Starting to run a Shopify web store is a great event in an eCommerce specialist’s life. After you have conducted some research on the topic, made a detailed comparison of the major eCommerce tools and platforms and decided to sell online on Shopify, another significant step should be taken.

The most important part of setting up a Shopify store is making sure it runs properly. The Shopify Test Order feature was created for this purpose.

What Do You Get With The Shopify Test Order Option?

  • Strong confidence that the checkout process is functioning correctly and smoothly.
  • Verification of order processing, registration of products and delivery settings.
  • Customer view: this gives the possibility to make sure there are no challenges for customers as they checkout.

Tip to remember: use Shopify Test Order to avoid future problems and additional expenses.

In this article, we present a sure and simple plan to run Test Order on your Shopify store.

Test Order On Shopify: 2 Ways To Implement

After you decided to place a Test mode Order on Shopify, check your store settings once more, get a cup of coffee and follow our advice.

The Shopify Test Order feature has 2 possible ways to use it:

  • Test transaction with Shopify Bogus gateway
  • Test transaction using payment gateway and later, immediate cancellation of the test order

We will describe both of the methods here.

Test Order on Shopify: Bogus Gateway simulation transaction

The first scenario is connected to Bogus Gateway. In fact, it is a simulation of the transaction. To perform it, check the all of the steps described below and follow them:

1. Open the Admin dashboard of your Shopify store

2. Select Settings option

3. Select Payments

4. Deactivate your enabled credit card:

  • Go to Accept Payments > Accept Credit > Cards Edit
  • Change Gateway
  • Click on the Deactivate option
  • Confirm your selection



5. Turn on the Bogus Gateway:

  • Go to Accept Payments > Accept Credit Cards
  • Click the option Select Credit Card Gateway
  • Select Bogus Gateway and Activate it



This is it! Now all you need to do is place an order as a real customer.

Bogus Gateway provides special credit card requisites and data for testing. Enter it on a checkout page.



Test Order on Shopify: Real Payment Gateway experience

As was mentioned above, there is another way to create a form for a test order for your Shopify store. This time the Real Payment Gateway is used to check whether your processes are set up correctly.

Required steps to test your store with Real Payment Gateway:

  • Open the Accept Payment Section and select Accept Credit Cards
  • Click on the Select a Credit Card Gateway button
  • Select the payment gateway from the list that caters to your needs and activate it



This is the end of the first stage. Now, you need to make a purchase in your Shopify web store. At checkout, use your own credit card details.

If you selected a third-party gateway on Step 2 described above, during the checkout process go to your payment gateway to be certain that transaction is processing correctly.

What to do next?

  • Click on the Orders button on your admin dashboard
  • Cancel and refund the order you have just made. Tip to remember: make it as fast as possible in order to avoid having to pay fees.
  • Click on the needed order
  • Click Refund, enter the amount of money and click the Refund button.



Congrats! Now you know how to do a test order on ShopifyTest Order on my Shopify store: no fees required  

You can place a test mode order on Shopify without paying any fees. Canceling and refunding the order will save you from incurring any expenses. The important thing is to cancel the order as soon as possible after you have made it.

Here, the time matters: a transaction fee has to be paid if the billing cycle finishes before the cancellation.

In other cases, your test order does not require any financial investment. It needs only a few minutes of time and a bit of attention.

Test Order feature by Shopify: the final thoughts

Test order is a real opportunity to make sure your web store is set up the right way. It is not complicated and you definitely will not be charged for trying out your online business. Test order on Shopify is capable of doing a lot of things, like preventing potential problems or mistakes, assuring that everything works well, and demonstrating how your web store looks on the other side. By placing an order on your own web store you get the ability to understand your shop’s strengths and weaknesses more deeply and fix all of the bugs you notice.