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What is exceptional customer service: things you need to know to succeed


Lack of physical interaction with online shoppers can become an obstacle that deprives you of revenue. Your webstore may offer the best products and enhanced usability, yet it may fail in providing ex... read more

Customer relationships - quality over quantity to increase sales


Customer relationships are an essential part of any business. However reasonable your actions as a seller might be, without loyal customers your profit can be not good enough. There are two main terms... read more

What are the UTM codes and how can you use them in your Facebook advertising campaigns?


What does it take to understand the preferences of your target audience? As a marketer, you can observe the spikes in traffic due to a specific advertising campaign. However, when it comes to finding ... read more

The Science of Decision-Making: Why is the buying decision process so important?


Even before the invention of money, primitive people made purchases, but it was nothing like today’s world, where people buy and sell lots of things every second! As confirmation of these words, the... read more

9 Tips on Efficient Time Management for Businesses


Entrepreneurship is the ultimate display of self-employment, which means no one is there to motivate and force you to work on your business except you yourself. Sometimes it's super hard to bring your... read more

Design Thinking in UX/UI Design


Lately, most processes and products have taken a customer-oriented turn in development. The question of what customers want and need has overtaken previous ideas of what’s important. That’s how de... read more

Instagram and Ecommerce: The Key to Success


To be or not to be? Should you start an Instagram business page? Why use Instagram for marketing? That is the question. Instagram is a great thing and every business has to know how to use Instagram a... read more

How to cut costs on staff by automating daily workflow


Low entry barriers on the Shopify platform make it popular among different merchants all over the world. It takes just a few minutes to launch a shop and start making sales. However, the overwhelming ... read more

Mystery Shopper - the definition and spheres of application


Some web store owners face a problem when trying to define why their sales rates are far from perfect. The best way to find out the reason is to replicate the purchase process from beginning to end an... read more

A Definitive Guide for How to Find a Reliable Specialist for eCommerce Success


The eCommerce business industry shows significant annual growth. According to studies by Digital Commerce, U.... read more

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