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What does KPI stand for in eCommerce and how should you use them to increase revenue?


An increase in sales and overall success in the long-term are the goals of the majority of eCommerce retailers these days. However, most new businesses do not survive the first 5 years of existence. H... read more

What is exceptional customer service: things you need to know to succeed


Lack of physical interaction with online shoppers can become an obstacle that deprives you of revenue. Your webstore may offer the best products and enhanced usability, yet it may fail in providing ex... read more

Top 10 price comparison engines to boost traffic


Price comparison engines are inspired by the never-ending efforts of online shoppers to find a better deal. The latest survey shows that 79 percent of consumers will try hard to find similar products ... read more

How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost and Other Useful Metrics for Your eCommerce Business


How should you measure the success of your eCommerce store? Sales and revenue are important metrics for tracking the short-term performance of your marketing campaigns, but they are not enough to dete... read more

eCommerce Security issues: how does penetration testing stand out among other solutions and tools?


Users will not purchase from your brand if it is not credible. The fear that a website is not a safe place to make purchases is now ... read more

How to set up Google Analytics on Shopify?


Analytics is essential for Shopify entrepreneurs, as it helps understand how your customers are using your store and how they are browsing your website. Analyzing that data can help improve the performance ... read more

Bitcoin Payment Integration to Shopify Store: The Most Significant Facts and Guide


There are a number of common trends that influence the development of the ecommerce sphere, but, of course, for the last few years, the most significant one is cryptocurrency payments, especially Bitcoin payments... read more

Shopify SEO problem that can discourage your business development


My road to online business was hard and strenuous. I had to learn from my own mistakes so many times, that I decided to share my experience and knowledge with eCommerce starters. Hopefully, this short explanation of Shopify SEO problems and how to deal with them... read more

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