What is a lead magnet? Generally speaking, the lead magnet is some kind of offer that is valuable from the point of view of the website’s target audience, can be received by any visitor by performing specific designated actions, and can lead to long-term cooperation.

what is a lead magnet? ideas and examples

In this article, we are going to review how to create a lead magnet and also get to know the six truly working examples of best lead magnets.

Lead Magnet Examples: What is the Difference between Lead Magnets and Calls to Action/Simple Offers?

So, what is a lead in marketing? To define a lead, let us say that this is a case when a specific representative of a target audience establishes direct communication with a company. In turn, the idea of lead magnets is to encourage visitors to establish such communications in exchange for something that is beneficial to them.

what is a lead magnet? ideas and examples

Judging by the above lead magnet definition, one might decide that this is simply a combination of a call to action and an offer. Nevertheless, both of the latter concepts, in fact, are directed at one-time interactions, while a lead magnet is aimed at establishing a constant and prolonged communication, ideally to turn a visitor into a regular buyer or even a brand advocate. The lead page’s lead magnet is something that should mildly induce visitors to accept an offer and proceed to interact with a company. Moreover, an ideal lead magnet should also provide an instant solution to some kind of customer problem.

Usually, a lead magnet is a progressive system of discounts and incentives for new customers.

what is a lead magnet? ideas and examples

What Tasks are Solved by the Right Lead Magnet?

By employing the lead magnet on your site, you solve four major tasks:

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase sales
  • Create a positive image in the eyes of the target audience
  • Increase competitive ability

The Main Attributes of the Correct Lead Magnet

Do you want to know if your lead is really magnetic? The correctly constructed lead magnet template has a number of inalienable attributes. They are:

  • Real value for the customer. Think about what might be valuable to your target audience. The most obvious solution is a discount. Nevertheless, you can be more original and generous, for example: offer a gift if a client bought goods in your store for a certain amount. The main thing is that such gifts should be of high quality and can be received right after a targeted action is completed.

  • Free of charge. This attribute, unfortunately, is not obvious for some owners of online stores. They create paid offers and thereby repel those who would make a conversion at their site. The implementation of paid offers requires a completely different approach and the goals are completely different.

  • Instant receipt. As we already noted above, any user who has performed the target action of the lead magnet should immediately receive their reward. On the other hand, since the lead magnet is designed to solve a particular customer problem, it must be solved immediately with the help of it.

  • Ultimate clarity and accessibility. Do not complicate your clients’ lives by offering them something that would need some tinkering before it can be used. The sooner a person can use your gift, the higher the effectiveness of this marketing technique.

  • Suitable offer. Remember that what seems valuable and productive for you does not necessarily fit your target audience. For example, for a store selling luxury cosmetics, it would be completely inappropriate to offer a no-name cosmetic bag as a gift.

  • The solution to a single problem. Do not try to cover several customer problems with a single lead. It is better to offer one, but a high-quality and effective reward for solving one task. By doing so you are more likely to attract a ready-to-buy customer.

  • Provision of greater benefits than indicated in the offer. Do you want to make one-time customers permanent? This task is quite feasible if with the help of your lead magnet you will give your target audience something more than promised. For example, to customers who were in the first thousand of those who performed the target action of the lead magnet, you can offer an additional pleasant (and, importantly, high-quality and worthwhile) gift or add an additional value to their discount.

  • Coercion to make a purchase. Some inexperienced marketers create lead magnets with an aim to collect the visitor email addresses. Unfortunately, this practice rarely works, because no one likes email spam. Your task is to bring the client to the next stage on the way to becoming a regular customer. That is why discounts and gifts in exchange for the purchase are much more effective than email offers.

To create such elements, special lead magnet software and, in particular, a completely free Beacon lead magnet software can be used.

Six Tried-and-True Lead Magnet Examples that are Guaranteed to Increase Your Conversion

Now let us turn to the theory of creating efficient lead magnet templates. We direct your attention to six truly working lead magnet examples, which you can recreate on your internet site.

1. Free Lesson

what is a lead magnet? ideas and examples

Our list of lead magnets in the examples is opened by free lessons. For example, if the site provides IT courses, then a free first lesson for, say, a software testing course can be a great lead magnet offer. In addition, this marketing technique carries a hidden benefit for you. Those who would take advantage of such an offer will be able to get to know your company and its propositions more closely, thus increasing the trust in your web resource. A bright example of this type of lead magnet is the "First Lesson FREE" proposal at the Elite Music Instruction service.

2. Software Trial

what is a lead magnet? ideas and examples

If you are dealing in software - be it as a vendor, a developer or a publisher - this lead magnet will be a good start to increase the conversion on your website. After trying the free version, limited by time, and personally experiencing all of its advantages, users are more likely to agree to purchase the full solution. For instance, such a technique is successfully practiced by one of the leading global analytics software vendors - SAS.

3. Instant Discounts, Gifts or Free Shipping

what is a lead magnet? ideas and examples

This is one of the most common lead magnet types, which works perfectly for online stores. Thanks to such lead magnets, you will be able to make sure that even those who bought from you the day before will come to buy again, if only to get something for free or at a cheaper price. In particular, H&M offers free delivery regardless of the amount of the order for the members of the club.

4. Free Consultation

what is a lead magnet? ideas and examples

If you work in the field of software development services or any similar industry, you undoubtedly face the need for initial customer consultation and analysis of their case. Why not use it as your conversion tool? What is the lead magnet in this kind of approach? The free consultation gives your client a way to discover your professional approaches and expertise as you provide them with your insights on the issue and possible solutions. Veracity Solutions, for instance, offers a free consultation to every customer.

5. Account Balance Bonus

what is a lead magnet? ideas and examples

If you build your business in the entertainment or financial services, such as casinos or cryptocurrency exchanges, customer accounts become an integral part of your website. The necessity to put money in the account to even test your services often stops potential customers as it seems risky. An efficient practice is to offer a free balance bonus which the client receives upon registration.

If you create competent terms for spending this bonus, you can protect yourself from excessive losses and provide the opportunity to fully test your platform for free. Bluebelt, for example, offers a $5 welcome bonus. This cryptocurrency trading company allows its customers to verify its service quality before making any deposits. Make sure to add this trick to your lead magnet checklist.

6. Free Services Sample

what is a lead magnet? ideas and examples

Working in the software design industry is very complicated in terms of finding trusting customers. Not a single person on Earth wants to pay upfront with no guarantee of high-quality services. And here is the kicker: you can always offer minimum pieces of your work for free. Whether it is a logo concept with a watermark on it or a base website wireframe with minimum customization - it already triggers confidence.

If people truly want to bring their idea to life and they see the first step of its implementation, it often inspires them to proceed with the cooperation. Just a small sample of your skills and, if a customer is not just a freebie fan, most likely they will hire your services. Aaaaand... your company can be among the first to propose this offer on your website!

Lead Magnet Examples: Summary

Let us sum up. In this article, we reviewed the following points:

  • What is a lead magnet
  • How to define a lead
  • How to make a lead magnet
  • The most effective lead magnet ideas

As you can see, it is not difficult to create them yourself. Another thing is that this is just a drop in the bucket and the real results in the form of increased traffic, conversion rates, and sales may be reached only with an integrated promotion approach.