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Customer service

Shopify customer service apps allow you to communicate with customers efficiently. Multiple possibilities are available to react quickly to any customer inquiries, helping you build a great brand reputation. Customer service Shopify apps help you organize returns, chat with clients, track orders and much more.

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Customer service
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  • Send messages, monitor site and chat in real time. It will help you to boost sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment.
  • All your social media conversations (ex. in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and other) in one place.
  • View all the necessary customer information (order details, tracking info, refund information, etc.) in one place and focus on running your business.

This Shopify App is a convenient helpdesk which helps merchants improve their stores by creating a simple multi-channel customer support platform.

  • Create a list of phone numbers of your visitors
  • Keep track of calls that resulted in sales
  • Provide fast and helpful call-backs to show the best quality service

The Call-Back Request by Raven Shopify App helps you turn visitors into customers with a Call Me Back button. Download now and boost your sales!

  • The Wishlist Plus app is not only incredibly easy to install in your Shopify store but also can be easily customized, which allows you to choose the look of the Wishlist Plus app and fully match it with your brand;
  • This convenient extension does not require users to log in, saving them considerable time;
  • This Shopify App provides a great opportunity for the customers to share their Wishlist with other people like their friends or family members;

Customers can now add items to their Wishlist without the necessuty to log in. The app is very easy to install. Try it now risk-free with 14-day FREE trial period!

  • Formilla Live Chat allows you to monitor your website activity and view the list of all the current visitors. Furthermore, you can instantly contact and start chatting with any shopper from the list. You can also easily check what the visitor is looking at and what product interests them.
  • With the help of the app you can keep in touch with your clients anytime and in any place since this Live Chat is available on multiple devices and platforms. Chat with the shoppers and answer their questions from your desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Make your customers happier and your store more popular and successful by providing continuous assistance and support whenever your visitors need it.
  • The plugin is equipped with an option that lets you setup a pro-active chat which means that the app will automatically begin a conversation with a certain visitor after a specific period of time.

This Shopify App is an incredibly convenient live chat which gives you the opportunity to easily communicate with your customers at all times.

  • Allow customers to ask questions about products and show them on the product page.
  • Send email notifications on every new question.
  • Fully customizable and Responsive layout

Let your Customers ask Questions, answer the question via posting it on product and emailing to customers. Best Product Question app.

  • 100% customisable for seamless theme integration. (Design, Icons, Wording... etc)
  • Analytics. See your customers' wishlists, most liked products, CSV export and more.
  • Social media share with beautiful preview image containing product shots from wishlist.
  • Keep customers on your store, rather than leaving your store to chat with you
  • Create more meaningful relationships with your customers
  • 100% Free

Facebook Messenger Chat allows you to directly integrate your Messenger Experience into your Shopify store.

  • Measure & Improve NPS/Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Repeat Business & Referrals
  • Learn what your customers want you to do more of

Integrated satisfaction checks, reviews and customer support to increase sales and recommendations. Free trial, simple installation.

  • Allows automatic access to personal data
  • Allows making the changes using Shopify admin
  • Easy installation and automate configuration

The Easy GDPR Shopify App is a complex tool that gives an opportunity to regulate privacy and lets users see the personal information the store keeps about them. Download and try it now!

  • Multiple marketplaces integrations
  • The ability to create support tickets is the most effective way communicating with online customers
  • Detailed reports with API, chat integration, and more

Topnotch customer support is provided through the UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk Shopify App. Use the plugin for free and increase your ROI!

  • Analyse the customers behavior and develop your sales strategy
  • Send up to 3 email template to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts; or send a 'thank you' email for those who completed a purchase
  • Have a full access to automated email marketing tools: Newsletters, Abandoned Cart, Recommendations, Thank you emails and more!

This Shopify App is an extremely convenient tool which analyzes the behavior of your visitors and tracks every abandonment of a shopping cart by your customers.

  • By reducing your visitors` concerns and helping them out, Chatra Live Chat gives you the possibility to sell more items. Answer the questions, solve emerging problems, tell the customers about the discounts, and help them make a purchase;
  • Through the plugin you can view the real-time visitor list to know who is on your website. The extension provides the detailed visitor information - their cart contents, the delivery address, and what page they are currently viewing;
  • This application gives you the amazing chance to significantly improve your store by identifying the main issues, gathering contact information, and understanding your customers and their needs much better.

This Shopify App is developed to improve your communication with visitors to your store and let you answer their questions immediately.

Customer service Shopify: how to provide high quality service

Advertising and upselling are important stages of the business process, but proper interaction with customers both before and after purchasing is equally important. Customer service management software helps to make this communication topnotch by providing different tools.

Chatting with customers is a fast and convenient service for answering all questions, receiving feedback or making an offer through Shopify apps. Customizable Shopify live chats, including video and Facebook chat rooms, are available in the customer service section.

When Shopify customers decide to make a return for whatever reason, it is also possible to manage this process effectively using a ticket support system. Provide clients with opportunities to add products to the wishlist, track orders and give a feedback - and they will return to your store shortly.

This management software helps you care for customer, providing high quality service and creating a great reputation for your brand as the responsive and friendly team of professionals that you really are.

Customer service management software: start increasing your brand awareness now!