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Clever Adwords, Easy Integration

  • The app creates and manages your Google Adwords campaigns easily and fast
  • Attract the right customers and maximize your marketing budget from the very beginning
  • Automatically generated and optimized by Clever Ecommerce, a premier Google Partner

Create your Google Adwords campaigns easily using this app. Attract the right customers from the very beginning of the campaign.

So far so good!!! I don't have to worry about Adwords nevermore.

Great service,Thanks fram!

This is a great app. I didn't have any experience with AdWords and as soon as I downloaded it I had campaigns created based on my products. Also, the customer service is super helpful as they always reply to my emails with all the questions I have. (and I have a lot!) thank you David! I will be upgrading to Premium plan soon

This app is great and helps you so much and saved me a lot of time. Thank you clever adwords!

Great app! A few days after I installed the plugin my campaigns were up and running on Google Ads. I was very satisfied with my banners, remarketing campaigns, and the amount of relevant keywords they were able to generate for me! As I am still learning how to use Adwords properly, I reached out to the team and they were extremely helpful and patient. 10/10 customer service! In the past I have tried several other apps for Adwords campaigns and this was by far the quickest and easiest to navigate. I would definitely recommend Clever Adwords to anyone looking to create quality and comprehensive PPC campaigns! After having success with their basic plan, I have decided to upgrade to premium and see how my conversions and ROI improve! I'm excited to continue to work with my account manager to continue to grow my campaigns. Overall, I would highly recommend this app!

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