I am often asked if it was hard to start selling online. Well, the hardest part was the development of an idea. I hardly slept after the skeleton of an idea accidentally walked through my thoughts. And it is really difficult to work full time at a job you do not actually like, listen to the boss you do not like at all, but carry this small idea like a newborn child everywhere you go. But those times have passed. Now I am happy to be an eCommerce store owner. And sharing my experience and this Shopify tutorial with you is a great pleasure.

Shopify guide for newcomers: a few tips to make your love for Shopify greater

Shopify makes implementation of any eCommerce idea easy. I mean it! If you are a newcomer to the sales business and are thinking about developing a website to sell with, forget about it. Ecommerce platforms were created to make online retail better. And Shopify is one of the best examples of an awesome tool. This Shopify guide will briefly explain some things you need to know before starting on the road to business heights.

Understanding of Market

Each salesperson that is going to work online needs to research the market he is going to work in. This is very important: if you have a desire to sell products no one is going to buy, then why start at all? So, browse through Shopify. Find out what goods have brought success to other online merchants and build your own strategy.

The expansion

Whether you have your online store or not, get ready for Shopify to break your boundaries. Selling on an eCommerce platform is a specific task you have never been faced with. So be ready for surprises and trust me, $29 for the Standard Shopify plan is worth it.


Some of my friends that have reached success in traditional sales do not want to go to the digital market, just because they “do not know how to code”. Thank God you do not! Because if you knew how to code, you would join an outsourcing giant. You would bury your plans and ideas somewhere in that sad office. Installation and use of Shopify does not require any special development skills. But, if you are an experienced software developer, customizing your store will be a piece of cake for you.

Even better functionality

The next parts of this improvised tutorial on Shopify is about Shopify apps. Signing up for Shopify is not enough. The platform gives you more than a thousand ofcool tools for eCommerce business. Don’t get lost: try to find a free tool with the best review.

With these elements to guide you through Shopify, I have tried to reassure you about Shopify’s usefulness. Hopefully this was useful.

Shopify tips to start: simple steps forhigh achievements

Shopify has too many great features not to use it. So, if you have decided to work with a tool that does not require any coding skills and gives you amazing opportunities for building a perfect design, this is how to start:

1. Sign Up

How to set up a Shopify store? Click the “Create a Store” button, enter the general information about you and your products and buy a domain through Shopify. Shopify guides you through the process.

Shopify offers a 14-day trial. So you can build your opinion about Shopify within these 2 weeks.



2. Choose a theme

Selecting a theme from the list of Shopify themes is the next step of setting up your Shopify store. Try to follow the needs of your products. Let the design of your web store match its content. You can change your choice or edit a theme anytime.



3. Add your products

Go to the “Products” tab, click “Add Products” and fill out the necessary information about your products. Details like name, photos, description, price, taxes, category and vendor as well as shipping options need to be entered. Shopify tips say they will increase SEO, and detailed information will attract new customers.



Along with adding products, you also have click several times to set up payment gateway options, shipping possibilities, etc.

4. Launch your store

Plan this day in advance. Create a marketing campaign and pay for advertising: customers have to know you are open for business! No silence: communication, interaction, and creativity.



Use different marketing approaches to find out which is your best fit. Develop social media channels to attract every single Facebook customer. Because you can!

My own experience shows that this tip about Shopify works: an active account on Facebook and Instagram greatly increases SEO.

Starting a business on Shopify is nothing complicated. Flexibility and the nice customization options on this platform can take you to the top. Of course, only if you want it. Start in slow and careful way, learn step by step and become an eCommerce leader.