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Shopify Vs Amazon: can world’s leaders compete?


Shopify and Amazon are two of the most popular names in the eCommerce sphere. There is hardly a digital salesperson in the world that has not heard of them. Thanks to their unbelievable functionality and flexibility, an amazing amount of features and convenient design, hundreds of thousands of retailers successfully sell... read more

How to set up a Shopify store: a short guide for newcomers


I am often asked if it was hard to start selling online. Well, the hardest part was the development of an idea. I hardly slept after the skeleton of an idea accidentally walked through my thoughts. And it is really difficult to work full time at a job you do not actually like, listen to the boss you do not like at all, but carry this small idea like a newborn child everywhere you go. But those times have passed. Now I am happy to be... read more

Shopify Test Order: why and how beginner’s guide


Starting to run a Shopify web store is a great event in an eCommerce specialist’s life. After you have conducted some research on the topic, made a detailed comparison of the major eCommerce tools and platforms... read more

Shopify Sub Collections: a way to improve the navigation in your store


Shopify webstores offer a remarkable way to start a business that has the capability to sell hundreds of items. However, sometimes the store’s success relies on understanding how the platform works. Merchants find it easy to build a shop, but have great pain selling their products due to careless navigation setup. That is why ... read more

Shopify vs Joomla: Which is Better for Your Business?


The struggle of Shopify vs Joomla tends to be very confusing for newcomers in the ecommerce space. When you take your first steps in building an online shop, many issues can occur when choosing the best candidate... read more

Shopify pros and cons: is it worth its popularity?


A top contender for the most popular ecommerce website, Shopify boasts powerful features that can outperform any competitors on all fronts. In under an hour, you will have a complete  ecommerce store for a reasonable... read more

Refund and return in Shopify: creating a successful return strategy


Every  online store owner  understands that great customer service is vital to the growth and success of his/her ecommerce business. One of the essential aspects of establishing customer-centric service is simplifying your Shopify refund and return policy. Spending a little  time and to determine the right approach for your Shopify return policy can ... read more

How to set up Google Analytics on Shopify?


Analytics is essential for Shopify entrepreneurs, as it helps understand how your customers are using your store and how they are browsing your website. Analyzing that data can help improve the performance ... read more

Why your ecommerce business grows when you add reviews to Shopify?


If you are not satisfied with your website traffic and sales volume, you might need to add reviews to Shopify, as it is essential for increasing sales and retaining customers. Customer ratings and reviews are not just a source... read more

Top 6 Greatest eCommerce Predictions for 2018


Competitive, fast-paced and fashionable – the words that define online shops can be countless, yet they all have positive connotations. eCommerce stores have become a dominant part of the modern world. With the holiday season already over, it is worth preparing for the next... read more

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