Advertising videos are a must for any web store regardless of its size or specialty. It’s essential to act quickly to generate quality content that will increase your traffic, so apply quick and easy methods of creating video ads as soon as possible. Short videos that contain ads, reviews or tutorials are very popular: according to various studies, users are more likely to watch a short video than read a long text post.

video maker - the power of video ads that are extremely easy to create

Online video editors that enable you to create and edit video online, despite the high demand for them, usually have simple interfaces and low prices. There is a large variety of video making tools, including video editing software for YouTube, Spark Video, Kizoa and much, much more.

The reasons for the boost that videos give to marketing are quite clear. The demand for video content has grown rapidly and there has been a dramatic rise in the number of videos uploaded to the internet each second.

The immense growth of sites such as YouTube gives you the opportunity not just to entertain, but also to gain profit from ads and views and draw the audience’s attention to various issues. Using video editors online you can create your own videos without wasting time and money: most software contains templates and useful tools to make your videos look fantastic.

How to make a video that will attract a lot of customers

As we have already mentioned, video content is the top method of traffic generation today - this will probably still be true next year. Learning how to make a video and handling some simple video editing software will give you an opportunity to raise conversions and attract customers - so it’s time to learn how your video should look.

video maker - the power of video ads that are extremely easy to create

Which types of videos are welcomed by users? One of the best features of video marketing is its diversity. Merchants can draw inspiration from a wide range of video ideas. Let’s review the most popular video types.

Tutorials on your products or services

Short videos explaining how your products work are really simple to create. They can be animated, which is a popular trend these days. Just make up a short script, add funny animations and your short video will be appreciated by customers.

Virtual reality videos

A more complicated but successful type of video is created using 360-degree technology. This lets your audience plunge into the atmosphere on the screen, making virtual reality videos a sort of immersive art form. Such videos can get fewer views but more customer engagement.

video maker - the power of video ads that are extremely easy to create

Your brand stories

The ways you can tell people about your store are unlimited. You can create funny short films, show your daily working routine and engage your staff in what’s happening in the video. Everything depends on your imagination and creativity; the only thing that you should pay extra attention to is that videos must be emotive.

For your videos to look professional, there are two ways a seller can go: outsource the whole thing or master some online video editing tools. We strongly believe that the second way is preferable because modern YouTube movie makers and others can be used by anyone without much effort. Not only will it help you to save money, but it will give you the chance to express yourself and tell customers your own story.

Movie making software: picking the best one for your business

The variety of free movie makers and editors today is wide enough to meet the demands of both experienced video creators and those who are just starting out. Let’s summarize the most popular examples of this software for you to choose the one that suits you best.

Youtube Video Editor

This simple tool only has basic features that are suitable for amateurs but might seem not enough for professionals. The editor lets you cut your video, delete or interchange elements and streamline their size. Although the number of features included in the editor is rather poor, it helps beginners learn how to edit a YouTube video easily.

video maker - the power of video ads that are extremely easy to create

Apart from this, the internet is full of various YouTube movie makers. Among the best performing video editing software for YouTube this year you can find lots of applications with a richer variety of features than the YouTube Video Editor.

Adobe Spark Video

This tool is designed for iOS devices and is used mostly for storytelling videos. Using this app you can edit your video, record and add sounds, graphics and text. The tool is rich in useful automated features that enable you to create a professional-looking video within a short time period. What’s more, the app is free.

Another tool from the same developer is the Free Video Intro Maker. This lovely tool lets you create stunning intros in just a few clicks by following simple steps presented by the developer.

video maker - the power of video ads that are extremely easy to create


This smart tool is aimed mostly at video slideshows and photo-collages. The editor is available for PC or iOS devices. The videos created can be published on YouTube or other social networks with just a click.


Moovly is a product of Belgian origin that is based on animated video creation. The tool includes numerous templates along with the ability to add new ones. Another nice benefit of the app is its drag-and-drop feature, which is really convenient.

video maker - the power of video ads that are extremely easy to create

Windows Movie Maker Free and it's best alternatives

Movie Maker Free, designed by the giant of industry - Microsoft Corporation - was once considered to be the top performing tool for online video editing. Today the software is a bit outdated and too large so the official Microsoft website has removed the product from the catalogue and stopped making updates for it.

Nevertheless, there is still a variety of tools similar to Windows Movie Maker that can be appreciated by users. Among them we have Microsoft Photos, Shortcut, Avidemux and much more. They are similar to the classic Windows editor with a lot of pre-installed effects and filters.

video maker - the power of video ads that are extremely easy to create


The great influence of video content on marketing and the eCommerce sphere cannot be underestimated. The numbers are impressive: about 95% of users prefer video material to reading. Videos are often shared and are the strongest driver of soon-to-be clients’ actions. Thus the potential for a good return on investment is extremely high.

As a merchant who cares for the latest trends and traffic figures, you should note that making online videos about your brand are a must. This is not a tough task nowadays: the variety of tools in the market can satisfy any user from beginner to pro level. Most of the apps are free and simple to use. You can pick a classic Windows tool for PC or enjoy mobile app versions, choose an app with a limited amount of features or get to know the expanded video editing options. Video ideas are also unlimited: animated stories, FAQs and interviews, funny ads - whatever your imagination can devise.