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Where Do Great Ideas Come From?


Good invention ideas come from nowhere only in fairytales. In real life, you need to spend some time thinking beforehand. It may take a few hours or as much as a couple of years. Tim Berners-Lee worke... read more

Shopify SEO Guide to the World of Marketing Heights


This story began when I realized that my sales did not skyrocket after I set up my Shopify store. It was a bit surprising to me. I naively believed that sales would literally skyrocket after I create a web store on one of the biggest... read more

Shopify marketing plan and how to create it


It is not that easy to run a web store. Even if it seems like there is nothing hard about it, lots of issues appear the day you even start thinking... read more

The best ecommerce platforms to take your business to the top


Your ecommerce platform is the basis of your profitability. Choosing the right one is a great challenge. The market is full of interesting and convenient tools, and their improvement... read more

Shopify SEO problem that can discourage your business development


My road to online business was hard and strenuous. I had to learn from my own mistakes so many times, that I decided to share my experience and knowledge with eCommerce starters. Hopefully, this short explanation of Shopify SEO problems and how to deal with them... read more

How to sell on Shopify: 10 steps to start your online business


Selling online is a complicated process. It consists of several essential parts, which are impossible to fulfill without the proper software tools. Nowadays, lots of eCommerce platforms are on the market. The ideais to choose the most suitable one. And as the statistics... read more

Wix Vs Shopify: Which One Is Better Around Here?


Ecommerce platforms provide business owners with amazing opportunities for growth. Nowadays, there is a clear tendency that... read more

Bigcommerce Vs Shopify: The Most Powerful Tool For Your Business


You’ve developed an awesome idea, conducted research, selected a niche for your products, dealt with documentation and ways to ship and decided to sell online. Even though traditional shopping is still popular, let us agree... read more

Shopify Vs Wordpress: Online Platforms You Need To See


Starting to sell online has never been easier. The amount of convenient platforms, tools, apps and other kinds of software that are presented by eCommerce development specialists is enormous. There is a great desire to find the time to try all of these awesome solutions for business. But there is always something else to do, and there is no actual need to get  experience with every possible ecommerce tool. Ecommerce blogs and articles... read more

Magento Vs Shopify: review the obvious differences of eCommerce’s biggest players


Magento and Shopify are two of the biggest players in the eCommerce market nowadays. Both platforms provide great functionality for eCommerce business and have a lot in common. But in fact, these tools are completely different, and you need to know about the differences to make... read more

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