Shopify has already proven itself as one of the most stable and trustworthy eCommerce platforms for both small and large businesses. The number of merchants who prefer Shopify has already reached an enormous level and continues to grow. Not only can webstore owners enjoy user-friendly interface and data safety at Shopify, but they can also benefit from a vast variety of applications on the Shopify app store.

Shopify plugins can be found, as has been mentioned, on Shopify app stores or developers’ websites. The variety of cool plugins for business is stunning: marketing, inventory, accounting, SEO and much more – all spheres of running an eCommerce business are covered here to streamline the process and save your time.

top shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business

Most Shopify plugins are compatible with all themes and integrate with any online store seamlessly. The pricing also varies, from absolutely free to paid apps where there are usually several payment plans to choose from. The most popular plugins can be found in relevant collections; to see whether the tool is worth installing you can read users’ reviews on the app’s description page. Let’s see which good plugins are must-haves for a web store, based on the best plugins of 2017 and 2018 ratings.

Best Shopify plugins that are must-haves for every business

The number of apps loved by lots of users is really high – a lot of them have been downloaded by thousands of merchants around the world. But it would be unreasonable to judge a plugin only by its popularity, as there are a lot of tools that have only been on the market for a short time, but their performance and features deserve attention. We have listed the top 10 plugins for different aspects of an eCommerce store based on their productivity, interface and pricing.

top shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business

Shopify eCommerce plugins for social networks

Collaboration with social network resources is essential for an online store as people tend to spend a great amount of time on them. To increase your audience without spending much money you can use the following applications:

  • One Click Social Login

This simple tool provides your customers with the ability to log in using various socials with just a click. For premium plan holders a social network popup is available. According to reviews the app seems to be very useful for both web store owners and customers.

top shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business

  • Social Photos

This tool is based on Instagram photo-tags. Whenever your customers post a photo with your product and tag themselves in it, the plugin adds it to your gallery. This simple technique has enormous potential in and of itself, as social proof is one of the most successful means to sell more. The app includes several convenient features and is fully customizable.

top shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business

  • Pinterest (Buyable Pins)

Pinterest is a peculiar social platform that can provide you with an extremely huge audience, so it must not be ignored. The plugin generates the so-called buyable pins that can be saved to be viewed later. Using the tool you can sell your items via Pinterest, which will increase your profit with ease.

top shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business

Shopify SEO plugins

SEO is an integral part of an eCommerce business and probably of the hardest ones to do well. To do it without hiring additional staff, you should try one of the following Shopify SEO plugins:

  • SEO Expert Pro - All in One SEO App

This tool still remains a Shopify bestseller. It combines a whole scope of SEO features essential for a web store. By using the application, you’ll be able to handle your descriptions and alt tags, generate reports, perform SEO checks and tests, and much more. Despite a huge variety of features the tool is easy to use.

  • Plug in SEO

This app checks your store for SEO efficiency in very little time. As soon as the check is complete you’ll be able to analyze whether your store is search engine-friendly and what to do to improve the situation.

Shopify affiliate plugins

Shopify affiliate plugin will enable you to benefit from collaborating with other merchant through affiliate networks.

  • Refersion: Affiliate Tracking

This tool lets you find affiliates in a very short time. The user guide clearly explains what to do to join the network, and the app’s Marketplace contains more than 4000 affiliates. You can add new ones with just a click and track their performance on your dashboard. The tool contains a lot of useful features like coupon codes and PayPal support. The pricing is flexible, with two payment plans and a free trial period.

  • Affiliate by AAAecommerce

This app includes practically the same features as the one listed above, but its price starts with $0. If you have 5 affiliate orders, you’ll be charged $9 monthly and $0.50 for each order above that number.

top shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business

Cart apps

Applications connected with your store cart section can play a great role in the customer decision-making process, or even retrieve clients.

  • Shopify eCommerce plugin - Shopping Cart

This is Shopify’s own product, which includes lots of powerful options and provides you with data protection. The tool is easy to install and launch, and it supports lots of payment services. You can pick one of the existing gateways or create your own if needed. The app calculates the price automatically based on shipping rates, and supports different taxes or languages.

top shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business

  • Sticky Buy Button

It is a simple but vital feature for every web store – an always-visible add-to-cart button. No matter where your customer scrolls he will always see the button to press whenever he sees a product he wants to buy. This may seem like a tiny thing, but it does increase your profit and conversions – customers today value their time, and if they have to search for the button or the product page where they can buy it they are likely to leave the store. With the Sticky Buy Button they can make orders on any page of your website.

  • Back in Stock

Another prominent feature of a web store is the ability to retrieve customers if the item they want is currently sold out. They just need to fill in the suggested form to get a notification when the product is back in stock. Thus, you’ll be able to perform orders even if your inventory is not full at the moment. The app does work and brings its users more profit.

top shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business


The number of apps for Shopify that are absolute bestlessers is steadily growing. They help merchants facilitate their customer management, optimize SEO, raise sales, and integrate with socials seamlessly. We recommend you use modern Shopify app store products to save time and money, and get positive results from your business activities. Read reviews, try new apps and monitor the novelties for your online store to be among the leaders in its niche!