Lack of physical interaction with online shoppers can become an obstacle that deprives you of revenue. Your webstore may offer the best products and enhanced usability, yet it may fail in providing excellent customer service. Physical stores have more opportunities for personalization while dealing with customers face-to-face.

A recent study claims that consumers choose online stores for buying and researching:

what is exceptional customer service: things you need to know to succeed

Online shopping may choose to sidestep traditional stores for a number of reasons:

  • 24/7 shopping
  • Flexible shipping
  • Easy returns policy
  • Unlimited products, etc.

However, with the growing competition, some online stores fail to draw the attention of online audiences, missing out on the majority of sales opportunities.

How to improve customer service and provide excellent support for online visitors? Let’s examine what is customer service and how it has changed in the dynamic world of eCommerce.

How do you define customer service?

Customer service in the digital era is an ongoing relationship between online merchants and clients. With the extreme popularity of social media, online retailers have to think about the new ways to convert these social customers and provide immediate responses to any upcoming query. Exceptional customer service is now impossible without multiple tools used simultaneously to cover the basic needs of customer support.

How important is multichannel customer service?

Using multiple tools and analyzing their productivity will allow online retailers to provide excellent customer service. Sure, different channels of customer care may have different satisfaction rates: some consumers prefer to have immediate conversations in a live chat, while others prefer personal support via phone.

Multichannel support is the basic need of any online commerce store. Newcomers to the activity may test one of the channels and expand them if necessary.

The basic channels of customers support:

  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Helpdesk
  • Social media
  • Phone

Merchants can use different channels simultaneously to stand out from rivals and provide the best shopping experience for their clients.

Ask your marketers one good question: what does customer service mean to you when you shop online? Does it exceed ordinary expectations and deliver unbelievable impressions of some online brand? That question can influence your strategies when you translate customer service definition into your own business.

Let’s take an example of one of the innovators in the field of customer service. Amazon shops changed the landscape of modern customer care strategies, bringing it to a brand new level. The company constantly invests in customer care programs and serves more and more clients globally. As a result, Amazon tops the list of online retail companies with the most revenue.

Let's explore how your business can do the same by using multiple channels to serve customers.

How to provide excellent customer service using multiple tools?

1. Offer interactive communication

It is not new to publish contact forms on online stores and wait for new queries to come in. Just make it accessible and visible for any visitor.

Shopify offers numerous form-builders for practically any need:

Another interactive form of customer support is via phone: make sure your staff has sufficient qualifications to manage the task.

Live chat provides an immediate response and improved customer service. It is a good practice to provide 24/7 customer care representatives:

2. Use the power of social media

Social media interaction is fundamental for online retailers of all sizes. Impressive figures of customer expectations show that almost half of the consumers want customer service on Facebook, a social media giant.

what is exceptional customer service: things you need to know to succeed

Some tools for Shopify offer an integrated approach to social media interaction:

3. Equip your store with a self-service helpdesk

Numerous customers claim they are willing to help themselves without your intrusion as a merchant. How to provide excellent customer service when there is no direct communication between you and your client?
The answer may be an online helpdesk that accumulates frequently asked questions (FAQs) and return policies for the convenience of your customers.

There are quite a few available helpdesks on the market, and there are excellent examples of Shopify apps for that need:

4. Know your target audience

It can be easy to find out how to be good at customer service when you are constantly learning new information about your clients. If you fail to find out the common trends in customer preferences on social media and on search engines, you may lose many potential clients.
Track the activity of prospective customers on social media, analyze their browsing history, and modify the way you serve your clientele.

5. Collect feedback from customers

How would you describe excellent customer service without reviews? They influence online shopping conversion rates and are one of the major factors that influence the purchase decision. In fact, user-generated reviews account for the most trusted sources of information in 60 percent of cases:

what is exceptional customer service: things you need to know to succeed

People trust digital reviews from strangers as much as they would trust a recommendation from a family member or a friend.
An important aspect of customer care, adding reviews to product pages will raise the number of potential sales.

Multichannel support is one of the most crucial elements of serving your customers. What are the other ways popular among online merchants?

Best customer service tips for your business

  • Personalize your service
    Customer service representatives should treat clients as individual people with unique needs
  • Speed up the resolution of an issue
    Timely responses are essential for the right perception of your brand
  • Deliver a wow experience
    Do your utmost to solve the problems your customer faces
  • Experiment with new approaches
    Stay flexible with the tools you use: experiment with multiple tools that enable a consistent customer support

The best customer service companies use a combination of tools to reach their targets. They know how to define excellent customer service and do their utmost to imitate shopping at a bricks-and-mortar store.

Online shopping doesn’t allow clients to feel or touch a product - that is why it is basic to compensate this drawback by building trust among online audiences. Companies with best customer service combine trust-building with the excellent shopping experience, developing the best customer service skills.

It is never too late to start serving the clientele using the appropriate customer service skills to boost sales and make your brand more competitive.