Shopify and Amazon are two of the most popular names in the eCommerce sphere. There is hardly a digital salesperson in the world that has not heard of them. Thanks to their unbelievable functionality and flexibility, an amazing amount of features and convenient design, hundreds of thousands of retailers successfully sell their products online.

The question of whether to use Shopify vs Amazon is born when Amazon stops working. After that, comprehensive research on which platform is more suitable for different kinds of business needs to be conducted.



In this short review, you will find some of the core differences between the software solutions that handle billions of dollars of transactions yearly.

So, Shopify vs Amazon: let us enjoy the show.

Shopify vs Amazon: primary feature comparison

More than 23 years of experience on the eCommerce market have made Amazon a leader in the space. This brand is the eCommerce celebrity, and if you would like to rely on popularity, Amazon is the one and only choice.  



  • The Amazon professional account costs $39.99 per month (individual costs $0.99)
  • Additional fees may be charged for shipping or referrals, as well as for selling jewelry products
  • Customization of shipping rates is available
  • Possibility to ship products by yourself or using an Amazon FBA center
  • Poor customization options list
  • Strict lists of currencies to work with
  • Possibilities to provide promos, gift wraps, discounts and sales etc.
  • Phone, email and chat support anytime
  • Nearly 300 million users.

Shopify is a complete eCommerce solution for your business. All of the eCommerce processes can take place here.



  • Shopify Standard plan costs $29 (this may vary according to what kind of Standard plan you choose)
  • Credit card rates are paid additionally
  • Responsive user-friendly design
  • Powerful and convenient dashboard
  • More than 100+ themes for web store customization
  • More than 70 payment gateways for your transactions
  • Possibility to work with different currencies
  • The greatest eCommerce University on the market – you can study while you sell
  • 24/7 technical support,
  • More than 1.2 million users

The list of notable features for each of the platforms is neverending. We can discuss the topic of Shopify vs Amazon forever. But there is no true winner. The trick is they both are best.

And now, you don’t need to choose Shopify vs Amazon. You can use them both! It is possible to integrate your Shopify store with an Amazon Seller account.

Amazon and Shopify: comparison not required

Shopify enables the one-click creation of a web store. With this tool, you can easily start selling online, engage customers, write blog articles, promote the store via social media and improve your business. Amazon is a brand, it is a name millions of people trust. No one hesitates when shopping on Amazon because it is the most reliable eCommerce tool nowadays.

Stop creating a Shopify comparison to any other platform for a moment. First of all, think about satisfying customer needs. Your web store should look nice and professional to make your customers come back to you. Of course, the eCommerce platform can help you with that. But it is not enough to start running a web store, you should also feel and love your business and the people that create your revenue.

Additionally, when choosing the eCommerce platform from a top 10 list, you should be ready for the challenge. The development team of each platform is doing its best to improve the functionality and design a better interface. So, when talking about competitions between the best players, a true winner can never be found, especially in comparing Shopify and Amazon.

Be the best specialist in your industry, using the best software for the job.