Shopify is a robust platform where automation is precise, and the first sale is inevitable.Your goals are already on the horizon, and the only thing you have to do is choose the most effective apps to support your business. You need add-ons to get value from the platform and increase sales.

However, filtering through thousands of apps is not an easy task. That's why we decided to present you with the top 10 Shopify apps to help you save time on the constant research of new ideas. In our selection, you will find out how these top 10 apps for Shopify can take you to the next level of eCommerce excellence.

1. Zepto Shopify app: Product Personalizer

It's a good idea to offer your clients unlimited product options. But the Zepto Shopify app does more than that - it allows clients to build and preview their own version of a product, turning them into designers. The app offers a simple product editor that can add unlimited options within one product form.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

You'll earn tons of loyal customers with this extension, and upgrade user expectations to a brand new level. The app will make it easy to set up flexible prices for different product options. Now you can charge more for additional features of your basic product. Smart personalization features will definitely grow you more sales and conversions.

2. Cart Animator Shopify app: modify buyer behavior

Your major task as a merchant is to grab user attention and convert them into customers. Partly, this can be done with the help of correct navigation of your webstore. The right triggers and interactive elements can help users navigate directly to checkout. With the Cart Animator Shopify app, you can add animation effects to the “Add to Cart” button and direct the attention to this crucial element of your website.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

The app offers diverse animations options that appear at different intervals - on site loading or on mouse hover. You can easily set up the necessary features of the animated cart for any product page once you install the app. The Cart Animator Shopify app doesn’t require sophisticated knowledge of coding and integrates well with any current theme.

3. Frequently Bought Together app: Amazon-like recommendations

A targeted promotion of your products can save a lot of effort in the future. With the help of the Frequently Bought Together app, you can increase the average order value by showing your customers precise product recommendations as complementary options. Such a suggestive selling technique is widely used on Amazon, exposing millions of products with minimum effort.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

The app lets you add previously bundled products, product variants and even random goods. What's more, you can configure desired options from the admin, showing a comparison of prices, ratings, and a percentage discount to a product bundle. The user-friendly interface will help you modify the changes in one click. Your product recommendations will be easier than ever.

4. Size Chart app Shopify: Size Matters

Unlimited size guide tables are available in the Shopify Size Chart app free-of-charge. You can supply any product page with separate size charts that are easy to navigate. Your clients will easily find the right measurements directly on a product page! Just insert a line of code to tell the app where it should place the size chart - and you're done.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

It's quick and easy to create unlimited size charts in the admin panel and display them on the corresponding product pages. You are also free to customize the look and feel of size charts to make them in tune with the overall design of your store. With the help of the Size Matters app, you will delight your clients with user-friendly guides that are ready to improve the shopping experience.

5. Shopify Contact Form app: customer support made easy

With the Shopify Contact Form app, you'll forget about boring contact forms provided by your standard configuration. The plugin will improve your website design by embedding stylish contact forms with diverse fields.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

This app will help you segment your clients and receive accurate data about their preferences. You're free to add custom form fields you might need to collect data about your audience.

6. FOMO Shopify app: take advantage over social proof

Real-life social activity on your website is a means of improving engagement with prospective clients. The FOMO Shopify app displays various customer behaviors on different pages:

  • The number of orders
  • Product reviews
  • “Live” traffic, etc.

This is one of the top Shopify apps to deliver instant personalized notifications to your customers. The app collects data about the location of each visitor and uses it to create relevant messages. This is effective for increasing the credibility of your services – thus, you may significantly optimize conversions.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

FOMO also has an extensive list of integrations with third-party apps. Now you can use your favorite apps from one admin.

7. Free Plus Shipping Shopify app: master the shipping rates

When shipping is involved, many things can go wrong. However, with the Free Plus Shipping Shopify app, you will easily manage order fulfillment and optimize the rates for each product. The key feature of the software is the simplicity of use. You can customize different shipping products in a pair of clicks.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

Free Plus is one of the best Shopify apps to minimize customer loss because of delivery problems. The app lets you control weight-based and price-based rates and never confuse them. In addition, you can offer a product free-of-charge and charge only for shipping instead.

8. Free Store Locator app for Shopify: instant directions for clients

If you own a number of physical stores in different locations, the Free Store Locator app for Shopify is the perfect choice. Seamless integration with Google Maps, user-friendly design, and custom tags for a more precise search – all these features will cost you nothing.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

Free locator is one of the best free Shopify apps that comes with support for unlimited locations. You can add opening hours, days off & special working days to any physical store. Moreover, each location can get a special promotion. Just include the promo material in its description.

9. Spreadr app Shopify: open the road to new audiences

Amazon gives a remarkable opportunity to help your brand grow and spread its influence!

With the help of the Shopify Spreadr app, you can target more customers, easily importing the goods from Amazon directly to your Shopify store. You'll have no problems trying to complete the tasks manually, and no hassle marketing your products on both platforms. You will manage and control the fulfillment process across platforms and receive a 10% commission from Amazon for all purchases.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

The app will generate more pages with your products thus boosting your business on Google search. What's more, you can refine meta tags for all the product descriptions to improve the SEO and become more visible.

10. Shopify Fraud Filter app: combat fraudulent orders on your webstore

Fraudulent orders can waste your time and generate a ton of chargebacks. Define the rules and filters that would label an order as suspicious to gain control of each order. With the help of the Shopify Fraud Filter app, this task will be available from your admin in a few clicks.

top 10 apps for shopify you need to install right now

The app’s functionality allows you to set up the level of risk for each current order. You can modify the rules for fraud detection at any time – and follow which orders have triggered a certain filter. Fraud Filter is one of the best free apps for Shopify that help analyze fraudulent orders and prevent them from fulfillment.

You can take an advantage right now with the top 10 apps for Shopify store! We hope that you learned which apps will help you win over the competition and stay afloat in 2018!