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Ecommerce marketing tips to help merchants develop their business: what channel is better to use, what trends to follow, how to drive more sales and etc.

eCommerce Security issues: how does penetration testing stand out among other solutions and tools?

ecommerce marketing

Users will not purchase from your brand if it is not credible. The fear that a website is not a safe place to make purchases is now ... read more

Top 6 Greatest eCommerce Predictions for 2018

ecommerce marketing

Competitive, fast-paced and fashionable – the words that define online shops can be countless, yet they all have positive connotations. eCommerce stores have become a dominant part of the modern world. With the holiday season already over, it is worth preparing for the next... read more

Bitcoin Payment Integration to Shopify Store: The Most Significant Facts and Guide

ecommerce marketing

There are a number of common trends that influence the development of the ecommerce sphere, but, of course, for the last few years, the most significant one is cryptocurrency payments, especially Bitcoin payments... read more

Shopify SEO problem that can discourage your business development

ecommerce marketing

My road to online business was hard and strenuous. I had to learn from my own mistakes so many times, that I decided to share my experience and knowledge with eCommerce starters. Hopefully, this short explanation of Shopify SEO problems and how to deal with them... read more

Shopify marketing plan and how to create it

ecommerce marketing

It is not that easy to run a web store. Even if it seems like there is nothing hard about it, lots of issues appear the day you even start thinking... read more

Shopify SEO Guide to the World of Marketing Heights

ecommerce marketing

This story began when I realized that my sales did not skyrocket after I set up my Shopify store. It was a bit surprising to me. I naively believed that sales would literally skyrocket after I create a web store on one of the biggest... read more

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