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Shopify Summer Updates Review: How to Sell Online Like a Pro


eCommerce business management with Shopify has always been convenient. The platform keeps working on making online merchants' lives comfortable, and this summer Shopify users have gained access to som... read more

Bitcoin for beginners: all you need to know about Blockchain


The expectations regarding Blockchain and Bitcoin in eCommerce have risen to enormous heights, appearing in all kinds of news and shaping the world of modern online retail. Ecommerce has become a welc... read more

Connect with clients: what is live chat and how to use it?


It takes a lot of research to meet customer expectations. They change over time, making you a business entrepreneur who has to adapt to new trends and patterns. The recent popularity of live chat solu... read more

Keep it simple: a 6-step social media marketing strategy template for your business


It goes without saying that a social media presence is crucial for any type of business. However, without a detailed marketing plan powered by a specific template, your social media activities can tur... read more

How to Gain Customer Trust


According to recent research, almost every online shopper bases brand trust on a previously good experience with the brand. Let's make sure the first impression of your company is unforgettable.

... read more

How to Link Your Accounts and Sell Amazon Products on Shopify


Buying and selling everything online has become the new norm in our society. It is the clear and logical way that commerce should evolve. Online trade is fast, easy, profitable, and, with modern trust... read more

5 Creative Marketing Incentives That Will Help You Increase Sales


Wondering what steps you should take to influence your eСommerce store visitors during the decision-making process and prevent them from abandoning a cart? When it comes to influencing consumer behav... read more

Remote Business Management - the best way to stay on top of your business anytime and anywhere


The way work is done today is changing rapidly, adapting to the latest trends. One of the current trends that has conquered a large amount of businesses and workers is remote work. The number of emplo... read more

Top 8 Shopify apps to boost your social media presence


The roads of all marketing activities lead to social media sites that aggregate billions of consumers for your industry. If you are looking for ways to power up your Shopify store with relevant market... read more

The Science of Decision-Making: Why is the buying decision process so important?


Even before the invention of money, primitive people made purchases, but it was nothing like today’s world, where people buy and sell lots of things every second! As confirmation of these words, the... read more

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