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How to add Google Analytics to Shopify?
How to add Google Analytics to Shopify?
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With the help of Google Analytics, you will generate tons of insightful data about your customers. You can track the origin of your online audience, their devices, and the queries they make every day. You can use this knowledge to improve your website’s usability and the shopping experience. Let’s look at how to add Google Analytics to Shopify.

You have to create a Gmail account to integrate Google Analytics on Shopify. After that, follow the instructions below:

1) Create an account for your Shopify store
2) Fill in the name of your store
3) Fill in the URL of your store
4) Choose your industry
5) Click on Get Tracking ID
6) Tick Accept Google’s Terms & Conditions
7) Copy the code
8) Go to your store and choose Online Store
9) Choose Preferences
10) Insert the code into Google Analytics
11) Save the changes
Google Analytics may require up to 24 hours activating your Google Analytics account.
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