We live in an era of unlimited possibilities and perfect conditions for starting a business. A laptop with internet access opens doors to any world, can take you to any place on the planet or outside it, and allow you to start the business of your life.  All you need to become an online sales specialist is a few minutes, a domain and a hosting account. 

Let us discuss the question about how to start an online store in detail.

Creating an online store: powerful software + competent advice

I was rather mixed-up when the idea of opening a web store came into my mind. There were so many tasks and they were so scary that, frankly speaking, I spent months full of doubt. But I overcame it. My experience will probably teach you something you did not know, or inspire you to start your own online store.

1. Conduct Research

I wish somebody made me create a more detailed overview of the market, so I knew more about my competitors. I wish I knew what Google Trends was when I started. But now I am here to provide you with support in questions connected to how to start and develop an online store.

You don’t just need to find the right products, but also know who to sell to and where to find the audience.

  • Find out about market demands
  • Create “test products” to see if customers will be interested in them
  • Get acquainted with such terms as Organic Search, Paid Search and Trends
  • Learn SEO basics
  • Keep researching



When you are sure that your products will reach their target audience, go to the next stage.

2. Affiliates

Find the products within affiliate networks. Start from the largest ones, and continuously browse the web to keep up to date about the news. In fact, affiliate business means that you help to sell existing products.



For me, this is sa great way to start: products from the affiliates are approved and the process is already installed. You just need to join.

3. Web Store Choice

I consider this stage to be the most entertaining. So, there are a few ways to sell products online:

  • Create your own web software solution, install the processes and handle the issues simultaneously;
  • Choose an existing eCommerce platform and launch a web store there.

A large number of eCommerce platforms provide retailers with the best functionality ever. Depending on what you are going to sell and how much money you plan to spend on software, you can sign up for Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix or another popular eCommerce platform.

I love Shopify. The platform was my greatest help when I started working in this sphere, and it still manages to pleasantly surprise me even though I am no longer a beginner.

When creating an online store, you need to draw a detailed picture of the eCommerce tools available to make the right choice. I would recommend you take a look at 2 important points that once saved my business:

Responsive web store

Your online store MUST look awesome on any device. No matter what device the customer uses, he needs to be satisfied with your service.



Video as the best way of demonstration

Potential customers prefer video reviews for the available products. Make sure you will be able to provide this option.

4. Marketing strategy development

Launching the web store is only the beginning. A detailed plan on marketing development needs to be created and followed before the moment you open your online store.

At the very beginning, you need to gather referrals from industry specialists and customers. You need to be talked about to get noticed. And at these first stages, communication and networking are more important than ever.

If one single competent blogger mentions you in a post, your SEO will improve noticeably.



Promote your web store via social media or your partners’ websites, and also pay for advertisement.  You need to make an effort to move from the dead zone in the beginning.

I would advise using Google AdWords and Facebook to get your first advertisement experience. These tools do not require too much money but do bring profit.  

Opening an online store is unrealizable without your effort

A strong desire to open an online store is required to make it happen. Stop hesitating. Time passes by and you are still far from your dream.

So get up, learn, decide, create, launch. The delight of the first purchase after the opening of your own online store is incomparable.