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Why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices


Ever felt like you missed a wonderful opportunity to stand out and make a sale? You try hard to engage your target audience on social media, and you have started exploring new ways to promote your pro... read more

Shopify Payment Processing – How to Accept Cryptocurrency on a Shopify Store


Shopify eCommerce platform gives its inhabitants a large number of useful options to get more revenues. In recent years, the world was gripped by the idea of digital currency, and Shopify provides its... read more

A Novel Way to Keep Track for Shopify Developers


The end of 2018 is expected to be quite significant for us: currently, we are focusing all our efforts on completing the job on our mega project – the Shopify developer cabinet, which will Track Sho... read more

Design Thinking in UX/UI Design


Lately, most processes and products have taken a customer-oriented turn in development. The question of what customers want and need has overtaken previous ideas of what’s important. That’s how de... read more

Forget the Shopify App store: search for the best app for your business in a brand new way


Shopify does a lot to help you launch a store in less than an hour. It is abundant in features that can solve the basic issues every eCommerce newcomer has. However, Shopify can’t cover all the indi... read more

How to build a transparent return policy for your online shop


The world of eCommerce has opened a path for every individual to sell products online. However, to become a successful brand that attracts numerous buyers is no easy task: one has to foster trust and ... read more

Cross Border eCommerce - Best Ways to Expand Your Business Abroad


One of any merchant’s goals is to expand his business and grow his customer base. This is why international, or cross border, eCommerce has reached huge numbers worldwide. The bordering commerce def... read more

What does Omni-retailing mean in eCommerce?


The availability of eCommerce stores makes it popular among large audiences: they are so used to shopping online that they can’t imagine shopping at local physical stores. However, some consumers te... read more

What is a Lead Magnet? Ideas and Examples


What is a lead magnet? Generally speaking, the lead magnet is some kind of offer that is valuable from the point of view of the website’s target audience, can be received by any visitor by performin... read more

7 best loyalty programs to increase revenue


How do you make sure you do everything possible to boost customer loyalty? You invest in customer acquisition, add quality leads, but this doesn’t provide value in the short-term. In fact, a new cus... read more

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