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What to sell on Shopify?
What to sell on Shopify?
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Ecommerce newcomers face the challenge of what to sell on Shopify every day. This platform welcomes every idea you want to bring to life: from a dropshipping store to an official Amazon reseller - all of them can have an opportunity for growth. Shopify gives you the right tools to advertise and market your products with the most effectiveness. Choose from free and paid apps and shortlist the ones that will help you stand out.

In general, there are certain trends that shape the range of products to sell on Shopify. The most popular products to sell on the platform in 2018 are:

1) Phone cases
2) Shapewear
3) Activewear
4) Maternity dresses
5) Home décor
6) Watches
7) Bags
There are many items to choose from; market them correctly to see a spike in sales.
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