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Video Maker - the Power of Video Ads that are Extremely Easy to Create


Advertising videos are a must for any web store regardless of its size or specialty. It’s essential to act quickly to generate quality content that will increase your traffic, so apply quick and eas... read more

Shopify Summer Updates Review: How to Sell Online Like a Pro


eCommerce business management with Shopify has always been convenient. The platform keeps working on making online merchants' lives comfortable, and this summer Shopify users have gained access to som... read more

What is a Lead Magnet? Ideas and Examples


What is a lead magnet? Generally speaking, the lead magnet is some kind of offer that is valuable from the point of view of the website’s target audience, can be received by any visitor by performin... read more

Hidden in the details: how to use product descriptions like a pro


An eCommerce ecosystem is a welcome place for anyone willing to start selling goods of different kinds. Whether it is apparel or jewelry, all roads lead to decentralized platforms that serve as a perf... read more

7 best loyalty programs to increase revenue


How do you make sure you do everything possible to boost customer loyalty? You invest in customer acquisition, add quality leads, but this doesn’t provide value in the short-term. In fact, a new cus... read more

Bitcoin for beginners: all you need to know about Blockchain


The expectations regarding Blockchain and Bitcoin in eCommerce have risen to enormous heights, appearing in all kinds of news and shaping the world of modern online retail. Ecommerce has become a welc... read more

Connect with clients: what is live chat and how to use it?


It takes a lot of research to meet customer expectations. They change over time, making you a business entrepreneur who has to adapt to new trends and patterns. The recent popularity of live chat solu... read more

Email Marketing Tips - How to Launch a Perfect Email Campaign with Ease


Establishing and keeping up contact with customers is the key to a merchant’s success. With the development of customer service and the importance of an individual approach towards each buyer, it’... read more

Customer relationships - quality over quantity to increase sales


Customer relationships are an essential part of any business. However reasonable your actions as a seller might be, without loyal customers your profit can be not good enough. There are two main terms... read more

Keep it simple: a 6-step social media marketing strategy template for your business


It goes without saying that a social media presence is crucial for any type of business. However, without a detailed marketing plan powered by a specific template, your social media activities can tur... read more

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