What does it take to understand the preferences of your target audience? As a marketer, you can observe the spikes in traffic due to a specific advertising campaign. However, when it comes to finding the post on social media that attracted the most visitors, the lack of data won’t let you assess this resource.

Sure, the source of traffic discovered by Google Analytics tools can say much about your visitors. But it doesn’t specify the very Tweet that generated the next lead. Every marketer would agree to use such a proof to measure and improve the next Twitter campaign.

The best way to isolate sources of traffic is to use a Google UTM builder. Let’s find out how to create a Google UTM code and how to start using it to understand which source of traffic is the most effective for your advertising campaigns.

What are UTM codes?

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) is a part of a code that is added to the end of a URL. It will look like this:


what are the utm codes and how can you use them in your facebook advertising campaigns?

The snippet of text after? stands for a Google UTM code. It is used by Google UTM builder to label each URL with a specific campaign name.

What are the elements of a UTM code?

Let’s take a look at this example of a UTM-enabled URL:


A UTM parameter consists of several components:

What are the two components of a UTM code?

UTM codes can have numerous symbols within the two basic components:

  • UTM parameter
  • UTM variable

UTM parameter has up to five subdivisions, each starting with utm_. UTM variable follows a “=” sign and denotes a unique metric that is to be measured.

Which components are obligatory for Google UTM builder?

Google UTM builder uses two obligatory UTM parameters and one optional one:

what are the utm codes and how can you use them in your facebook advertising campaigns?

  1. utm_source – this is a platform or a tool you used for promotion
    Examples: utm_source=google, utm_source=facebook
    The source UTM code answers the question of who sent the visitors to your website; for example, utm_source=facebook stands for Facebook as the source of traffic.

  2. utm_medium – you can use this parameter to identify the referral source
    Examples: utm_medium=cpc, utm_medium=cpv, utm_medium=banner

A few common examples of how to use utm_medium:

  • Not set – the origin of traffic is hard or impossible to identify
  • Referral – the medium by default
  • Organic – free traffic from search engines
  • Email – referrals via links in emails
  • Cpc, ppc, paid_search – the categories of paid advertising
  • Social utm – links in Facebook (utm_source=facebook) or Twitter posts
  • Video – links in video content
  • Display, banner – media advertising tagged in UTM
  1. utm_campaign – a required field that identifies a specific campaign, a product or a promotion
    Example: utm_campaign=extra_discount
    The campaign name UTM parameter serves as a keyword that helps to group similar promotions in Google Analytics.

What else to track

  • Campaign content
    This parameter differentiates links or ads by type or content. The Google UTM generator will differentiate between Reddit ads and banners.
    Example: utm_content=banner_24×56

  • Campaign term
    This is one of the UTM parameters used in Google paid advertising. It is used to denote the keywords for your ad.
    Example: utm_term=apps_customer_service

How to create URLs with correct UTM codes

The most popular ways to create UTM-powered URLs:

  • Manual method
  • Google UTM generator

Manual method

You can create a manual version of Google UTM parameters if you run a small advertising campaign or test how UTM codes work in Google Analytics. Many experts do not recommend this method as a way to run larger campaigns. UTM codes can get lengthy and generate tons of mistakes which can affect the data on Google Analytics.

Google Analytics UTM builder

A Google UTM builder adds a UTM code to a website’s URL automatically. All you need is to enter the campaign source parameter and the URL of your website - the rest of fields are optional.

what are the utm codes and how can you use them in your facebook advertising campaigns?

Why use a UTM builder for Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns?

  1. You will know the exact source of traffic for every visitor
  2. You will know the exact medium – organic, ppc, social media, etc.
  3. You will know the exact referrer of a certain source of traffic
  4. You will know the best performing links, while UTM codes are used for a separate banner, email or a newsletter
  5. You will segment the traffic easily identifying the source with the most conversions

what are the utm codes and how can you use them in your facebook advertising campaigns?

What are the peculiarities of a UTM code for Google Adwords?

  • Use conventional naming
    If you fail to enter the data in one unified form, the UTM builder will generate misleading results for Facebook or email marketing campaigns.

  • Make sure each UTM code is understandable without any context
    Marketers within your team need to understand what stands behind any term inside the UTM code – to interpret the results of tracking in Google Analytics

what are the utm codes and how can you use them in your facebook advertising campaigns?

  • Simplify and shorten the links whenever possible
    If you launch complicated Google Analytics campaigns, the UTM codes tend to become lengthy and complicated too. This is where link shorteners come into play. For example:
  1. t.co - Hazardous, Ads, Virus
  2. y2u.be link for Youtube only

The value of UTM codes for banner and Facebook advertising

UTM codes deliver exact information as to the buyer’s behavior that gets easily translated into a Google Adwords tool. You can improve the marketing scores dramatically if you succeed in establishing the correct naming rules and keep your URLs short. Promote your products on Facebook or Google search easily by tagging the traffic with respective UTM parameters.

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