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How to use Shopify?
How to use Shopify?
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You don’t need to be a web developer to understand how to use Shopify.
Create an account on using the ‘Create your store now’ button. After the signup, you will be redirected to your home dashboard. It will guide you along the way to a successful setup: customize the design, upload products and descriptions, and choose appropriate options for shipping and payment.

Choose from among free and paid themes in the official theme store. Having no coding experience is no problem for beginners as they gain full support from Shopify developers, known as Experts. One can download multiple themes and edit them in a special “Theme Manager” box.
Start adding products using the “Add a Product” button. Specify product descriptions, add product images and URLs. Save the changes.

Shopify allows grouping products in collections if they have some common feature. The same products may refer to different collections – you can display them on a homepage or in the navigation bar.
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