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Also Bought

  • Amazon “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” feature is now available for Shopify
  • Smart product recommendations based on analysis of previous purchases
  • Lots of customization and configuration options

Increase your sales with an Amazon-like smart products recommendations. Get the Also Bought Shopify app now!

The perfect cross-selling tool, linking customer behaviour to your product database. Available instantly after installing, with no need to modify the code of your pages, lends itself to any theme, with complete control of all aspects of display – including CSS styles for every element of the design. Brilliant.

This app is the nuts and the support is out of this world. The support team have helped solve just about every problem we have had. Couldn't recommend this app enough.

top wow its help yes thnnks dear

Great App. Easy to use and adapt to the style of your website.

Really amazing app and super easy to set up. I am on my free trial (great that it's 1 month) and am thinking of purchasing the plugin after the trial period is over.

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