Ever felt like you missed a wonderful opportunity to stand out and make a sale? You try hard to engage your target audience on social media, and you have started exploring new ways to promote your product. But does this effort pay off? The fact is, if you don’t use the most profitable means to connect with your audience, you are probably never going to succeed.

Reach customers through their inbox, and you will be amazed at the results! The reasons why email marketing is effective are plenty. With the help of a brilliant email marketing campaign, you can find the most cost-effective way to reach new customers and keep your existing ones.

Some might say, "Why do you need email marketing when there are so many other ways to connect with leads and customers?" If you believe that, your investment policy needs revision right now!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the use of targeted emails to engage and update your audience about your brand, and inform and encourage your clientele to continue shopping in your store. It’s been around since the early days of the Internet, but it has become a powerful marketing tool relatively recently.

A recent study took into account the marketing preferences of adults. When asked how often, if ever, they would like to receive promotional emails, the majority of respondents made a significant statement.

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices

More than 80% of respondents were ready to receive promotional emails at least once a month. We'll leave the question of frequency for a later discussion. Right now, let’s concentrate on the major benefits of an email marketing campaign.

Why do you need email marketing?

Email works

Consumers still prefer to receive a notification in their inbox instead of searching on Google. As for digital coupons, which drive revenue for most retailers, customers tend to discover new deals directly from merchants in an email.

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices

Professional looking, informative, and visually appealing, emails have become a direct way to reach out to new customers and keep existing ones.

Any email-marketing guide will tell you that reaching your customers with relevant and personalized messages can help you raise brand awareness and stay on top of the competition. Make friends with emails to build a solid relationship with your customer base! Customers will love that approach.

Wonder why consumers prefer emails over social media or other popular mediums?

  1. Emails are relevant. Most of marketing campaigns are based on the buyer’s shopping habits thus turning into personalized messages.

  2. Emails offer an instant profit. Your clients can receive instant notifications about the best prices. If you offer an opportunity for clients to save money, this effort is sure to pay off.

  3. Emails are opened on mobile phones. With consumers going more mobile than ever, checking an inbox from a smartphone is the new normal. It is unacceptable to neglect that medium to reach your customers.

Email is inexpensive

No matter how long email campaigns have been around, they are still effective and add value to your services. Compared to other means of promoting your brand, like TV or radio ads, a targeted email won’t break the bank. Of course, if you don’t know how to use email marketing effectively, the money you spend on it is less likely to return.

Why is email marketing cost-effective? Because you will not have to calculate advertising rates or spend a fortune on print and video ads. What is more, you can create promotional emails and send them to large audiences, saving you time and money. With emails having the maximum ROI, as compared to other marketing mediums, the reasons why you should use email marketing remains the ultimate one.

Email targets mobile shoppers

You will not have to develop software to reach your clients on mobile phones. All you have to do is to send an email optimized for mobile phones. With 59% of email opened on a mobile device in 2018, a marketing message optimized for smartphones or tablets is sure to reach the target. Mobile-friendly emails are a must for any merchant wanting to convert leads with the help of email marketing.

Email is ready to integrate

Why should I use email marketing if social sharing drives my revenue to decent heights? The answer is simple: you can integrate separate digital campaigns to spread the word about your brand even further!

You can combine social media marketing with targeted emails to reinforce your company’s message on different channels. This allows you to create a well-rounded shopping experience, perfectly balanced for every customer. Your email may contain a link to a social media post or a landing page where you have already announced an upcoming promotion.

Why not make a LinkedIn announcement with the help of personalized email? Keep it short and simple, use white space, and concentrate on the details – don’t let the content of an email overwhelm your reader.

If you ever wanted to know, what is email marketing and how does it work, you are in the right place! Let’s delve even deeper and explain how to use email marketing effectively.

How to start an effective email marketing campaign?

A strong email marketing campaign must begin with a good plan that will speak to your goals. Otherwise, each beautiful email will be a waste of time and money. Remember that the best email marketing examples start with the basics!

  1. Define your typical buyer
    Your audience should be the kings and queens of your marketing strategy. Since you create your emails for them, you must tailor the style and content for their needs. Try making them relevant, and add room for personalization.

  2. Set realistic goals
    It is a good idea to have some background knowledge of your competition's email marketing. That will help you define your goals and check your progress over time.

  3. Choose the types of emails

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices

Choosing the best type of email is truly subjective. However, you should stick to the most successful email marketing campaign examples and choose one of the types listed below:

  • Newsletters
  • Emails dedicated to one topic
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Receipts and confirmations
  • Birthday emails
  • Coupons
  • Emails based on the action on your site
  • Seasonal emails
  • Promotional emails
  1. Experiment with the perfect times and days

Try differentiating the most effective days and hours for your emails. It is a good idea to base this knowledge on the preferences of your customer.

According to the recent study, the best days to send an email are Wednesday or Thursday.

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices

Your subscribers are more likely to open an email between 2 to 5 pm:

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices

  1. Measure important metric

If you set measurable goals, you can track your activity and assess results. This will help you constantly refine your email marketing strategy and make small changes for big results.

If you still lack the inspiration to create an effective marketing campaign, go through these 5 free email-marketing examples:


Carter’s uses a great way to re-engage with existing customers and pre-qualified leads:

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices

They use clear and enticing language that appeals to the senses and makes customers return to shopping.


Fab uses eye-catching images that cultivate engagement and maintain the tone of a newsletter.

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices


Amazon uses CTA that stands out from the rest of email.

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices


Chipotle is proud to deliver emails that are 100% responsive on any device.

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices


This is one of the best email marketing examples of how personalization can work for your business. This yoga studio definitely knows how to please every customer by sending beautiful birthday emails.

why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices

You know why email marketing is so important – now it’s up to you!

Your subscribers need the human touch with every message they receive from you. Why email marketing works? Because it is the most genuine resource to receive updates, seasonal sales, and daily promotions. Emails may be outdated, but no one will say that their benefits are insignificant.

Time to fuel your ideas for your next email marketing campaign! Getting started is easy: all you need is to set up reasonable goals and deploy the most successful tactics to create a perfectly balanced email! What are you waiting for? Become a successful email marketer right now.