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Ecommerce marketing tips to help merchants develop their business: what channel is better to use, what trends to follow, how to drive more sales and etc.

Instagram and Ecommerce: The Key to Success

ecommerce marketing

To be or not to be? Should you start an Instagram business page? Why use Instagram for marketing? That is the question. Instagram is a great thing and every business has to know how to use Instagram a... read more

Why email marketing is effective: key benefits and best practices

ecommerce marketing

Ever felt like you missed a wonderful opportunity to stand out and make a sale? You try hard to engage your target audience on social media, and you have started exploring new ways to promote your pro... read more

What is cyber security and why it is essential for your web store

ecommerce marketing

With modern technologies evolving every day, life seems easier than ever – our compact gadgets contain powerful stuffing, and even home appliances connect easily to wifi. But without proper cyber-se... read more

Shopify Best Selling Products - How to Find a Gold Mine for Your Online Store

ecommerce marketing

The success of an online store is a combination of several factors, each of which is important. Your marketing strategies, website interface, pricing and customer management are all integral part of y... read more

Top 10 apps for Shopify you need to install right now

ecommerce marketing

Shopify is a robust platform where automation is precise, and the first sale is inevitable.Your goals are already on the horizon, and the only thing you have to do is choose the most effective apps to... read more

Design Thinking in UX/UI Design

ecommerce marketing

Lately, most processes and products have taken a customer-oriented turn in development. The question of what customers want and need has overtaken previous ideas of what’s important. That’s how de... read more

9 Tips on Efficient Time Management for Businesses

ecommerce marketing

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate display of self-employment, which means no one is there to motivate and force you to work on your business except you yourself. Sometimes it's super hard to bring your... read more

How to build a transparent return policy for your online shop

ecommerce marketing

The world of eCommerce has opened a path for every individual to sell products online. However, to become a successful brand that attracts numerous buyers is no easy task: one has to foster trust and ... read more

What is an FAQ page, and why should you create one?

ecommerce marketing

Every customer is individual and unique, but there will always be one thing that unites us all–questions. No matter how well-structured your website might be, there will always be frequently asked q... read more

Top Shopify plugins – simple tools to upgrade your business

ecommerce marketing

Shopify has already proven itself as one of the most stable and trustworthy eCommerce platforms for both small and large businesses. The number of merchants who prefer Shopify has already reached an e... read more

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