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Ecommerce marketing tips to help merchants develop their business: what channel is better to use, what trends to follow, how to drive more sales and etc.

Top 8 Shopify apps to boost your social media presence

ecommerce marketing

The roads of all marketing activities lead to social media sites that aggregate billions of consumers for your industry. If you are looking for ways to power up your Shopify store with relevant market... read more

What are the best ways to encourage your customer base to return to your online store?

ecommerce marketing

Do you want to find out how to increase sales and save money spent on attracting new customers? Then you might appreciate the data from the latest research that stresses the importance of repeat custo... read more

The Science of Decision-Making: Why is the buying decision process so important?

ecommerce marketing

Even before the invention of money, primitive people made purchases, but it was nothing like today’s world, where people buy and sell lots of things every second! As confirmation of these words, the... read more

How to Use Google Analytics Segments to Increase Revenue in Your Online Store

ecommerce marketing

Google Analytics is the most popular free tool online store owners can use to measure the success of their marketing efforts. It can provide you with actionable insights that you can use to find new c... read more

The meaning of lead generation strategies for an eCommerce store

ecommerce marketing

Lead generation marketing strategies are one of the most crucial aspects of any eCommerce activity. In fact, 65 percent of merchants affirm that generating traffic for leads is the top marketing chall... read more

How to cut costs on staff by automating daily workflow

ecommerce marketing

Low entry barriers on the Shopify platform make it popular among different merchants all over the world. It takes just a few minutes to launch a shop and start making sales. However, the overwhelming ... read more

What does KPI stand for in eCommerce and how should you use them to increase revenue?

ecommerce marketing

An increase in sales and overall success in the long-term are the goals of the majority of eCommerce retailers these days. However, most new businesses do not survive the first 5 years of existence. H... read more

Mystery Shopper - the definition and spheres of application

ecommerce marketing

Some web store owners face a problem when trying to define why their sales rates are far from perfect. The best way to find out the reason is to replicate the purchase process from beginning to end an... read more

Top 10 price comparison engines to boost traffic

ecommerce marketing

Price comparison engines are inspired by the never-ending efforts of online shoppers to find a better deal. The latest survey shows that 79 percent of consumers will try hard to find similar products ... read more

The cost of launching an eCommerce website in 2018

ecommerce marketing

It is hard to ignore the most popular trend in digital business – online shopping. With 1.79 billion buyers online, eCommerce webstores have become a great opportunity for growth.

With so many o... read more

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