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  • Export any data from your store – Order reports, Product reports, Inventory reports, sales & marketing reports, commission reports, accounting and tax reports, summary reports, POS reports, refund reports, transactions reports, payment reports, metafield, cart and note attributes, data from third party apps, COGS and profitability reports.
  • Export reports in various formats (Excel, CSV, FTP, Google Drive & Sheets, Dropbox or Fixed URL) to your business partners (vendors, fulfillment team, marketer, accountant and owner).
  • Automate your store operations by creating and scheduling hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Setup custom reports for your store data. Schedule the frequency and delivery of reports. Automate your reporting and save hours each month.

  • Site Audit - our system will audit and rank your site for business, marketing, technical and eCommerce purposes.
  • Benchmark - each segment will be compared with the results of large stores (7 figures and 8 figures)
  • Action Items - the system will guide you through actionable items per each segment, so that you can improve your store's performance today.

Free site audit comparing your online store to thousands of large stores Pointing out what you can easily do to improve your store today!

  • Track the performance of your products, channels and partners
  • Streamline your operations with custom reports
  • Share your reports by email or Google Drive

Reports of your sales, customers, products, traffic and more. Discover business insights and streamline your operations. Free 14-day trial.

  • See everything that happens on your store in real time
  • Daily reports in your inbox that summarize the activity of your store
  • A conversion funnel graph with the help of which you can understand users' behaviour on your store

A live feed of everything that takes place on your store. Analyze the users' behaviour with our conversion funnel graph. No setup required.

  • Add a professional and beautiful store locator to your website
  • Increase sales by helping your customers find where your products are sold offline
  • Discover where your customers are looking for your products with powerful analytics

Easily add a beautiful and feature rich store locator. Increase sales by helping your customers find where your products are sold offline.

  • Multiple export profiles - automatically generate and send custom CSV reports to multiple vendors, fulfillment partners, or team members
  • Customize your CSV exports - create your own custom fields, calculated fields, metafields, advanced custom filters, re-order your columns the way you want, choose your own field names, and more!
  • Scheduled or manual download - schedule your reports to be sent via email, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, or simply download them directly from our app

Customize and automate CSV exports of your Shopify store data. Create multiple presets, custom fields, filters, scheduling, and more!

  • Measure & Improve NPS/Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Repeat Business & Referrals
  • Learn what your customers want you to do more of

Integrated satisfaction checks, reviews and customer support to increase sales and recommendations. Free trial, simple installation.

  • Plan what stock to order and reduce guess work
  • Find variants losing you revenue when out of stock
  • Create purchase orders and sync with Shopify upon delivery

Estimate stock to order, items to put on sale and see products that are reducing your revenue. Generate purchase orders & sync with Shopify!

  • Save time, money and nerves: Track 30+ ecommerce metrics in ONE Dashboard
  • Make sense of your metrics with peer benchmarks and join the largest ecommerce information network
  • Boost revenue and profitability with tailored recommendations and best practices based on research of thousands of online merchants

Get easy and actionable analytics for Shopify. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses and identify actions to drive revenue.

  • Easily add and update different tags on your website
  • The plugin allows you to use any kind of Google Tag Manager tags
  • Track your customer behaviour, conversion, remarketing, etc.

The Google Tag Manager by Niddocks Shopify App is designed to help store owners with tag management. Give it a try now!

  • Get a daily email notifying you of low inventory levels
  • Allows you to set up minimum inventory levels
  • With Inventory Forecasting, you'll now know how much to restock

Never deal with low inventory problems again! With Inventory Alerts, be notified as soon as you have low inventory so you can reorder

  • Export orders and generate reports easily
  • Select any order attribute you need to get on the report
  • Don't miss any report! Keep them safe in our database

Export your data in a very easy and customizable way! Schedule reports generation and receive them by email in seconds.