Checkout Boost | Social Sharing, Countdown Timer, Upsell

  • Turn visitors into customers by means of social sharing
  • Create leads out of thin air
  • Excellent intuitive design

Helps to guide your customers on the way to a purchase. Increase traffic and sales with a powerful Shopify app for your store.

It runs in few minutes after the reading the set up instructions. Let's see how well to be going along with. Nonetheless, it will be nice to have the Checkout Boost offers icon above our "Back to the top" icon.

Recently installed and am excited to start using it. This will go well with ad campaigns we will run where we offer a free product with a purchase. I can also see it increasing our checkout rate and creating goodwill with customers.

It is a must needed App in all E-Commerce Store. I will share my success in the future. All the best for everybody and Beeketing.

Just started looking at Checkout Boost and so far it looks good. Will know more once I get to test it out.

Brill app - so far so good. Let's hope it sorts all my abandoned carts!

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Checkout Boost | Social Sharing, Co...
From $ 20 / month
Free trial: 15 d.
| 284 Reviews
  • Turn visitors into customers by means of social sharing
  • Create leads out of thin air
  • Excellent intuitive design

Helps to guide your customers on the way to a purchase. Increase traffic and sales with a powerful Shopify app for your store.

Fabulous | 284 Reviews
by Beeketing
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| 725 Reviews
  • Web push notifications
  • Engage with customers on desktop
  • Personalize your messages in the admin

Quickly recover every cart with push notifications. Reduce the amount of cart abandoners with one Shopify app.

Fabulous | 725 Reviews
by Beeketing
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Boost Sales - Upsell & Cross se...
From $ 30 / month
Free trial: 15 d.
| 460 Reviews
  • Use upsell and cross-sell for your products with just one app to increase every order value
  • Boost your sales with upsell discounts on a cart page
  • Recommend higher-valued and bundled products to customers

Upsell and cross-sell your products with the Boost Sales Shopify app and dramatically increase your sales. Install the app today with a 15-day free trial!

Fabulous | 460 Reviews
by Beeketing
app image
| 3948 Reviews
  • The Better Coupon Box App kills two birds with one stone: you increase sales in the online store and develop a fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Easy setup and usage due to the high-quality optimization of the UX-UI website.
  • The app is compatible with all types of devices.

Shopify app Better Coupon Box provides users with an attractive tool for creating discount offers in return for subscription on social networks. A free and easy way to optimize marketing costs.

Fabulous | 3948 Reviews
by Beeketing
app image
| 269 Reviews
  • Smart recommendations to upsell your products, based on advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Options to create different types of recommendations for the products you select
  • Sales motivator popup showing related products to recommended ones to increase the sales to the buying customers

Boost cart value and grow your sales with the Personalized Recommendation Shopify app. The app is free if it doesn’t make sales for your store!

Fabulous | 269 Reviews
by Beeketing
app image
| 1748 Reviews
  • Automatic mailing campaign, which allows users to save valuable time;
  • The increase of customer loyalty. Happy Email builds excellent goodwill for the company;
  • There is no need to write the contents of a letter on your own. The app provides the ready-made text, which decreases cost levels and saves time.

The Happy Email Shopify App is a simple tool which deals with sending thank-you emails to the customers. Try it now for free and create a personal contact with your clients!

Fabulous | 1748 Reviews
by Beeketing
app image
Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketin...
From $ 29 / month
Free trial: 15 d.
| 139 Reviews
  • 100% Automated Email Marketing: built-in campaigns and customer segments, drafted & scheduled weekly newsletters
  • Personalize email content to target customers based on their interests & behavior
  • Very simple to set up and user-friendly. NO coding skills required. NO feature limits in all pricing plans

Best email marketing app to upsell, prevent exit intent & cart abandonment and retain customers. Boost sales by sending personalized emails.

Very Good | 139 Reviews
by Beeketing
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| 1418 Reviews
  • Increase customer conversion on your mobile store with a call-to-action button
  • Ability to view products in a full-screen mode
  • Attract more potential clients to increase your mobile sales

Stay current with eCommerce trends and boost your mobile sales with Mobile Converter Shopify app. Get the app for free!

Fabulous | 1418 Reviews
by Beeketing
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| 3202 Reviews
  • The app provides an opportunity to make your conversation more personal with every single customer, which is the easiest way to get closer and establish a friendly and natural relationship with shoppers; earning their trust and loyalty and getting them to come back to you
  • Offer a convenient and effective communication channel to your online store using Facebook messenger live chat
  • Increase customer satisfaction and turn conversations into conversions

Through the plugin, you can provide local customer support and chat with the shoppers as Facebook friends anytime they want. The customers may use their Facebook accounts in order to contact you directly from your store, instead of creating a support ticket.

Fabulous | 3202 Reviews
by Beeketing
app image
| 4859 Reviews
  • Countdown timer to create urgency for your deals. Drive customers' actions and urge them to buy before time runs out.
  • Stock countdown to display the limited availability of your products. Create scarcity, increase the perceived value of your products and make your customers buy faster.
  • Social proof to let customers know how many people are viewing your product and how many items were sold, thus strengthen their buying confidence. Build trust and increase sales.

Countdown timer, social proof and stock countdown - All-in-1 FREE app to increase conversions and enhance customer experience.

Fabulous | 4859 Reviews
by Beeketing
app image
| 10770 Reviews
  • Real-time pop-ups displaying buying activity of customers
  • Increased trust to your business based on real evidence of your customers’ purchases
  • Higher customer conversion by portraying a feeling of a busy store

Sales Pop is an advanced Shopify app for increasing sales on your Shopify store and attracting more customers based on social confidence. Get our pop-ups for free!

Fabulous | 10770 Reviews
by Beeketing
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| 3 Reviews
  • Make users feel engaged with your Shopify store
  • Encourage sharing on Instagram
  • Display your best images from Instagram on any product page

The Instagram feed Shopify app creates sales out of thin air. Display your best images from Instagram.

Good | 3 Reviews
by Widgetic
app image
Better Open Graph Tags
$ 4.99 / month
Free trial: 5 d.
| 0 Reviews
  • Boost the performance of your links on social media platforms.
  • Optimize the SEO of your Shopify website
  • Drive quality traffic easily using relevant Graph Tags

Automatic adding of SEO-friendly meta tags to your website. Drive qualified traffic to your online store using the best Shopify app.

0 Reviews
by Kompile IVS
app image
Make Instagram Shoppable | Honeycom...
$ 19.99 / month
Free trial: 7 d.
| 2 Reviews
  • Create a clickable gallery that sells
  • A simple tool to boost sales
  • Easy installation and setup

A simple-to-run Shoppable Instagram gallery. Skyrocket your sales potential using the Shopify app that sells.

Very Good | 2 Reviews
by Poln
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  • Connect your Shopify store with your MailChimp account (for free).
  • Automatically add customers and their purchase data to MailChimp.
  • Create powerful automations, targeted emails, and ad campaigns to personalize your marketing, sell more stuff, and grow your business.

The official app for connecting your store with Mailchimp. Automate your email marketing, track your ROI, and generate more repeat business!

Very Good | 965 Reviews
by MailChimp
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| 5514 Reviews
  • Quick installation that doesn’t require any development skills;
  • A substantial increase in traffic from Google Image Search, which leads to a successful sales growth for FREE!
  • Easy way to fix Alt tags settings.

The SEO Image Optimizer is meant to increase sales from Google Image Search. This Shopify App allows the user to make SEO settings quickly and easily. Try it now!

Fabulous | 5514 Reviews
by Booster Apps
app image
| 868 Reviews
  • Load faster! Rank higher! ? More traffic! More sales!
  • Better alt text and file name ? Free traffic from Google search!
  • Same width/height ratio images ? Professional looking site!

Bulk alt-text-updating, minimizing, resizing, cropping product or asset images. Generate sales from faster page loading and better image SEO

Fabulous | 868 Reviews
by Hextom