order your products. This is why it's vital to understand:

  1. You identify the source of the initial interest in your eCommerce business
  2. You find the marketing element that drives people to press the "Buy" button at last

shopify summer updates review: how to sell online like a pro

Needless to say, it gives you essential knowledge of which campaigns are effective and which ones are not. Optimizing your advertisement budget will definitely save you a buck or two. Turn your unnecessary expenses into competitive features of your business by investing this money into product and service quality.

Intelligent Shopify Marketing Recommendations

If you think that things just can't get any better, it's time to introduce the last - but not the least - digital marketing feature of this platform: personalized recommendations.

How Is That Even Possible?

You may think: so, are there people who create marketing strategies for me? Not exactly.

shopify summer updates review: how to sell online like a pro

You see, an advanced Shopify software is capable of analyzing the audience every promotion tool reaches. Based on your store and product’s unique features, it makes smart recommendations for digital marketing solutions tailored specifically to your case.

Why Is It Convenient?

As mentioned above, time is just as much of a valuable resource as money. And what can be better than getting ready-made decisions for your business promotion? This powerful tool analyzes what works the best for you and offers valid approaches to spread the word to help your app sell instantly.

The Bottom Line

The future of eCommerce is here with Shopify! Advanced features of digital marketing campaign creation, management and optimization open opportunities for truly progressive ways to sell online. As platform software handles all the promotion specifics, you can focus entirely on selling products and providing the best services online. This is the way to strive for decent product quality. This is the way to make an eCommerce store a better place!